Sunday, March 31, 2013


 In auckland we visited the sky tower and aquarium. this is the elevator taking us up to the top. no one stood on the glass. lol it make your tummy feel very funny watching it go up.
 Here is a view of our ship from the tower, she isnt so big from here.
 looking down through the glass floor, the cars are so little.
 No sure what this bridge is called, anyone from NZ could help that would be good.
 standing on the glass, I did it and it was a little scary

 the penguins at the aquarium, the saw the camera and came running for a photo shoot. so cute.
 the highlight of the aquarium was the tunnel that travelled through the tank. an amazing feeling having sharks swim over your head. you could touch them they were so close.

the aquarium was built in an old seweage plant. It was diused and left empty until a man named Kelly transformed it.
Very clever and a beautiful use of old resorces.
We had a fantastic first day in NZ and still had more to see
see ya


  1. It's the Auckland Harbour Bridge - not a very exciting name. Your visit looks fun - I love penguins.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  2. I bet that was exciting. You are brave.. :) Do not know that I could walk on glass. But what fun!

  3. you wouldn't hve dragged me up there even for $1 million!!! Terrified of heights.

    Gill in Canada