Friday, April 11, 2014

My first hair clip

Yeah. I made a hair clip for me. What do you think?  It's really hard taking a pic of your won back of head lol
My hair is wet but the bits down the side have dried curly and if you look closely you will see a grey hair!
So I have made a dozen other flowers and purchased a bag of hair clips from spotlight and I even got two glue guns one for me and one for the daughter in law. She will put the dozen together and well them at her autism awareness stall. I told her $5 each which will make $60 for the charity 
But this one I'm keeping for me!
See ya


  1. Hi Angela, thanks for visiting my blog & leaving your kind comment re my photos. That's definitely the way I can look at it. You're a very supportive person and I appreciate what you had to say too.
    Actually, I think you did well taking that photo of the back of your head - its difficult to get the right angle!
    Your hair clip is very feminine and pretty and what a good idea to raise funds with them for very worthy cause.
    We're in Canberra at moment - pretty rainy. Guess it might be a bit wet down your way too. Ah well, good for the garden eh.
    Cheerio now and all the best :D)

  2. Cute idea! I used to make them with ribbons. Fun project!