Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Trying new things

I have an American friend who is now an Aussie and she makes the most amazing things. So I tried to make Christmas crack today. Mine doesn't look like hers. But I used the wrong chocolate. It was what I had in the pantry so I'm hoping the kids like it anyway. 

And here in the oven caramel corn. As an Aussie we really don't have caramel corn. But I had some that she made and I loved it!
So hopefully it works. 
So Shirley I hope you are at least proud of me for trying. Does this mean I'm an honorary Yankee?
It smells good anyway 
See ya


  1. Hmm,I never thought about making caramel corn in the oven.
    Not sure what Christmas Crack is ...
    Seems you are busy making goodies for the family. Loading up on that type of thing here and I know that I will have an extra five or more pounds on my frame in a couple of weeks. :)

    1. Don't dispare. The diet starts on Boxing Day. Or maybe the day after lol

  2. It looks great ! I'm making you more yank every day!