Thursday, August 18, 2016

Product review

This is an electric brush straightener. 
They came out months ago. With great fanfare and a lot of buzz
For those of us not blessed with sraight hair. The hair straightener was a miracle one that saved us from curly frizzy out of control hair!
But as I suffer from chronic pain. I stopped using mine every day. My arms would hurt. My back would ache and I'd get terrible hot flushes from the heat. Even in winter 
So when I saw this. I thought. Wow just brush the frizz away!
So I priced one. 
Between $250-$300!
No way was I going to pay that!
I let the dream die. 
Until yesterday. Baby girl and I were on a shopping day out and stopped into target, as you do. 
And we looked around in the hair care section. 
She found this. 
I really wasn't interested. I told her I wasn't paying those prices and started to walk away
But wait mum she says. It's only $80.00
Pretty much what I pay for the traditional hair straightener. Yup won't buy the ultra expensive ones of those either 
I was apprehensive. But the magic words from a very wise daughter 
'We can always take it back if it doesn't work' convinced me. 
So this morning I tried it. 
And it's not as easy as brushing your hair. You still have to section off small amounts. But it is easier than the traditional straightener as you don't have to keep the bits all straight. 
So it's quicker. Easier on the arms. More comfortable in the back, no need to be a contortionist to do the back. 
And if you have long hair, you can stretch it out easy and no burnt fingers holding the end 
So for me. At that price I would say yes. Give it a go.
If you have short hair it might be even easier to do than the other ones 
And normal to thin hair would almost be like just brushing. 
I have very long thick and lots of hair 
So it's a tick from me 
See ya xxx


  1. Well, I am glad it works for you!
    I was not blessed with straight hair, I was cursed with straight hair that even resists a permanent wave (in spots - in other spots it will frizz right up)

    1. I guess we are never happy with what we have