Monday, March 20, 2017

Autumn equinox

Day and night at of equal time. 
Now the days will shorten and the nights will be long and cold 
Already today the weather is cooler. Much cooler than the last few days 
Hubby spent yesterday splitting this wood so we have a good amount to start off our winter with
More will be added slowly 

And here is the beginning of a bonfire 
I'll slowly pull out the summer crops and add to this. Anything that can't be fed to th chickens or sheep
Hopefully we will be able to light it once the fire restrictions are over
Rain is forecast for th next few days. We really need it. 
How's the wether at your place? 
Are you coming into winter like us, or are beautiful sunny days coming your way? 
See ya xxx


  1. Looking forward to some flowers. Nice and sunny all day.
    Coffee is on

  2. Nice pile of wood!
    Is that a sweet gum tree that frames your shot?
    Spring should be right around the corner, here.

    1. It's a liquid amber. It was here when we moved in and it was big then. We have been here almost 29 years now. So it's old

  3. You're going to have a great bonfire there! Fun, fun, fun.

  4. Yes you live in a region that actually has defined seasons...not in the north here though. It's still summer temps here but maybe we will have a couple of cold days in July! Lol. It is the best time now for the veggie patch for us here though .

  5. It us noticeably chillier here too with night time Temps dropping below 10deg. I was in Adelaide last week where it was 31deg. Quite the difference.

    Another quilt has been added to the bed and I might shop for a heater.

  6. Great pile of wood, he did. Very cool.