Sunday, August 7, 2016

And then there were more

Remember this cage. It was too small for my big ideas. I thought I had two girls and a boy. But the boy grew up and is definitely a girl 
So to breed I kinda needed the male of the species as well 
So after looking and looking we found this cage. 
It's the same hight as the other one but twice as wide. 
So I moved the girls in after setting it all up 
Then we went off to get them some new male companions. 
So lots of different colours in there now. 
Now to let nature take its course. 
I hope 
Will keep you informed lol 
Meanwhile I'll clean the old cage up and wait for some baby cockatiels to be born. I have a friend who breeds them and she said I can have one of the new babies 
So very excited! 
See ya xxx


  1. Australian birds are delightful. I remember watching fascinated a flock of galahs chattering away to each other and almost dancing from spot to spot. My brother told me they were noisy little devils and yes, they were indeed. We had budgies when the girls were young. Good luck with the flock!!

    1. We have galahs come over the house occasionally. And yes they are very noisy
      Budgies can get noisy too. But they make you happy with that chatter

  2. How exciting for you. Do you have a market for the babies? Is it really warm enough to have them outside now? It wouldn't be here in winter ... So, you won't have to have them inside the house at all?

    1. No won't be in the house at all. My cats would think it was dinner time lol
      They are under cover and have nesting boxes to sleep in. And like in the wild they will all snuggle if they are cold our winters a mild. We don't get snow here and it it gets extra cold I'll cover them at night.