Friday, November 29, 2019

Latest projects complete

I’m using up my stash. I am finding projects that I can use what I already have 
I’m not going to buy any more yarn until I make a huge dent in my large volume 
Of yarn 

I haven’t been going to knitting group this year as I have had the girls over on Wednesdays
So I hope to go back next year with lots of finished projects 
I also want to have things finished here for last minute presents 

The top pic of what I call my ice cream blanket is for me 
The bottom is a baby blanket that I will put away for presents 

I’ll keep sharing what I’m making 
Hope you enjoy seeing my creations 

See ya xxx

Friday, November 22, 2019

Pearl of wisdom

I have just ripped out five rows of crochet 
My advice 
i didn’t even notice till this morning 
I just hope it isn’t going to be one of those days! 

See ya xx

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Pineapple love

A few years ago. I fell in love with pineapples 
I made a few shawls and I loved them 
But I haven’t done anything with pineapples since

So I went looking for inspiration 
And found the pineapple throw 

It’s really easy and you soon learn the pattern 

So now I’ve made a small baby blanket I’m going to make a bigger one for me 
I’m using the jumbo muffin I ordered on line 

Only two more days and I get my stitches out
Hopefully life will start to get back to normal after that 
I miss swimming 
Not going really has shown me how much it was helping my pain levels 

I’m excited to get back into it 
See ya xxx

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Garden trails

I’m not able to do much. With all the rain we have had I decided a walk around my garden would be therapeutic 

The citrus trees have flowersv

The olive tree was planted out into the ground as it got too big for its pot. It seems to like it just fine 

The area near the new fence. Lots of bushes will hopefully grow and ball that will be needed is the occasional run around with the whipper snipper 

The seedlings I planted out have all survived 

And new plants are flowering nicely 
This will grow into a medium size tree so after summer it will go into the ground 

Lots of pretty flowers 

My roses look nice even with the recent hail and wind 

I hope you enjoyed our wander around my garden today 
See ya xxx

Friday, November 8, 2019

Healing slowly

Well it’s day three post op 
The swelling has gone down heaps. But I’m a wonderful pallet of purples, blues and blacks 
The compression garment can not be taken off so bathing is done with a wash cloth and a sink of water. 
Good job I’m not going anywhere soon 

The only thing I have been able to do is crochet 

Here are some of the gifts I have been working on 
Obviously I can’t show you the whole thing as it’s a surprise for the gift getter lol 

I have been making dishcloths as I’m running low 
Left over cotton and bamboo is being used up for this 
So far I’ve been able to have ones made from the same colour but I’m sure soon I’ll be using the odds and ends 
Resulting in all sorts of combinations 
I don’t mind waste not want not I guess 

I’m doing ok 
There is pain but not unbearable 
Today I’m feeling much much better 
I’m being very good and not doing anything and I’m being well looked after by hubby 
The fur babies are giving me lots of extra love 
And really that’s all you need 
Enjoy the weekend 
See ya xxx

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Lipoplasty/ liposuction

I’ve thought long and hard about writing this post 
But I’m an open person and so I decided total disclosure 

Here it is. On Wednesday I’m going in to have this procedure done to remove 
My extra spare truck tyre around my middle 

As you know. I’ve been on a weight loss journey for a long time. And for the most part 
I’ve dropped and maintained that weight loss 

Twice I gained 
Each time it was after an analysis episode 
And the weight gain was immediate and huge 
The first tie was six kilos in three days 

Dropped two in six months 

Only to gain eight kilos in three days 
Because of steroids 
The second time I had steroids intravenously as well as in tablets 

Both these times the weight pretty much settled around my stomach and arms and it hasn’t budged 

Now the arm fat is unsightly 
But not dangerous 
But the fat around my middle is bad for my health 

It’s this fat I’m having sucked out 
The size of your waist contributes to your 
Odds of all sorts of health issues 

No amount of dieting, or exercise is moving it 
Before anyone suggests sit up 
Or crunchies
Don’t. I just can’t do them anymore with my health issues 

So with consultation with my GP
A plastic surgeon 
And my husband 
I’m booked in this Wednesday 

Please wish me luck 
I know I’m going to be in some discomfort 
But in the end I’m hoping this will help jump start the weight loss again

In not silly 
I know this is only a way to quickly target a problem area 
And my healthy eating and exercise program will continue 

So there ya go 
Turns out I’m more vain that I thought lol 

Now you know why I’ve been busy getting everything under control 
See yo on the other side of surgery