Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Busy day

My magic elf Dianne came over today to help me with the outdoor entertaining area 
She brought a box full of goodies as I just don’t have enough 

We made nine of these with the big red pine cones and attached them to one side 
We had to do an emergency run back to her house as she has a lovely stapler that attaches things to timber beautifully 

On the other side we needed 12 branches we didn’t have anymore pine cones so we made these up 
We ran out of the branches so she will make up the other nine and come back to put them up. 
She’s a little treasure and I love her 

This was mine from last time dianne added the red flowers to make it look a little fuller 

I bought the lamps a few years ago 
And I made the Santa tree last year 

Dianne added the garlands on the top beam 

During the year I saw these Santa and Rudolph fades that peer over the fence 
But they’re only plastic fantastic and who knows how long they will last 
Cute as they are I decided I wanted wooden ones 

As luck would have it a family in the next street over make and sell them! 
I didn’t realise as I haven’t been past their place for ages, thanks covid! 
Claire our other swim friend lives in the same street and told Dianne about it. 

So we dashed over and purchase these 

How cute are they? 
They also have an elf and a grinch I think I might wander over and grab those as well and have them lined up along the fence 

So that was our day today 
The weather has improved dramatically 
The sun is shining and the temps are going up

We actually got rather warm working out there 

The countdown to Christmas has begun 
Only three more weeks! 

I think I’ve got it all under control 
Well I hope so anyway lol 

Stay safe 
See ya 

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Sunny weekend

The weekend was lovely and sunny and best of all no rain 
So hubby and I were very busy. Cleaned up the vegetable garden 
And replaced the poor little seedlings that drowned from all the rain 

Hopefully the weather will continue to warm up and they take off 

We cleaned all the outdoor furniture 
Cleaned the spiderwebs and swept the floor 

I’ve started the Christmas decorating outside

Weeded some flowerbeds whipper sipped and mowed 
Starting to look good again 

I added solar lights on the plastic hanger snowflakes and stars and attached them to fences 

I think they’re effective.  
Not too bad for very little monetary outlay 
I’m happy with them 

So now we are relaxing in front of the telly
We will need to tackle the remaining garden beds in the next week or so 
All this rain has made the weeds grow as if they’re on steroids 
We need it done before the festive season gets going 

Wish us luck 
See ya 

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Part two

I know. Two posts in one day 
But you know I don’t like to waste anything 
So I thought and thought and 

I used up what I had left and made these stars
A six point one and a five point one 
I think they will look effective once I’ve got lights on them 

Well I hope so anyway 

We will see 
See ya 

Pinterest influences

Pinterest is bad. Very very bad 
I saw some snowflakes made using plastic hangers and thought 
I can do that 

So this is my effort 
One large and one small 
I didn’t realise how many hangers I needed for each one 
So I’ve only been able to make these two 

I do have some plastic hangers left over so I’ll buy enough to make another two 
I’ll also add some solar lights and then I’ll attach them to the fence 
I hope they look pretty 

How are your Christmas plans going?

See ya 

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

A lovely day

Today my girls came to help decorate the little Christmas tree that’s theirs 
We do it every year, but this year my friend Kym visited with her granddaughter
So she helped too 

The girls have never met but got on so nicely 
The only did work ur half the baubles before going off to play in the toy room 

After they left my girls wanted to go outside and play with the fairy gardens 
They desperately want a cat, but mum and dad say no. Their dog is enough
So they love playing with grandmas kitty cats 

Melody has always loved animals. She and agatha bonded while she was very little 

Meanwhile after giving agatha all the cuddles Brianna found a slater bug 
And was bringing it to me to see 

She was so excited 

After everyone left I flopped on the couch 
I was exhausted 
Not that I had to do much but their energy and enthusiasm is so abundant 
And mine isn’t lol 

But I loved the day 
A simple and truely blessed day 

See ya 

Saturday, November 20, 2021


26 years ago I took my baby girl to her first, of many, dancing concerts 
She started at three but turned four during the year 

Today we saw her daughters dancing concert and it brought back so many memories 

Little Brianna is three and Melody is five 
Both in the same class and both were so excited 

As I sat in the audience with her other grandparents and her parents 
I couldn’t help but remember their mother and how little she was 
It was quite strange to be watching a concert with her in the audience 

I suddenly felt old but oh so happy 
This is what life is about I guess 

Now it’s her turn to run around and be busy with her children’s schedule 
While I get to just come on the important days and enjoy

I can deal with that 
Stay safe

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Rest day

Yesterday I had my therapeutic massage and oh my. It was not a pleasant experience 
I was very broken and I needed lots of work to get me back into alignment. 

I had done something to my knee while decorating the Christmas trees so my sciatica was 
Really painful  

But my neck was a mess as well
This morning I woke up with a headache from all the manipulation on my neck and shoulders
I decided to not swim but to just rest and hopefully the pain would subside during the day 

A few hours of rest and some pain killers I started to feel better so I decide I would learn a new crochet technique 
I got onto YouTube and found this. 
It’s simple but looks affective 

This is the link if you decide you might like to try it. 

Once I got the idea I continued on my own and started to listen to this book 
I’ve got the book on kindle. But I can’t reqd and crochet. So I got it on audible 

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to get up and go swimming again 
I’m the meantime I’ll keep crafting and listening 
Keeping me busy and my mind off my pain levels 

Stay safe 
See ya 

Monday, November 15, 2021

Christmas shopping

Family gifts complete 
A mix of bought gifts, hand made gifts and cash in cards 

Swim friends gifts are made ready to be put into gift bags 

Knitting group friends gifts also made. Ready to be placed in gift bags 

All gift bags are recycled from previous years so no expense there and great for the environment 

Yup. Got. Handle on the presents nice and early 
I think I can relax now 

Unless I’ve forgotten someone?

It’s cool though I usually stamp up boxes of chocolate for that emergency 

Which I will do close to the day. 

How’s your Christmas prep going?

See ya 

Sunday, November 14, 2021

Some more

The door between the family room and craft room 
I need more colour for the sides. So a good excuse for shopping! 

But for now it’s done 

I’m exhausted so I’ll be resting for the rest of the day I think 
Unless hubby wants to drive me to the shops lol 

Stay safe 
See ya 

Saturday, November 13, 2021


We have had lots and lots of rain over the last few weeks 
Even though spring is usually our wettest season, this level of rain is something else 
My driveway is flooding and the green isn’t just weeds. The stones are growing moss! 

The side of the house is Turing into a creek
Off the road, down the drive and into the back 

The back paddock you can see the pump that hubby used to pump water out of the back pond into the 
Drains to keep it from overflowing and coming back into the back yard 

Behind the pump is the neighbours paddocks their poor horses must be growing gills by now

Our sheep have been penned in the driest paddock to try and prevent too much damage to the ground 
And to them as well. 
With all the rabbits around the holes are totally covered in water and if they Stand in one they will definitely hurt themselves 

More rain is forecast for the rest of the week 
Fingers crossed it will soon end and we can dry out! 

All across the country we are getting a drenching 
The driest of places are having rivers flow again 

It’s good really. But here at home not so much 

How’s the weather at your place? 
See ya 

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

A busy day

This morning I was at the pool before six. Got out at eight went and had coffee and came home to prepare for a busy day 

My friend Dianne arrived shortly after and we spent the day decorating two Christmas trees and the archway between the lounge and dining rooms

I so appreciate her help. I wouldn’t of been able to achieve all this in one day 

Maybe tomorrow I’ll start on the garland around the door to my craft room. I’ve put up the green garland so I only have to decorate it. 

Christmas is coming along nicely 
I’ll do an inventory check and see how many presents I have sorted and how many I have to go

How’s your Christmas preparations going?

See ya 

Sunday, November 7, 2021

Christmas is coming

it’s six weeks till Christmas 
I’ve made a start this took me the weekend with hubby’s help. 
I need to go slow and I need to take frequent rests. 

This is why I’m starting early 
I’ll have a few days break and then continue 
A friend is coming this week to help decorate the trees and the archways 

It is looking very festive even without all the baubles 
How early do you put up your Christmas decorations?

After the last few years. I really need to just feel normal again 

See ya 

Thursday, November 4, 2021

Keto treats

Not being able to eat wheat anymore, causes too many digestive issues
I have gone the whole way and I’m following a keto diet 
It’s an easy way to eat. If it’s green and leafy you can probably eat it safely 

Along with proteins it fits me and my lifestyle easily 
But I do miss treats now and again 
Although you can now buy keto treats I still would love to bake and enjoy my own 

With this in mind I hit pinterest and found some recipes 
I’m not sure from where I found this recipe but I had written it down in the hopes
Of making it to enjoy 

So I assembled the ingredients 
And got to cooking 

I did have to buy some donut trays 
It was during lockdown that I had this idea so Amazon was a quick and easy way to obtain them 

After cooking in the oven I had to leave them cool 
Then make the glaze to dip the cool donuts into it while hot 

And now all that’s left is to enjoy 

They’re supposed to taste like krispy kream donuts 
I wouldn’t know. But I do know they are keto friendly 
And because you use monk fruit instead of sugar they are sweet without spiking your 
Sugar levels 

I feel so decadent eating them 
They’re really nice 

If your interested just search keto donuts on Pinterest and see all the recipes there 
Give them a go

See ya 

Monday, November 1, 2021

Regular scheduling

This morning the alarm went off at five thirty 
I was at the pool before six and spent two hours just gently moving up and down the whole pool 
Nearly all the regular gang were there it was lovely to see people 

Got home showered got my swim gear washed and hung on the line
And I’ve even got dinner cooking in the slow cooker
All before nine! 

Tomorrow is melbourne cup day and it’s a day off
Hubby has taken today off as well so we might go out to lunch 
I’ll see how I pull up tomorrow morning 
It’s been a long time since I’ve been to the pool. So I might be a tad sore 
But I definitely be back Wednesday morning 

Enjoy your Monday 
Stay safe 
See ya xx