Thursday, January 31, 2019

Getting the job done

Today we put in a call to the SES for help removing the tree from our roof 
Three lovely men turned up. Took stock of the situation and said. 
I’m sorry. But we cannot help your going to need a cherry picker to get that off 

So we did what most country folk do 
We improvise and got the job done ourselves 

The forklift and our metal crate was used to lift hubby into the canopy and clear the loose stuff away 

Then our lovely neighbour, Chris, said he had an electric saw with a long handle. Which would be much safer to use than a regular 
Chain saw as you don’t have to be right under the branch 

So Chris went to town and was hacking off branches while we removed them to keep the work area safe 
Then my lovey wonderful niece stopped by to make sure I was ok and offered the use of her boyfriend as he is a roof tiler 
So she went home and came back with him. He got onto the roof and removed the branches and checked for damage 

There were only two Broken tiles!  
Wondersons friend Micheal was here so he went home to get two tiles as he remembered there were a few in the back yard and within ten minutes they 
Were replaced 

The mess was all cleared and currently the boys are now taking down what’s left of the tree 
I’m upset at losing that tree it’s been here since the day we moved in but it’s so brittle it needs to go 
So in the end. Everyone chipped in and the job got done 

In the next few weeks the branches will be cut up and put aside to dry and will hopefully be ready to burn in a few winters 
This is the Aussie way! 
Jump in and get it done 
See ya xxx

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Thunder and lightening

We got on mother of a storm come through and there is more predicted 
The rain came down so hard and fast it almost came into the house! 

A very old liquid amber had been damaged. I don’t know if it was just the wind or lightening hit it. But omg I pooped my pants when it hit 

While I was lighting candles, as the power went out. I got this pic from hubby. He was still at the workshop and the roller door blew in 
It was raining so hard he couldn’t come home until it stopped so I sent him pics of the damage here.  
Ones from inside. Even I didn’t know how bad it was until we went outside 

So a few neighbours have come round and we have done a quick fix for now 
The majority of the tree is still on the roof as it’s not safe to climb. But the hanging branches have been cleaned up 
They were part Broken and we didn’t want them breaking right off in the next lot of wind and flying all over the place 
So please keep us in your prayers that the damage is minimal and no water will come in 
And that no one will be hurt 
See ya xxx

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Finally. The bows

A day late. But here are the bows 
They are many many YouTube’s on how to make bows so if you feel creative 
Have a look. 
But be warned. 
They are slightly addictive lol 

Yesterday we went off to visit the puppy. She has her eyes open now and is developing a little personality 
The breeder Karen, was very happy for us to visit and even asked if I’d like to see her get her first bath 
She was not too thrilled but adjusted to the water quickly. She almost even enjoyed it. 
But oh my. She did not like the dryer lol 
This is before bathing. She loves food and had it all over herself lol 

And this is after. A fluff ball. 
You can see mum keeping an eye on her little girl 
Only three more weeks and she will come to her new forever home 
She can help me do lots of crafting in the months, and years to come lol 

Hope you don’t mind all the puppy spam 
I have a feeling it’s going to get worse lol 
Happy Australia Day weekend 
Drive safe 
See ya xxx

Friday, January 25, 2019

Extremely hot

Today it feels like the doors of hell have been left open 
There warnings all over as extreme heat  and gale winds mean it’s just like the day we had all those devastating fires that are now known as black Saturday. 

So off I went nice and early to swim and back home by eight. Although it was in the thirties at 5.30 am!

So inside I am and have been working on these Christmas poinsettia flowers for a friend 
He dropped off the ribbon and left me to it 

The thinner ribbon I had to change the pattern slightly but I think they look ok 

I cut them into 6 inches length instead of the 8 in the you tube video
and trimmed them to a point either end 

 Then fold in half and turn each half back down on itself 

Because they are so little I stitched each one to help keep them as they should be 

I used half a pipe cleaner and three of the colour balls on a stick 

Once five petals were ready I joined them using the pipe cleaner 

 The video had a lady using a double ended pic centre. I couldn’t find those. So I improvised 

Split the flower at right angles to the pipe cleaner and twist the center pics

Your flower is done. The thicker ribbon I cut into 8 inch lengths and used the whole pipe cleaner I also used Christmas baubles as the centres. I hot glued them 

What do you think. I hope they are happy with them 
I also made some big bows for them with the wired ribbon but I’ll show you those tomorrow 
Give it a go. If the weather is terrible and you can’t go outside it’s a great way to kill an hour or two 
See ya xxx

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Finally done

The railing is finally finished. Only took three years! 
But the builder is a friend and well he has been busy. 
We needed him to come and fill in the top part of the wall above the fireplace to block of some of those cold 
Southern winds 
And he finished the railing too 


What do you think. 
I love it. 
Tomorrow the men from the blind company are coming to measure for outside blinds. We are going to put them on that southern wall and two bays of the eastern wall 
Stay tuned for that 
Right now I’m having a glass of wine and relaxing with some crocheting 
Enjoy your weekend 
See ya xxx

Friday, January 18, 2019

Keto bread

Yesterday I decided to try a new recipe 
This is keto bread made with creme fraiche 
There are only four ingredients and it’s really simple 
Doesn’t really taste like bread. But it is a yummy snack 

I used this recipe 
If you decide to try and make it let me know 
There are no carbs so a great for a ketosis diet 
It’s Friday. Have a great day 
See ya xxx

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

My world

The perfect way to spend the morning 
These two cuties sure are helping to keep me young 
See ya xxx

Sunday, January 13, 2019

A night of magic!

Last night my sister in law, nieces and their friends went to a wizards dinner 
Oh my what fun we had lots of people dressed up and the whole night was full of laughter and 
Here we all are waiting to go in 

The hall was amazing and we even had a resident ghost 

The cauldron was busy doing it thing throughout the night  

Our house. 
Our head of house was master frigg 
It was a cross between Harry Potter and the Arthur legends 

Here we are right up the front. But it didn’t matter 
Action was happening all around and you could all get up on your seats and we were encouraged 
To bang, stamp, clap and song out loud! 

Some people’s costumes were amazing. 
Here I am with bellatrix and her sister sissy 

And my niece phoebe with dobby the house elf 
She stole the night. At the judging of the best costume the whole place was chanting dobby dobby 
Even we were and she didn’t Even belong to our house! 

There were even a snake and an owl there. But I can’t show you all the pics or this post would go forever 
Oh. We even had food and drinks lol 
It was a fantastic night and I had a ball 
I hope the others had as much fun as I did 
See ya xxx

Friday, January 11, 2019

Love at first sight

 Went and visited our new baby 
I’m smitten 
The next five weeks are going to go so slow 
I’ll have to pass the time buying things for her lol 
See ya 

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

New year new baby

Meet Beatrix 
But I will call her trixie 
She’s going to come and live with me as soon as she’s old enough 
She’s a toy poodle and I named her after the blond midwife in call the midwife 
Since I probably won’t be traveling extensively overseas  now I’ve had two anaphylactic episodes 
I needed a pet that I can take away with me camping around Australia 
She I’ll be my constant companion and eventually sleep with me 
So she will be able to come camping with us in the van 
I’m very excited 
And nervous 
She’s only two weeks and four days old so it’s a few more weeks before I get to bring her home 
I’ll keep you posted as I get more pics from the breeder 
See ya xxx

Thursday, January 3, 2019

52 today

Today I turn 52! 
The years are marching on 
I feel better than I did at 51 so that’s a good thing 
This arrived today. It’s my birthday and Christmas presents 
New outdoor furniture and it all matches 
Waiting on my buddy Bec to come over and we are going to christen it
With a few drinks and some laughs 
I’m a happy spoilt lady 
See ya xxxxx

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Well that was Christmas




There is one solar light  reindeer outside and he can stay out there until Greek Christmas 
And then he is getting put away again 
But just for ten months because then we will start all over again lol 
See ya xxxx