Sunday, February 28, 2016

Hens night

Last night we had a dinner at the titanic restaurant for my future daughter in laws hens night. 
Here we all are ready to board the ill fated titanic lol 
The wedding party in in the front 
Normally we would of been in first class. Upstairs. But they had a private function take that so we were seated in steerage. Not a good omen for us 
It was still lovely. A big cramped but the ambiance was great and the food very yummy. It was a set menu and everyone had to pay the one price Prior to the night. Drinks at the bar were reasonable and I had one cocktail for the night. Called you guessed it. The titanic lol 
The crew were all dressed up and the show was very interactive. Luckily I j was way in the back corner 
So the night ended with us hitting the iceberg and the crew locking us in but somehow we survived 
The girls have spent today at the peninsula hot springs. But one late night is enough for me.
So wishing the girls the best day out and my beautiful daughter in law some wonderful memories 
The wedding is getting closer every day 
See ya xxx

Tuesday, February 23, 2016


As autumn approaches I know the really hot days are numbered.  so I decided as todays forecast is in the high 30's , I'd do my bi-annually window washing 
The front swing chair was covered in dust and bird poop so it's in the sun drying. As the days become  cooler and the days shorter I will sit out the front and watch the sunset. It's my favourite time of year. 
And of course, as usual, I had bare feet lol 
So job done for another six months. 
See ya xxx

Sunday, February 21, 2016

What a week

This week has flown by. I've been so very busy 
I've been and visited the grand baby a few times. To help my baby girl when relatives come to visit 
I've cooked her nearly two weeks worth of meals so she has those in her freezer 
I've been keeping on top of my housework as well as trying to help with m daughters. Although she is doing very well indeed 
Trying to keep up with the the swimming and steps. But as my swim partner is also helping her niece who had twins, we have only managed two days at the pool 
But I've been doing well with th stepping. 
And whenever I sit down I grab my crochet, even if I only do a couple of stitches. It all adds up. Two squares done working on the third. 
And yesterday my swim buddy and I went off to the craft market to see another friend from knitting group who had her first craft stall. 
So yes it's been a busy week and with Autumn coming it's going to get a little busier for a few weeks here. 
Th garden has to be revamped for winter crops and hubby has started working on the wood pile. 
Busy but fulfilling times. 
What are you guys up to? 
See ya xxx

Friday, February 19, 2016


Yesterday afternoon I went to bed with a DVD and my crochet. I was very sore and so very tired. I've decided to make four squares and sow them together to make my blanket. 
Last night I got the last of the pre made cookie dough. I always make heaps and portion it. Freezing some for later use. 
So cookies are now in the oven
So today I'm on a go slow. I will get stuff done. But I'll take my time and hopefully I'll avoid a crash. 
It's Friday so hang there. It's almost the weekend. 
See ya xxx

Monday, February 15, 2016

Settling down

After all the excitement of the weekend. I've been home today catching up on cleaning and crafting. 
I finished this star blanket for melody 
I'm working on finishing the squares for this blanket. Only six to go
And I've started this one for when we have the winter blanket appeal for the homeless. 
And here is a pic of my baby girl and her baby. Just because I think they are both beautiful. 
And so no one misses out. Here is the proud daddy. He is a cutie too lol
So very proud of them both. 
So what are you up to today?
See ya xxx 

Sunday, February 14, 2016

A very long but happy day

The day started early with a txt message saying my baby girl and her hubby were at the hospital with full on contractions. 
I was there half an hour later, 2.00am 
Although contractions were strong and consistent it when on and on and eventually my poor girl was tired. 
So after been given an epidural she was able to rest and contractions continued. 
Unfortunately baby was a little distressed and at 5.01 in the afternoon she was successfully delivered.
Mother and baby are well and have spent their first night together with dad. 
This is a pic they sent me this morning 
Grandma is tired and sore but oh so happy. 
What a wonderful day it is when a new little soul is welcomed into the world. 
See ya xxx

Friday, February 5, 2016


Today it's a beautiful sunny day. Through a window it's very warm. But the wind is feeling a little cool. 
You can feel the changes in the seasons. 
The extreme heat of the midsummer is gone. And I'm very thankful for it. 
Days like today are perfect for hanging your washing on the line. 
Love the smell of line dried sheets!  
So soon the leaves on the trees will start to change colour, and the morning will get frostier and the days shorter and I'll know it's time for my favour time of the year. 
Autumn is coming!
See ya xxx

Thursday, February 4, 2016


Life has paused here. We are waiting for that phone call to say our new member is on her way. 
It can be anyday now and everytime my phone makes a noise I think. Is this it?
As a mother I am concerned with the ordeal my baby is about to endure, and I know in the end it will be worthwhile. But still no mother wants her child to have any pain. 
I will be there in the delivery room. Holding her hand and helping her in what ever way I can. 
The excitement of meeting this little person who will take my heart and melt it is almost to much to handle. 
One day very soon we will all get to meet her. 
But for now. We wait 

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Lammas. Harvest celebration

The wheel has turned once again. And the harvest of the grain has begun. 
I haven't planted any grain. So I'm going to be metaphorical and say may be all reap as we sow. 
Have a blessed day 
See ya xxx