Monday, October 31, 2022

Hive of activity

All around us I can hear ride in mowers and log splitters going 

Everyone trying to get stuff done before the next big wet and cold. 

Hubby has done the back yard. He did the front and around yesterday 

Our neighbour across the road is on his mower 

The farmers directly across from us has planted a Field of pumpkin seedlings. They have now covered them all to protect them from the frosts 

Me. Well I’m cooking chicken in the oven and doing some sewing on the baby girl quilt squares 

It was warm this morning but it’s now dropping in temp
And getting dark once again 

But at least we are ready 

Sunday, October 30, 2022

Big Malaka

Here I am with Vasili in Coburg. I wanted to get a few of his big malaka tomatoes 

My cousin took us to the nursery. He had already bought me two malaka plants and today I got three more 

I also got a few other varieties of big tomatoes and done big sweet chillies 

I have planted them all out in these two wicking beds 

Some of the beans I sowed have started to come up 

I bought this huge pot from next door. Hubby helped me move it to where I wanted it and filled it with soil and compost mix. We get it from a market gardener who has started making organic compost 

I’ve planted my rhubarb into it. 

I asked Brock why he thought my hoya had never flowered. 
He suggested I repot and feed. So another job ticked off today 

This is a nashie tree that was being removed and disposed off. 
It found a new home here with us. It only got planted this winter and we were just happy it started to grow leaves. But look it’s got blossom 

So I’m pretty sure it’s survived the transplant 
We had to hurry to get everything done as it’s supposed to rain again later. 

Hubby is now getting some firewood from the pile out back 
It’s predicted to get very cold in the next few days 

Hopefully everything I’ve planted survives  and thrives  

Saturday, October 29, 2022


Today we had a two hour art class at Tides restaurant in Tooradin 

We started a brand new picture. Both Maree and I were a tad nervous, but as soon as we started painting we blocked out the world and concentrated on the art 

You can see above me is the iPad with the picture we were using as inspiration. Once again three different pictures from three very different painters. It’s always inspiring too how we interpret each project 

We also paint at different speeds  and that changes every time as well 

As usual we had a laugh and heaps of fun
After all. That’s what’s important in life. Just enjoy it  

Friday, October 28, 2022


We have all gone through all these phrases 
We are all fed up 
We just want it to stop now. 
Please all pray for it to ease up. Especially for those that are flooded 
And those that are fighting now to keep their homes dry 

Thursday, October 27, 2022

Just another day

I spent all night tossing and turning only to fall asleep in the wee small hours of the morning 
Then I didn’t wake until eight. So no swimming again. 

I decided to plant the bulbs this morning. And luckily I did. 
I went next door to get me a couple of pots, some special fertiliser and something for my Hoya to grow up. 

Brock delivered it all and about ten minutes later the sky opened up and it hasn’t stopped since 

I went to do banking for hubby and got my meds 
And I decided I needed a haircut 

Now I’m sitting and wonder why I do that to myself 
I’m supposed to be resting but I just can’t sit still. 

At least there is plenty of leftovers for dinner tonight 
Heating is back on,   Temps are supposed to plummet over the weekend. 

I think we have entered some sort of parallel universe where the seasons have been turned on their heads 

Wednesday, October 26, 2022


It’s not always about food 

Sometimes you have to plant pretties 
It’s good for the birds and the bees 
And good for the soul 

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Start, middle and end

I finished the C2C and I’m very happy with it 
It’s great for using up lots of yarn. Although looking at my yarn stash you wouldn’t know it 

A baby girl is coming so I’ve started a quilt. Her great grandma will be here in early December so I need it finished by then. It will be at the top of the list 

I’m going to make it using the disappearing nine patch pattern it looks effective and grows quick 

All the off cuts have been sown together and cut into 10inch squares. I’ll use them to make more bowl cosies 

I started this vest for me. I work on it in between other projects for now it’s just easy knitting so I don’t really need to think 

I’ll slowly get things done. Nothing is urgent so if we do get a nice day I can put them aside and go outside to continue with the garden 
There is still lots to do out there.

So I’m keeping busy and out of trouble 
And it keeps my mind out of my body aches and pains 

It’s not cold today. Not too warm either. But with all the rain and water laying around it’s very humid so being inside is very preferable 

Monday, October 24, 2022

Human barometer

Last night we had howling winds and of course more rain 
Yesterday I felt the rains coming for hours. It was still over Adelaide 

Chronic issues flare up and I start to feel “heavy” 
I even had to stop crocheting! 
Now that’s bad    
We lit the fire again. And the heat from it did make a difference to the pain levels 
There is no comparison between a wood fire and artificial electricity heating. It’s just not the same

Lack of sleep means I woke up with a headache. Like I’d been drinking all night 
So I stayed home.  Couldn’t face the drive into town. 
So another day spent in front of the fire might just do me some good. 

Many towns further north are flooding again. 
The massive storm has hit almost the entire  east of Australia 
Hopefully this will all stop very soon and give those poor country folk some respite 
When the flood waters finally drain away there will be a massive clean up job 

Right now. It feels like Groundhog Day and that we will never progress from this long, cold and wet winter. 
If inclined. Please pray for us all 

Sunday, October 23, 2022

Restful Sunday

Today it’s grey and miserable. So we lit the fire again. 
Trixie is very happy about that decision 

There isn’t much that needs immediate attention so I’ve pretty much spent the day sitting and working on this C2C 

I was listening to an audiobook but now I’ve turned the telly on and watching another episode of  our Yorkshire farm 

More rain is predicted.  It’s unlikely that I’ll be doing any gardening in the next few days. 
Perfect weather for indoor crafting 

If your in the flood zone stay safe   Nothing is worth a life 

Saturday, October 22, 2022

Saturday jobs

This morning I had art class and hubby had to get new tyres for one of the business cars 

It was raining this morning so going out to do what we needed was ok

But once we both got home the rains had stopped so we got stuck into this area 

The green plastic was removed and we weeded in the beds and around them 

This had become a bit of a dumping ground. So we collected all the plastic pots pulled weeds and I swept up all the leaf litter 

Anything we wanted to keep got put away here. It’s easy to get to but out of sight 

As you can see our river to the chickens has come back 
We got a bit of rain overnight although not as much as further north 

While the sun was out we let the chooks get a bit of free ranging. They are still just in this area but it is nice to escape the chicken run for a little while 

The little  orchard needs attention. 
I might try to get in here during the week and at least clear around the plants. 

I’ve come in and left hubby to just finish off. 
Not going to overdo. We both need to rest up 

What is on tomorrows agenda will depend on weather forecast and pain levels 

So much to get done. But the to do list is always full. So we just do what we can and leave the rest to another day 

Friday, October 21, 2022

Busy morning

It was a busy morning at grandmas 
After we had our human breakfast we went out to feed the sheep, alpacas and cows

It was fun making the same noises as the farm animals 

Then we came in and practiced our culinary skills 

Learnt all about exotic animals at the zoo

And even meet grandmas friend Sarah who very kindly dropped off a fermentation kit 

After a couple of verses of the happy song 
I started to fall asleep in grandmas lap. So I’m now in bed 
And grandma is having a rest. 

Thursday, October 20, 2022

Another glorious day

The weather today has been beautiful. More like spring is supposed to be. There is a warmth to the sun and you just want to go outside 

My nasturtium is making a lovely natural mulch around my dwarf mulberry bush. This one is a white mulberry 

I’m not sure what this plant is. But the bees love it. It was covered. I’ve got another in a pot. So pretty 

My olive tree is full of baby fruit 

The roses are covered in buds. 

Soon it will be full of flowers 
They are so forgiving 

I checked them for aphids. Some buses were being hammered while others not even one. Very strange 

So I just walk around them with my spray bottle attacking those little blighters.  I usually make my own but I just bought an organic one to try. 

Two of Trixies beds were washed and dried in the sunshine 
She has a third one but she only uses that one when I’m in the craft room sewing. I haven’t done much sewing so that bed was still smelling of the last wash 

As I did heaps yesterday I was a tad sore today. Do I have spent most of the day painting outside 

Not Finished as yet. But it’s coming together 
I need more colours so next time I’m near the big office works I’ll get more. 

I even did a quick grocery shop as I had run out of Anastasia’s favourite snacks 

The rest of the day will be spent relaxing in front of the telly while I keep working on the baby blanket 

The weekend is almost here 

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Making hay

The sun is shining and the birds are singing it’s a lovely day 

So I went out to check the tomatoes and the mulch has worked. No more losses. I decided I’d plant these seeds in the spaces  left by the logging of the slater bugs   They’re only dwarf bush types so are perfect for pots and small sauces 

I planted the green beans in here 
And the borlotti in the wicking beds although I did sneak some green beans in there as well. I don’t like empty Spaces 

I gave the bird cages a good clean. It’s been a while I did that. Just doing a quick empty of the trays.  I’ve left them to enjoy the sunshine while I swept where their cages go 

I had to show you this. I stuck some fig cuttings into normal cheap potting mix and just left it out all winter 
Look at all the little fig trees!

Pretty happy about that. 

The sheets are in the wash and will soon be hanging out in the fresh air. 

There is nothing better in the world than line dried sheets 
Fresh in the bed. You can smell the sunshine