Monday, August 29, 2016

Spring is coming

Bulbs are flowering 
Blossoms coming
Look closely bees are buzzing 
New growth sprouting 
Roses greening 
And budgies breeding! 
Oh my. It's going to get exciting here in a short while 
Ready to get busy?
See ya xxxx

Friday, August 19, 2016

Melody update

This morning I'm having some melody time. Here she is watching paw patrol. 
She loves her activity chair and giggles and babbles while on it 
And here she is just making sure I still here. 
Growing way too fast 
Proud grandma I am 
See ya xx

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Product review

This is an electric brush straightener. 
They came out months ago. With great fanfare and a lot of buzz
For those of us not blessed with sraight hair. The hair straightener was a miracle one that saved us from curly frizzy out of control hair!
But as I suffer from chronic pain. I stopped using mine every day. My arms would hurt. My back would ache and I'd get terrible hot flushes from the heat. Even in winter 
So when I saw this. I thought. Wow just brush the frizz away!
So I priced one. 
Between $250-$300!
No way was I going to pay that!
I let the dream die. 
Until yesterday. Baby girl and I were on a shopping day out and stopped into target, as you do. 
And we looked around in the hair care section. 
She found this. 
I really wasn't interested. I told her I wasn't paying those prices and started to walk away
But wait mum she says. It's only $80.00
Pretty much what I pay for the traditional hair straightener. Yup won't buy the ultra expensive ones of those either 
I was apprehensive. But the magic words from a very wise daughter 
'We can always take it back if it doesn't work' convinced me. 
So this morning I tried it. 
And it's not as easy as brushing your hair. You still have to section off small amounts. But it is easier than the traditional straightener as you don't have to keep the bits all straight. 
So it's quicker. Easier on the arms. More comfortable in the back, no need to be a contortionist to do the back. 
And if you have long hair, you can stretch it out easy and no burnt fingers holding the end 
So for me. At that price I would say yes. Give it a go.
If you have short hair it might be even easier to do than the other ones 
And normal to thin hair would almost be like just brushing. 
I have very long thick and lots of hair 
So it's a tick from me 
See ya xxx

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The case of the missing remote

This is our Foxtel remote. It has been missing for over 24 hours. 
24 hours that I tore this place apart and was really upset as I never lose remotes. 
But I did. I was putting the baby to bed and moved it and then I couldn't remember where 
I checked all inside the couch. In all the grooves I even tipped them over and vacuumed underneath NOTHING
Then today I decided to peel this flap back. It's Velcro. I thought it's about the only place I haven't looked 
And look what fell out!
OMG it's been stressing me so much I didn't sleep!
But I have it now. Safe in my hot little hand 
What a drama 
Peace may now be restored 
Thank the gods 
See ya xxx

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Budgie update

All budgies have settled in well. 
They have Paired up nicely and are starting to claim their nesting boxes 
Have even seen some attempted mating. 
So now we wait 
Looks like spring is on its way. 
Exciting times. 
See ya xxx

Sunday, August 7, 2016

And then there were more

Remember this cage. It was too small for my big ideas. I thought I had two girls and a boy. But the boy grew up and is definitely a girl 
So to breed I kinda needed the male of the species as well 
So after looking and looking we found this cage. 
It's the same hight as the other one but twice as wide. 
So I moved the girls in after setting it all up 
Then we went off to get them some new male companions. 
So lots of different colours in there now. 
Now to let nature take its course. 
I hope 
Will keep you informed lol 
Meanwhile I'll clean the old cage up and wait for some baby cockatiels to be born. I have a friend who breeds them and she said I can have one of the new babies 
So very excited! 
See ya xxx

Monday, August 1, 2016


Today I went with my girls to see melody at her swimming lesson. 
Here she is in her new bathers.  Looking very cute 
Here are my girls. The swim school is only new and as its winter I guess many mothers are not thinking about swimming lessons so they are the only ones in the class. 
And here is our little mermaid learning to kick her legs  she is very serious here lol. But as the lesson progressed she got more relaxed and was smiling and talking to the swim teacher. 
These are the best days! 
See ya xxx