Monday, March 31, 2014

What a weekend

And it's not over yet!
Saturday hubby and with took baby girl to organise her flowers, another job off the list.
father that we had lunch and she took off to get a costume to wear too 30 th that night. 
All good we go home and relax. 

I get a phone call around nineish saying she had had an accident and that they were waiting for an ambulance to take her to hospital. She was ok except it looked like she had broken her wrist. 
Go to the hospital and stay there till around three in the morning. 
Leave her in there as it may need surgery. 
Take her best friend back to her house and retrieve baby girls car.
Get home around 4.30 am. Sleep four hours go back to hospital. 
They now tell us they have organised for her to be transferred to another hospital for surgery by osteo surgeon. 
Take her to other hospital re admit her and wait for consult

Yes surgery required but by now it getting on in the day so they are full.  
Surgery looks like it will be today. 
Now remember she was taken to hospital by ambulance wearing a Wonder Woman outfit. Her best friend and adopted daughter is dressed as captain America. 
Moral of story Wonder Woman cannot fly!
Oh yeah don't drink and try to climbe hay bails. You fall off and land on your wrist. 
Thank goodness she only broke her wrist. 

So now I have to go and get rest of outfit from her friend at work, return it. To the hire place and then go back to hospital to wait. 
A mothers work is never done
See ya

Warning photo is pretty bad. 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

It's really happening

Yesterday my sister in law and I booked and payed our flights to London. I am going with her and her two daughter to Europe in November.
We will fly to London to spend a few days ourselves, then go on tour of Europe ending in Paris, then after a few days in Paris exploring ourselves we will come home.
Three weeks of fun and adventure just the girls.
Cannot wait
As always I'll bring you all along for the trip.
See ya

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Writers block

Hello all. Not much to report here, lots happening but nothing really to write about.
Still knitting, but must rest my hands frequently. It's been too warm to quilt so I'm just waiting to hit the craft room again.
Not vegetables to harvest as the summer was way too hot.
Still losing weight, 17 kilos down and now swimming twice a week
Wedding details constantly requiring attention.
So as you can see very busy but mostly mundane stuff.
Hope you are all well
Catch up soon

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Mystery bag

What is that in my knitting bag
Oh I see someone peeking
Silly pussycat that is not a good place for you to sit

Monday, March 17, 2014

Busy weekend busier start to week

After a busy Saturday in the city and arms browns, Sunday was spent inside watching the Grand Prix.
Hubby tried to mow and got most of it done but then the rains came and so he had to sit and watch the race. Sad isnt it lol
Me not interacting so I knitted and knitted and talk to friends on messenger and knitted. This is what I produced. 
I would of got the last one finished if it wasn't the for messaging. But not a bad effort. 
I then got on Pinterest and found lots of patterns for dishcloths. I pinned lots lol.
Some I pinned because I thought the squares would make a great baby blankie. I found some that would be great for little boys, 
So now I have got dinner in the slow cooker,and all animals fed and cleaned and waiting for Shirley to arrive as we are going on a road trip to bendigo to visit the wool mills there,
It's about 2 and a half hours away from here.
Hopeing to find lots of bargains so I can knit some more. Hahaha
Have a great day
See ya

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Mrs browns boys

Today we saw mrs bown live on stage. Great show. If you get the chance go. They are all brilliant. 
So very funny, if you like the show you will love the them live.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Just whipped up

Having a day in bed so I decided to start a quick project, a traditional dishcloth.
Here is the increasing stage
Then once I got 50 stitches we start to decrease.
Finished dishcloth. Pretty cool hey!
See ya

What goes around

My son gave me his old TV because he upgraded. There was nothing wrong with it so he asked if I wanted it. It's larger than this TV. This is what I was using in our family room so this is now in my bed room. I don't like having them in the room but I want going to throw out a working telly.
So I now have something to watch on those days I'm having a bad day and stay in bed. Now to just get miss bella out of the way so I can watch lol

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A crash day

Not much is going to get done today. I've crashed! So a day in bed knitting and playing on the iPad. I have put a load in the washing machine only a few towels, and I will get the dinner out into the slow cooker. Roast chicken and a few vegetables and that's about it 
What about you, how are your all traveling?

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Teddy was visited by the groomer today and he got his tail dyed purple. Looks very grand doesn't it lol I told him to sit to get his photo taken and Molly also sat. But I didn't get her in the shot so I asked them to sit again and took another. Very shy my fur babies 
See ya