Monday, June 29, 2020

Cladding Is done

Cladding is finished 
My nephew will do the little extra bits to finish it off neatly 
But the most part is done 
It’s come up even better than I expected 
Looks like a totally different house 

We will eventually put a stone look cladding on the chimney 
But for now it’s staying as is. It will remind us of what the house looked like before lol 

And Trixies new doggie door is in 
It’s a permanent one in a permanent window 

Now she’s really living here. It’s not a temporary thing lol 

Over the next week I will slowly clean up around outside 
And organise it all 

So now the hunt is on for a local plaster 
I’ll post on the local Facebook page 
But the light at the end of the tunnel is now visible 

See ya xxx

Sunday, June 28, 2020

New hope

At this time of year. Your getting pretty fed up with the cold and the short days 
It’s feels like it’s been forever since you were warm with the sun in your face 

But then a new life and you know the end is near 
This is the closest I could get to the baby lamb that little white bundle sleeping in the grass 

It was was born yesterday morning and has survived the first night the alpacas are close 
So hopefully the foxes will be kept out 

The garden is still providing here I have cut up Swedes and cooked them in the oven with 
Hubby enjoyed some for a quick lunch 

Greens from the garden. Rainbow chard, and kale mixed with eggs and some feta cheese 
Two tablespoons of coconut flour  and all mixed together and cooked in the oven. 
I had a piece for my lunch and it was really yummy 

Some broccolini and small beetroot’s leaf and all 
I’ll add a dressing of olive oil, white whine vinegar and some salt and pepper 
Great on its own or as a side 

I love being able to just go outside and go grocery shopping 
Fresh is best and it doesn’t get any fresher or easier 

Hang in there guys. 
Winter will soon pass and soon we will be complaining about the heat again 

Friday, June 26, 2020

Happy birthday mathew

This little man is now 31 years old 
I truly have no idea where the time has gone 
I blinked and it was over 

So I made my first ever sponge cake 
A chocolate sponge with coffee icing for his big day 

I also made some cheese and garlic focaccia 
Because he loves cheese and garlic 

It’s sounds corny and all but he will truly always be that little boy in my eyes 
See ya xx

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Solstice blessings

Brightest solstice blessings to all 
Here in the Southern Hemisphere it’s our Yule and from now on 
Our days will start to lengthen 

Soon we will be planting out our spring crops.
For now the garden is doing really well. Harvesting lots of yummy food
To keep us healthy 

I thought I had lost the brown onions and the leeks. But they have come up 
It’s always a pleasant surprise when they do that 

Cabbages are coming along nicely and we still have broccoli about ready to harvest 

I planted some book choy today 
Never grown it before. So I hope they do well 

We also planted more natives. This lot have gone in the area between the house and the workshop 
They should add lots of colour for us to enjoy 

These little guys were having. A nice meal 
All our natives will help feed the local bird life when they grow 
And give me lots of birdwatching opportunities we well 

Right now we are all inside sitting by the fire watching television and relaxing 
With the weather right now. It’s the best place to be 
See ya xxx

Sunday, June 14, 2020

An abundance of plants

Have been to my cousins house in coburg 
He asked me if I wanted any plants as he was thinning out some of his 
Well you know my moto. There’s always room for plants 
So off we went this morning and came home with the back of the ute full 

There were six date palms 
Four have gone here and two are in the paddock. Hopefully they grow nice and lush 

Hubby with his post hole digger. Makes planting so easy 

There were quite a few agaves so they have been planted around the center to hopefully 
Make a kind of boarder 

There was one really big one. So we planted that one in the middle where there
Was a big space 

So our garden is getting bigger 
But at least I won’t have much weeding to do lol 

It’s always lovely to get stuff for free 
Recycling at its best 
They have already made a huge difference to the look of the yard 
And the date palms have replaced dead trees so that was an instant face lift 
The rain is about to start again so they will be well watered in 

A very productive Sunday 
See ya xx 


Remember this pic. 
Doesn’t look like much but I kept slogging at it and now it’s 

Local kiwi alien was correct 
It’s called sleepy head doll. 
It’s crocheted with single crochet stitches. 
It’s not a hard pattern but it’s fiddly 

My crochet guru suggested I watch a video of a slightly different technique of pulling the yarn through
And that will might my stitches even tighter 

The next one will hopefully be even better 
I’m going to make a few. The charity ive been making things for 
Also puts in a toy in the backpacks 
So they will be used. 
Otherwise I’ll save them for Christmas for under the charity Christmas trees in stores 

A few years ago I tried knitting a doll and ended up making a two year old! 
So I’m happy at least it’s the right size lol 

So that’s was my big surprise 
Not that exciting really 
But I’m chuffed 

Have a great day 
See ya xx

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Another week

Well it’s the weekend again 
Not a huge amount has happened here. 
The craft room as come to a standstill. We are waiting on the house cladding to go on
Meanwhile I babysat the girl last Saturday. They were excited having grandma stay for a sleep over 
Both girls went to bed easily and stayed asleep all night
But grandma was on constant alert so she didn’t sleep till around two in the morning 

Needless to say I was exhausted Sunday but it was wonderful to spend so much time with them
After all that time without my cuddles 

The weather here has been really cold. 
The mornings are frosty and foggy but the days have been bright and sunny 

I’ve been back to my healthy eating, as isolation was wreaking havoc with my clothes. 
They all seem to have shrunk! 

So I’m back on the keto way of eating. 
But it’s so hard with it being so cold to live on salad
So I made stuffed eggplants. 

Fairly simple. I had a small amount of pork mince that had to be cooked 
So I browned that with some onions some Italian herb mix and some smokey paprika 

Scooped out the eggplants and added the mixture 
Then popped a small hand full of grated cheese,  I had some three cheese pizza mix so I used that 
And cooked them in the oven, covered for 45 minutes, uncovered for another 10-15 minutes
They were so yummy 
Hubby enjoyed them too. So that’s a bonus 
I’ll have to add them to the menu plan 

I’ve been crocheting for a charity. 
I’ve made baby blankets and some beanies 
But I got bored with those. So I’ve started a new project 

Can you guess? 

Well your going to have to wait until I’m done to find out 

The rains have held off for a few days so I might go and wander the local nursery and see what bargains they have 
We are forecast for more rain so it’s an ideal time to get plants into the ground

Where you are enjoy your weekend 
Stay safe and well 
See ya xxx