Thursday, March 31, 2022

Progress report

As you can see the bottom half is now pretty much complete. 
A tough wire mesh has been added to stop foxes breaking through the chicken wire. It’s not very tough 

A ring of steel has been placed around the whole coup. With some on the inside. Even if a fox tried to dig under they won’t get through and probably end up with sore paws 

We have strong netting for the top 
And to help connect the two “wings” of the chook palace 

We have worked hard all week and although it doesn’t look like it, we have progressed a long way 

There was a lot of measuring and remeasuring 
And trying to get the old hoops to look more uniform and squared off took a long time 
But I’m the end it’s going to look amazing 
I hope the chickens appreciate all that hard work  

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Chicken ready

Yesterday Jody and I put this up on our own.  The boys were off procuring what ever it was they
Said we needed. So rather than just wait we started and finished
We were pretty proud of ourselves 

Today we used to old hoops from my green house and Chris made the metal base at home 
So we could slot them all into it and keep it all square a neat 

It’s going to be a bit chicken palace 
Totally enclosed and fox proof 

We used the old chicken house and have started to patch it up 
Since the whole enclosure will be sealed we just took the old door off and left it like that 

Here we have started enclosing it in wire 
Still a couple of days worth of work 
But everyday we have achieved so much. 

We all work really well together and just know what needs doing next 
We did have a meeting to discuss how would would “marry up” the two sections 
And came up with a few ideas but haven’t settled on anything as yet. 

Original I wanted it be one big long enclosure, which would of make it easier to connect 
But this configuration looks nicer. 
I’m sure we will figure out something  

Towards the end of the day, I felt like I had eyes one me 
And I turned to see this. 
I’m sure we are quite entertaining to the livestock 
I didn’t get pics, as I was very busy working, but we had both cats stay with us most of the day 
Making sure we didn’t cut corners and did the job right 

So after another busy day 
I’m now having a little rest before I pack away the three cheese pies I made for lunch and dinner 
Bring in hubby’s washing and repacking my swim bag for tomorrow morning 

Hopefully the chicken palace will be finished by the weekend and I can go shopping for some chickens 

Sunday, March 27, 2022

Your typical day

This morning we did an early run into bunnings 
I got more food seedlings but I couldn’t resist these pretties 

I had a few pots that needed a make over so we pulled out the half dead what ever was growing in there 
And added some fresh potting mix and I planted out the bulbs 

I did save my peonies and repotted it. I’ve also added some tulips around it. 

I pulled out the tomatoes from the first garden bed 
These will go out into the paddock. Hopefully next week I’ll have chickens to 
Feed the garden scraps too 

I’ve now planted this garden bed out. 
There are lots of cauliflowers and broccoli.  
Beetroot, onions and peas 
I’ve left the eggplants in for now. The days are still sunny and warm so until they absolutely 
Have to come out. They can stay.  You never know your luck 

The back is now all flat and ready for stage two 
You can kinda see where all the trenches were dug, all new piping has been laid
So wafer will run nicely again 

Hubby is currently making the little dam deeper 
The paddock next to this always seems to flood lately so the dam will be able to hold 
More water and they have made spoon bowl drains to take the excess water from the paddock and funnel it
Into the dam 

While all this was going on, the neighbour across the road dropped off a box of just picked 
Produce from their huge market garden 

While we were at bunnings our emergency app beeped 
There was a fire in the next street 
So we hurried home and saw the firemen 
Our back neighbours had lit a Bon fire last night 
Someone must of rung the brigade 
Unfortunately we can’t light fires just yet. So a big no no 
I don’t think it was ever a danger but rules is rules 

So yeah just your typical day here in the rural hamlet we live in 

Thursday, March 24, 2022

A big day

Today was the day that our friends were coming over to start a heap of work out the back 
So this morning I got up and made a slice for their morning tea, forgot to take a pic 

And got cooking for dinner. 
I made curried sausages with all the veggies coming from my garden 

I also made a soda bread.  This is half white flour and half rye 
Workers are always very hungry at the end of the day 

This is their truck. The machine they used to dig the trenches was on the back 

Here they are all working hard. Even hubby is there helping 

Once the new drains are in and covered they will start work on my new chicken coop 
I’m ver excited about that. 
Drains are not that exciting but they really needed doing so I don’t end up having to swim to 
Get the eggs 

The other exciting bit of news was I finally met my stalker lol 
Another blog writer, who’s blog

I’ve been reading for a while. We worked out we were in the same area
And that her grandchild attended the school near me. So I waited outside at home time and she pull over and 
It was like meeting a long lost friend 

Isn’t blogging a lovely world to inhabit 

Tuesday, March 22, 2022


After cleaning and organising my pantry I found I had a few opened packets of flour so I decided to use them 
And I made a batch of ginger snaps 

They turned out lovely. I had one. To taste and they were good 

So today I decided to try a keto version 
I only had one cup of almond flour so I had to make up the recipe with almond Meal 
I’m using eggs from our customer and he gave me a tray with lots of double yolkers so 
The mix was wet. I had to add extra almond meal to dry it out 

So instead of making balls I had to use two spoons and make them into oblong shapes 
So they don’t look as nice as the round ones but they still small nice and taste nice 
I’m going to buy more almond flour and try the recipe again 
But for now these are perfect to have with a nice cuppa even if they do look a tad ugly 

Monday, March 21, 2022

The end

This is the last zucchini relish I’ll be making until next  harvest 
There is one plant left but we will just eat what comes off that 

I found a recipe for cucumber relish   We had five big cucumbers and two small green ones so I decided to make it. I had all ingredients except for the crushed ginger so I got that today after swimming 

I think my cucumbers have finished now 
So these five jars is all I’ll have 

The pantry is looking quite healthy now
Combined with the beef off the paddock and frozen vegetables from the garden 
We are going to be well fed over winter 

Hopefully things will slow down in the next few weeks and I can get back to indoor crafting 

Sunday, March 20, 2022

Slowly it’s happening

Pulled out two of the tomatoes today 
I felt sorry for them. They were the first to get planted so I thought they had 
Produced enough 

Ignore my thongs they had a major blow out and are now going into the bin 

I bought a punnet which had two each of broccoli cauliflower and cabbage 
I think there is one of each in each barrel 

I had planted two sweet potatoes and they have started to spread so I bought two more and I’ve planted them between the 
Other two 

This is a purple cauliflower 
By the time it grows the zucchini will be well and truely gone 
I only left it as there are a few babies 

This is a broccoli that I’ve just put in the pot 
This pot had a spare bean in it and it did well so I figured I’d try my luck again 
I think I’ll find something to put the pot on as bending dow this low hurts my back 
Cauliflower you harvest once and it’s done but you can get a few harvests from the broccoli 

If you look closely you can just see a baby corn 
I have a spare plastic for the hot house so we will rig something up to cover this bed to keep the crop growing 

As I was typing this my witch spun around, she has spun even further since the pic to be pointing south 
It’s the equinox, day and night are equal. From now on the days will grow shorter and the nights longer 
Our weather usually changes around. 

Is my witch signalling the change has come 
If so I better organise that plastic and cover my corn sooner rather than later 

Hopefully my pumpkin vines start to die off now and then I can do a count of how many pumpkins I’ve got for the winter 

It’s an exciting time in the garden 

Saturday, March 19, 2022

Getting ready

I finally picked up my quilt this morning 
I’ve already cut off the excess of the backing fabric and put that away for a 
Future project 

I Will trim this all up and add a binding once the weather cools off 
It’s too big to handle while it’s so warm 

I’m very happy with it. 
Can you see the detail of the professional quilting 
I’ve practices doing free motion quilting on a very small piece but I’d never attempt anything this big 
So it was money well spent 

Craft quarters is having a 25% off jelly rolls. Just for today 
So I grabbed a black and white themed one and some red fabric 
As I saw a log cabin in those colours and I really want to make one 

This is a pic from Pinterest 
Once the blocks are made you can arrange them in so many ways 
If your on Pinterest, and let me tell you if you are you will get lost for hours lol 
Check out black and white log cabin quilts 
Some very talented people out there 

So this is now in the craft room 
Waiting for the right day for me to start on 
You kinda have to be on a good pain day, with the right temperature 
To get able to work on something large 

I do also have a few yarn projects going so I really need to finish those off first 
I’ll try and be good and not start anything new until I clear the list a little bit 

Well that’s the aim anyway lol 

Thursday, March 17, 2022


I’m up before sunrise today 
But I haven’t gone swimming 
I think I’ve been overdoing and my pain levels are really bad 
Yesterday I was in so much pain my fibro fog was terrible 
I didn’t even drive anywhere as I just couldn’t concentrate 
I haven’t been that bad for a very long time 

I have stripped the bed and the sheets are in the wash but that’s all I’m doing today 
I need to get this under control as I have Ana tomorrow 
I need to be able to function 

Constant, chronic pain not only makes it hard to do things 
It takes away some of the joy in your everyday life 
I love being active 
I love being able to do things 
But sometimes the payoff is just too much and I wonder why I even try 
Yes feeling very sorry for myself today 

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

And I didn’t even swim

This morning started with a power failure so we got up reset the clock hubby checked his cpap machine and because the dogs started barking we checked outside 

Poor Trixie went out to toilet and must had a touch it diarrhoea so when she sat in the bed she left a present for mummy 
So while hubby bathed her I pulled off the doona cover and threw that in the wash 

Got it out under the back veranda to dry 
This was all before 7.30am

Since I normally get out of the pool at eight I didn’t bother going so I told the girls I’d meet them at the shopping centre for coffee

I left home in plenty of time so I went to Bunnings for seedlings 

These are not what I purchased today. These are my herbs the parsley is looking a tad sad and the basil only sprouted around the edges so don’t know what’s going on there 

The dill was only sown a few weeks ago and seems happy for now 

Here are the seedlings I bought today 
In here purple cauliflower and kale 

Broccolini and more kale 

In here we have brown onions, cabbage and I’ve planted dwarf snow peas. They don’t need a trellis so that’s a bonus 

The tomatoes will be getting pulled in a few weeks so purple cabbage has been planted in here 

And more purple cabbage has been planted around the chillies I might remove the smaller ones if they don’t get going. But I won’t bother until the cabbages grow 

We have planted celery in here I tend to cut the leaves off and use them in salads do they won’t need lots of room for a while 

The spare silverbeet is doing really well in here 
So I put one cabbage in to see what happens 

So after all that. I went to the reject shop to buy my cleaning products and I had to go back to Telstra to get my watch connected to its own number. It allows me to take and make calls even if I don’t have my phone. I couldn’t do it myself snd the young man at the shop was lovely 

So now I’m home sitting and resting 
All done by 10.30am 

An afternoon of crafting awaits