Friday, January 31, 2014


its been a long week and we are very tired. Mum and I wish you all a very happy weekend, we will spend it resting
see ya

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


For those that have never been in a chemo ward this is it. The room goes all the way round and the patients sit in those blue chairs for their treatment. Leanne got a bed today and you can just see her in the bottom of the pic, she was fast asleep as she had just her phenergan. She needs it as she had a reaction to this chemo so now they give it to her first before the treatment.
the chemo always gets covered in a black bag, so everyone knows its the chemo and very toxic. If it leaks it gets treated like a toxic spill. One time the person next to us has a leak and we had to be removed from the area while it was cleaned up. Kinda scary really 
all around the nurses station there are beautiful sayings painted on the wall. This is the one near us.
So now you know, it's not a scary place, it's really rather nice. And the nurses are wonderful overwork and underpaid people who really care.
Its just that we just don't like being there and we hope and pray that one day she will be ok and we won't have to go back.
See ya 

Monday, January 27, 2014


Yesterday we all were off to see grease the musical. It wasn't too bad. For my taste is was too much like the movie. The guy playing the lead even tried to sound like John travolta.
My friends didn't like it because it wasnt like the movie so there you go. It annoyed them that the songs were all out of order. Lol
It's the little things that count I think and one thing that acually grated on my neves was a sign that advertised a '57 Chevy on stage. What's the big deal I hear, well the show is set in 1955. 
Ok a little Picky I guess but it really got my goat. A huge sign saying class of '55 and next to it the '57 Chevy sign.
Anyway once you got past that it wasn't too bad, the cast looked like it was having fun and they were hound and vibrant. Burt Newton was good as the DJ. It I think he is getting a little past it. I was worried the whole time he was going to have a nasty fall.
If you love grease you will like it, but if your not really into the movie or songs I'd give it a miss.
See ya

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Happy birthday Australia

Today the first convict ships arrived and a new nation was born.
I know Australia already had people living here, but putting all politics aside this is when Australia as we know it was born.
Since that first fleet many people have come here to make this great country their home.
My parents came here while very young to make a life for themselves and one day for their children and I'm very glad they did.
There is no other country like ours. 
Happy australia day everyone, let's all put our differences aside and enjoy this beautiful day

Saturday, January 25, 2014

A lazy Saturday

The weather today is cooler thank goodness, and it feel like rain so I've hung my washing under the back veranda.
my shawl is going well but it's taking so long now as there as so many stitches that I wanted to make something that I will finish quickly. So Ive adapted the pattern and I'm making this cowl for a present. 
I can say for who because she may read this. Not very likely but you know the one time she gets on and all that.
I've quickly done a few clean up jobs and now I'm just sitting quietly while hubby has a sleep in. He works so hard, keeps forgetting he isn't 20 any more. I'm thinking I'll make him some French toast for his brekkie. What do you all think.
See ya

Friday, January 24, 2014

Rainy day project

Today we got some much needed rain. So the quilting bug hit me.i think I like the sound of rain and sewing machine lol
So I got my two packets of charm squares and hit the Internet for a pattern.
The disappearing nine square was the winner.
so I started joining them up into threes
then into nine 
Can you see miss Bella's  tail in the shot. She has to be involved in everything. 
then I cut the whole block in half lengthwise and. Width wise. 
Rearranged the smaller blocks
And viola! The disappearing nine block. 
Really easy. Only problem I only had enough to make seven blocks, so I'm going to have to go and get some more fabric. I know terrible isn't it.
so all blocks are now in this new craft box I purchased yesterday. I really didn't need another one but I live owls. 
Oh well I've been a good girl and using my stash so I'm allowed hahaha
and of course here is the site manager, making sure I pick up my mess. She had just been told off for getting up near the iron. Was not a happy camper 
Have a great long weekend everyone in Australia and if your in the colder parts of the world stay warm 
See ya

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

If its not broken

For years people have laughed at me and called me a tightarse because I don't like to spend unnecessary money if I don't have too.  take this little jar, I bought this jar when I did my first shop as a married woman just moving into the marital home,which we are still in today!  
I got it so I can put my sugar in, I know those pretty canisters that sit on the bench would be nice but they were a lot of money that I just didn't have and this has served me for over 25 years.
but on the weekend I found some that I really loved, and since I have no children at home anymore and we are not as poor as we used to be I lashed out and bought them. Having said that I did get them from crazy clints so they were not very expensive. I think about $7.00 dollars each. 
This was our clock radio that we got as a wedding present. Not very attractive but it did the job. The. Buttons on it were no longer working so as we had our power turned off today for workmen to do maintenance on the power poles I knew it would be almost impossible to reset the time. The last time I had to use a couple of pens and it only just worked.
so today I lashed out and spent $25.00 on this. I only wanted a clock radio and one that was easy to set and read.
I wonder if these replacements will do as well as the previous ones. 25 and a half years now that's got to be a record don't you think?
What about you what do you have that you just never got around to replacing because it just keep on doing the job?
See ya 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Busy day

Today hubby and I decided to weed the Rowe garden, he had used hay bails to mulch it and they and seeded a d the grass w growing really well.
Would not have been a problem if we were going to put the chickens back. But they have to stay in the other run for longer than anticipated because there is going to be some more work done first. 
More on that later!
So we started and it w coming our easily. Not like that bloody couch grass. I lasted about an hour and a half and then I was done in. But hubby kept going and turned this

Into this, much better don't you think. The photo above is as far as I got. 
We are expecting rain this week and then the hot weather is expected to continue. So we will have to keep on top of the weed problem if we don't want it looking like that again
See ya

Saturday, January 18, 2014

R.I.P Rosie

Poor little Rosie did not make it, she was a fighter and all that could be done was tried. 
She crossed the rainbow bridge overnight. 
Good bye little Rosie. 
You touched my heart xx

Friday, January 17, 2014

Keeping my cool

The weather here has been hot, crazy hot. So I've been inside with the air conditioner on and in the afternoon when it's the hottest even a fan on me!
Across the road My poor neighbour who runs the rescue and pet ambulance has been working round the clock helping people with their pets. Because its so hot she cannot take the puppies in the car. Even with the air con on they just overheated in the carry case. So they have been coming over here and staying cool with me.  They'd re very cute and I have been keeping their fluids up. They go home every night around nine and coming back in the morning. 
They are dating sleeping pooping machines but have been very nice company for me.
One is not well, she aspirated some milk the other day and it's turned into pneumonia. She was at the vets today getting a shot of penicillin and some IV fluids. She is hanging in there but it's still touch and go. Please send positive energy for her, she really is a sick little girl. 
But if cuddles help she's getting lots of those.
The cool change is apparently coming so I'm looking forward to that.
Have a great weekend everyone and I'll keep you updated on the puppy. 
See ya.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Today it was hot, and tomorrow it's going to be hotter! Over 40deg cel. 
I don't do heat. I just might have to catch a plane to America and enjoy their artic vortex. 
Now that's more my style. With my hot flushes I could melt the polar caps my self. Believe me they are not fuming this weather. I've drunk enough water that I could drown in it, the air conditioner is on but I've also go the fan going straight on me. 
I had a cold bath but I've since warmed up again.
I won't be a happy camper after a few days of this. 
So if I don't say much in the next few days you will know I'm either grumpy, or I've died from the heat!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Foggy start

I woke this morning and this is what I saw. At first I panicked as I though it was smoke and the weather has been forecast as extremely hot. But no there was no smell.
It's definitely fog. So I'm stumped. Middle of January and we have a foggy morning. 
If this means the extreme heat will not eventuate well I'm all happy about that, but a little sunshine in the middle of summer would be nice.
How the weather in you part of the world, post some pics. Especially those affected by the bitter cold.
What every the weather stay comfortable and safe
See ya

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Progress report

This is the shawl I am making for me, as the other yellow one is just too delicate to be anything but a babies shawl. I am using pure wool 8ply and ite a sage green. Although you really don't get a good version of the colour here. If you look at the last photo you can see my stitch marker that marked the centre stitch. 
I have been working on this most days, but now that there are so may stitches it takes me almost 15 minutes just to finish one row! 
I originally started with six 50gram balls of wool and saw how quickly I was going through them so I went back and got another six, as the stitches increased I started to go thought the wool even quicker so I went back and bought the store out of the wool in this colour. I now have 12 balls and I hope that will be enough. I want it a long as I can get it! How nice and snuggly will it be to wrap around me when out camping.
With the weather warming up here I'm knitting in front of a fan, stops the hands from getting sweaty. 
How are you all going with the weather, I know in the USA they are having very cold weather so perfect stuck at home knitting weather I think, but how about others?
What crafting is the weather suited to at your place?
See ya

Thursday, January 9, 2014

One year today

One year ago today I had to make the heart breaking decision to send my beautiful boy to the rainbow bridge.  I still miss him every single day.
Rest now sabastian. No more pain I'll see you at the rainbow bridge. Your probably have the perfect spot in the sun and sleeping. 

Sunday, January 5, 2014


Congratulations to my wonderful son and his beautiful girlfriend, who got engaged yesterday.
I hope they will always be as happy as they are today.
Boy am I going to be busy in the next few years!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Another birthday

Happy birthday to me!
I have received so many birthday wishes from family and friends and cyber friends on Facebook.
I feel so loved. I know people poo poo the Internet but I have made some really nice friends via the net. People with similar interests as I have and I have been able to remain in contact with family over seas.
Even though my year counter is getting heigher I have to admit I love techknowlegy.
Oh yeah today I turn 47
I don't mind getting older, although I'd like those aches and pains to go away.
So I say I'd rather be over the hill than under it anyday.
See ya