Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Samhain 2014

A blessed Samhain to all in the Southern Hemisphere 
And our brothers and sisters in the north, a merry Beltain to you all, may your harvest be plentiful. 
So mote it be )0(

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The crocheting continues

Here I have all 30 flowers finished. But to join them they have to be turned into squares
Ta da! This is where the pattern finished, although I didn't follow a pattern just the photo. 

I decided since I was doing it my way I'd continue and I've added more rows to my squares. 
I used up what I had for the centres so I was only able to make 30 rounds. To make the blanket bigger I'm making each square bigger and then once sewn together I'll add boarders,
But for now that's one down and 29 to go!
See ya

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Something simple

I saw a fantastic blanket on a craft blog via Facebook. I saved the image and decided to see if I could replicate it. 
Here are the centres. And yes they looked like hers. Sorry about the photos it night and I have lights on but the light isn't bright enough. 
Next I added an orange to the bright pink centres. And yes they still look like hers.
And here is the flower with the yellow around it. Pretty isn't it. I have a cream colour to finish it and turn it into a granny square so I can sew them together to make a blanket. 
I'll take the next stage photos during the day so hopefully you can see it better. 
And yes they look just like the ones on her Facebook page. 
I'm pretty proud of myself for making them lol I must be getting better at this crochet thing. 
See ya

Friday, April 18, 2014

More chrissy stuff

I can't tell you what this is. I'm making some small hand knitted pressies for the girls at knitting group. I'll add a few little things and make up small parcels for each one. 
I saw these on Pinterest and thought wow I know a few ladies who would use these.
So I'm Hopeing to make them all in the next few weeks inbetween my larger projects. I'm funny I like to have a slow project and  also something that I can start and finishe on the same day going at the same time. I think. If I finish something I feel like I've acheived for the day. If I work on my large project I feel like I've been busy doing nothing all day. Anyone else feel like this or is it me lol
I've broken the diet and had chocolate but who cares I've been good for so long I'm not stressing about it. 
So for now hubby is having a grandpa nap and it nice and quiet so I'll keep knitting 
See ya

Abundance of flowers

Hubby had to go to a brake down at a customers place. They are flower growers. He came home with an arm full of roses for me. 
Pretty aren't they
We have a few different growers as customers and they always send flowers home with him for me.
Lucky girl I am. Love fresh flowers. Just so sad though when they die 
Have a blessed Good Friday 
See ya

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Getting ready for Christmas

As this year is going to be an expensive one. I'm endeavouring to make as many Christmas presents as I can. Yesterday at Shirley's house she showed me some cute hats she had made and put me onto the link.  It's a site called meladoras creations and she has free patterns and tutorials. Google her she is very good. My brother in law has two daughters under ten so I decided I might as well make two at the same time. Clever hey!
Here they are just started. 
Here they are half way through. Starting to take shape now
And here they are finished with only the flowers to put on. They look just like the ones Shirley made so I'm happy about that
And here they are with their flowers on. I didn't use the same flower Shirley did. I just made a couple more of the ones I made last week. I will make two more flowers and make them a matching hair clip each as well. 
Do you think they will like them, I hope so. 
So two presents out of the way and I have ideas for some others.
See ya 

Easter surprise

Barb from knitting gave us these. So very cute. She knitted them herself.
Oh look it's got a surprise inside!
Love a crafty Easter don't you
See ya

Friday, April 11, 2014

My first hair clip

Yeah. I made a hair clip for me. What do you think?  It's really hard taking a pic of your won back of head lol
My hair is wet but the bits down the side have dried curly and if you look closely you will see a grey hair!
So I have made a dozen other flowers and purchased a bag of hair clips from spotlight and I even got two glue guns one for me and one for the daughter in law. She will put the dozen together and well them at her autism awareness stall. I told her $5 each which will make $60 for the charity 
But this one I'm keeping for me!
See ya

Thursday, April 10, 2014


Here we are at chemo again. Another six rounds to see if we can get it under control. 
Leanne wanted this photo so the very nice nurse took it for us. I look thrilled don't i lol. We are known as team leanne  by the staff. We have been going there longer than most of them. As you can see we are experts now with our water bottles and in our bags packed lunches iPads and I even bring knitting. All to help us pass the time. I truly hope you never have to spend time in a chemo ward but if you do. Take plenty to do and all your snacks. Because it can be a long day 
See ya

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Rainy day

The rains are definitely here and it's a dark and dreary day. It's not cold enough to light the fire but I really felt that the house wasn't quite right without it. So I lit candles instead. 
Not quite the same but it made me feel better
Have spent the day making more flowers to turn into hair clips which will be sold at an autism awareness day to raise money for autism awareness. I will buy the hair clips at spotlight and my daughter in law will hot clue them and sell them at her stall. 
I hope they sell well?
And here is miss bella. Snuggled amongst the wool and blanky. She is very good and knows not to play with the yarn. And because she is good I have given her, her own little ball of yarn which she loves. 
She really is a good girl, when she sleeps lol
See ya

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The big morning tea

Every year in Australia we have big morning teas to raise money for cancer research. 
The knitting group I have joined do one and this year I'm joining in
We all are bringing a tea pot and knitting a cosie. We also are brining a cup and saucer to auction off but I'll post more about that later. 
As in not th worlds greatest knitting I chose a simple pattern to knit and used you tube to crochet some flowers. 
Here is my first try, what do you think?
Here are some more. They did get better as I made more. 
And here I didn't use a pattern I just used the pot and knitted to fit it.
Finished product. What do you think. Would you bit a few dollars for this. 
I'm going to make another and what ever is the best I'll donate. The other will go to my mother for Mother's Day. 
She has to love whatever I make lol
See ya

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Good ol hubby

As you know we didn't have much of a garden in the summer, I just didn't have the energy to start one or even maintain it through the extreme heat. So we decided to try for a winter one.
Again due to an accident I found my self lacking in the extra spoons required to get one started. 
But wonderful hubby got the bug today and he weeded, planted and mulched. 
We got the seedlings from bunnings again I know cheating. But we now have broccoli coliflower cabbage onions beet roots and spinach planted. 
I didn't check the moon, I figured when the inspiration stikes him let him go!
In the second pic the chickens are loving the weeds from the garden. 
I'll make sure they get water when they need it but we have rain forecast for the nest few days so hopefully we get enough.
What have you got growing in your garden?
See ya 

Fall back

Well daylight savings has ended here.
Could someone please tell Mother Nature it's supposed to get cold now.
Where are the frosty autumn mornings? 
I want to smell the smoke of wood fires, and snuggle in my bed.
I don't want to sleep with the fan on me anymore.
Please Mother Nature only one of us with menopause is enough!
Just saying

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Update on Stephanie

Today I was at my baby girls house cooking and doing the washing for her. While I did the mummy work her very talented best friend painted her plaster.  Also her best friends sister is a hairdresser and she was ding different hairstyles to see what steph would like on her wedding day. All that commotion kept her mind off the injury, which is good.
As you can see she did a great job, steph has to go back next week I think where they will X-ray again to make sure it's all in the right place. They said they will take the plaster off to check the incision is healing properly. If they do that Kate will come back and paint the new one again. 
Almost makes you want to break something doesn't it 
See ya