Wednesday, April 29, 2020

There’s always a spanner

The weather here has turned very wet again 
And up until now when the back concrete floor was put it in was in a room 

But now that room is gone and a new room is waiting to come into the world 
But there’s always a spanner in the works 

The floor outside is a tad higher than the one inside and it’s very flat. 
Great for a floor but water pooling outside has seeped inhere and 
Under our almost new carpet 

As you can see. The carpet I chose has a plastic backing. So that if there are any accidents the liquids don’t run into the underlay 
And then you get that constant seeping of Stains 

Well it worked in the reverse 
The underlay is saturated but the carpet is mainly fine. Just a little wet right at the edge 

So the carpet has been pulled up and the wet underlay has bee taken out 
Our carpet layer was rung and he will come and replace the underlay and relay the carpet 

We have put sandbags outside and my nephew has silicone the inside. 
So now hopefully that will keep the rain out 
What a palava. So today’s actual progress on the room was hampered not only by the weather. But by the added work that had to be done 
Hope your all faring better under isolation 
Stay well and safe 
See ya xxx

Friday, April 24, 2020

Current happenings

It’s been all go go go here in the empty nest 
I finally finished my blanket. It’s huge. Again. Much bigger than I expected 
But I’m happy with it. 
It’s nice and warm 

I took this cabinet from out of my craft room and decided to sand it down this is a before 

It now looks like this 
Less antique dark wood and more early settler I think. 
I just wanted it to be lighter for the craft room redo 

Current state of craft room 
The water damage was way worse than first suspected 
So my nephew suggested the easiest and best way to deal with is, was to just rip it down and start again 
So a new craft room is coming 
With a few changes 

So now I’m concentrating on feeding the workers and crocheting blankets for charity 

Today the sun is shining, and it’s lovely outside 
But after working hard on that cabinet for two days I’m too sore to enjoy it 
So I’m staying inside resting and keeping an eye on everyone 

Hope your all staying safe and well 
See ya xxx

Sunday, April 19, 2020


Christ has risen 

κρίστος ανεστί

It’s Orthodox Easter Sunday 
Usually we would all go to my parents house and have a traditional 
Lamb spit 

But not today 
Today we will just ring and use the traditional greetings and look forward to next year 
Today we will just be glad we are all healthy and happy 

If you celebrate have a lovely Easter Sunday with those you can see
And count the blessing you have 

Stay safe and well 
See ya xxx

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Saturday’s doings

Today we got up and hit the ground running 
We emptied most of the stuff from my craft room 
It’s going to be guttered, and all water damage is going to be repaired. 
New guttering installed, so we no longer have water coming into the room
And then painted and new carpets 

I’ll empty the cupboards and then on Monday when the boys are here. They can help move the big items 

Started to split the wood hubby bought 
There’s lots there. Should do us for a few seasons 
And yes the steer was there the whole time wondering what we were doing 

Second garden bed has now been planted out with vegetable seedlings. 
You can hardly see them through the cane mulch but they’re there. 

The first garden bed is coming along nicely. 
These seedlings were about the same size as the ones we planted today, when they first went in 
Soon I’ll have yummy beetroot, silver beer and kale to eat. 

Hubby is still going. He’s outside on the ride on mower trying to keep the lawns down while the sun is out 
Me. I’m exhausted 
So now I’ll get my craft on and continue to sew my squares together 
Hopefully I’ll be able to show you the finished blanket 
Enjoy your day
Stay safe and well 
See ya xxx

Thursday, April 16, 2020


Got up early this morning 
A painful body just wouldn’t let me rest 
So once hubby had gone to work I started making pita 

I use bought puff pastry so it’s quick and easy 
I made one using ricotta cottage cheese feta and eggs 

I then too half to my daughters house along with other yummy foods and some dvds 

When i got home took the other half to the boys 

Hubby had a big piece and asked was there more 

So I’ve made two more. 
Another with the cheeses and eggs 
And one with spinach feta and eggs 

Both are now cooked and ready to be devoured 
Should keep the boys happy for a little while 

On the way home I stopped at Bunnings and got more vegetable seedlings 

So I’ll be planting them this afternoon 

Hope your keeping well 
Stay safe 
See ya xxx 

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

How’s the serenity

Sitting outside enjoying the peace and tranquility 
And the last of the mild weather 
Feeling very blessed 
How are you all going? 
Hope your all well 
See ya xxx

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Another day

After yesterday’s mammoth effort planting all those trees 
I decided I was going to take it easy today 

So I’ve baked brownies, and apple&pear slice 

I’ve got meatballs and veggies in the slow cooker 

I’ve folded two loads of washing and one is currently in the washing machine 
Cleaned and disinfected doggie toilet 
Trixie is scared of the dark so at night she uses a doggie toilet lol 
Made bed 
And walked over to to say hi to the boys. Keeping a safe distance 

Good job I decided to take it easy lol 
Once the washing is done and hung to dry 
I’ll continue with sewing my squares together while listening to the rest of my audiobook  

What are you up to today? 
Stay safe and well 
See ya xxx

Monday, April 13, 2020

Tree planting

The south side of the house is feeling very bare. 
We used to have one huge tree on that side of the house but last winter it came down and landed on our home 

Now we don’t want a repeat of that incident 
But we do want trees to look at and act as windbreakers for that cold southerly wind 

So we went to a local nursery that was open and purchased a variety of natives 
We got about twenty but we needed a few for the row of eucalyptus we planted around the workshop 
To fill gaps. 

We placed all the tree were we wanted them mixing the varieties so we can get a nice view out from the backyard and 
My windows 
As you can see were were being closely monitored by the livestock 

And here they all are planted and tree guards put around them all 
17 trees planted today 
Hubby has four to plant on the other side of the property 

Might do that tomorrow we are exhausted lol 

Luckily hubby has a petrol augur to dig the holes with. 
Would of taken much longer digging by hand 

It was lovely out in the sunshine 
People were walking and riding their bikes everyone said hello 
And one of our neighbours walked over to offer encouragement while keeping a safe distance 

I can’t wait until they all grow and flower and the birds all come to feast 
Hope your all keeping well and sane in isolation 
See ya xxx

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Shared recipes

A fellow  blogger shared a recipe that I thought sounded nice. It used jam and I had this little jar in the back of the fridge for a while so I really need to use it up 

This is the blog post with the recipe 
And here are my rock cakes 

I haven’t tasted one as yet. But they smell wonderful 
If you give them a go post a pic and post a link so we can see them 

Hope your having a nice Easter if your celebrating 
Greek Easter is next week but I don’t see us being able to celebrate then either 
It’s one we will remember for a long time 
Stay safe. Stay well 
See ya xxx

Thursday, April 9, 2020


It’s that time of year. The big clean before the winter
This morning I moved everything from under the front veranda 

Leaving me the room to clean the windows walls and floors 
I tried doing under the veranda but it wasn’t happening 
Those spider webs are stubborn little mothers. So I’ll have to get hubby to set up the pressure washer anther day 

But for now. I cleaned what I could, including everything out in the sun and moved it all back 
Now I can see clearly out my windows 
For a little while anyway 

How’s your life going in iso? 
Stay safe and healthy 
See ya xx

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Sunday isolation

Life is plodding along 
The weather has turn cold and very very wet so the fire has been going 
I made a blueberry slice today for a treat 
I used some frozen blueberries we had that was from a friends blueberry farm 

I used this recipe but used the blueberries instead of apple 

On my hook I’ve been making circular jackets for the girls 
I’m not going to add sleeves as I think they will fit better this way I haven’t seen the girls in a month
So I’m not sure on sizing at least even if they are too big they will still look ok over a long sleeve tshirt 

This one is for Brianna 

Still working on Melody’s 
I hope to drop them off with their Easter choccies during the week 

So lve been keeping busy
Before the weather turned nasty I was walking everyday and managed to week all but one garden bed 

Hopefully we will get a few more nice days so I can finish outside 
Hope your all doing ok and keeping occupied 
Stay safe stay healthy 
See ya xxx