Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Busy, crafting

another call the midwife blanket done. This one has a different boarder 

I’ve started this blanket for melody. It’s a pink sparkly yarn and the pattern is a square from a CAL 
Called stardust melodies. It’s one of many but I’m just going to keep going and make one big square 
I hope she likes it 

Our travel buddies are leaving Friday to head up north. We leave two Fridays after that 
So in the next day or so I’ll get hubby to park the van out the front and I’ll start to organise it 
I’ll go through all the packet food to see the use by dates, and work out what I need 
And slowly get it packed and ready to go 
Today I put in a suspension at the pool to begin when we go and last until a few days after we get back 
So suddenly this holiday is very very real and coming fast 
I look forward to escaping the winter and heading north to the warmer weather.
Not like me at all really, is it lol 
But looks like I’m getting older and really feeling it 
Hope your life blissfully busy 
See ya xxx

Monday, May 21, 2018

I guess it serves me right

I’ve been doing too much, and I’ve been going for too long 
I forget, when I’m feeling good, that I’m not your normal healthy person 
I forget, in the midst of my day to day life, that if I over do I will pay dearly
I forget, in my arrogance, that I do not own my body. But that the monster inside me does 
So today I’m paying for it 
All these symptoms and a few more 
So I’ve looked in the mirror and told myself. 
How stupid were you  
I will rest today 
I will nurture myself 
And I will try to be kind 
I hope I will at lest be over the pain by tomorrow, the fatigue I can push past. 
But the pain, it’s soul destroying 
Well it is today 

Sunday, May 20, 2018


I’ve put all books and DVDs away 
Omg. So many books, photo albums, and DVDs 
But lots of boxes have been emptied. 
I’ll be able to go into my sewing room now and organise that, give it a good clean and maybe get back to some crafting 
But not today 
I’ve done something terrible to my left knee, I’m limping and I can’t bend it 
So I think I may soak in a bubble bath, then put on my pjs and relax for the rest of the day! 
Another step closer to being done 
See ya xxx

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Installation complete

Last week book cases were put together but didn’t have doors on them 
They weren’t bolted to the wall either 
So Chris our wonderful friend came over to help finish them off 

There was a lot of discussion on which was the best way to attack the job 
Eventually it was decided to just take one book case down at a time and instal the doors 

 There is a centre thin unit that won’t have a door. It was placed in the centre of the 
Wall and bolted into place. 
We then began assembling the doors and fixing them onto the book cases 
First one took the longest. With the the last one hardly taking any time at all 

Now my job to arrange the shelves and put everything away 
But I’ll start that either tomorrow or during the week 
Kneeling down and bending over has hurt my back 
In fact my knee made a very worrying sound, twice! 
So it’s currently up and resting 
What do you think? 
I love it. It’s exactly what I wanted 
More progress. Soon it will all be done 
See ya xxxx

Tuesday, May 15, 2018


This is Agatha. Agatha loves to lay around, especially in front of the fire 
She also loves to give me hair makeovers while I sleep! 
But Agatha had decided she doesn’t like to be brushed 
She slowly slowly has just become too hard to brush and groom 

So this is Agatha now 
Been to the vet, had her fur shaved off and her nails clipped. 
Remember the hair styling while I sleep. Well her nails really don’t feel nice on my head! 

So right now Agatha doesn’t like me very much. Which is fine 
I mean I have starved her since six last night, too her far away from the fire and made her go through 
The indignity of being totally shaved 
And to top it off I won’t let her go outside or eat anything until five!
I can give her a little water, but right now she won’t come near me 
Oh well. She doesn’t look like she’s starving to me lol 
All actions have consequences. Now maybe we can get back to letting mummy brush her 
See ya xx

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Mother’s Day 2018

Mother’s Day today was a relaxed one. 
Except for flat packs being delivered lol 

Luckily for me, my beautiful daughter in law came to visit and helped get it all going. 
She’s the flat pack queen! 
Here she is hammering away 
Not too shabby with the tools 
Yes that’s wonderson watching and being a supervisor lol 

Here is hubby. See the concentration on his face 

This is what we achieved today. 
Me I did what I always do 
I feed everyone lol 
Doors next and then fasten them onto the wall 
After that I get to play around and fill them with all my books, dvds, cds and nick nacks 
Already the room feels more homey 
To all the mums and those in mothering roles. 
Hope you had. Happy Mother’s Day 
I know I did 
See ya xxx

Friday, May 11, 2018

Total transformation

From this 

To over a week of this 

To this. 

Yup. I’m a happy girl 
Furniture shopping. Here I come! 
See ya xxx

New car!

This is bonnie 
Bonny gave me many years of faithful service. 
But bonnie was getting on and so hubby decided we needed a new car 
So bonnie was traded in. Where she will be cleaned up and a few booboos fixed and she will go on to be 
A wonderful car for someone else 
I’ll miss you bonnie 

So meet keely 
I don’t know why keely. Keely just came into my head when I saw her. 
We ordered her ages ago. And it’s been very hard keeping the secret from you all. 
Isn’t she beautiful. She is so smart. She has so much technology in her it was a full two hours 
Of hand over 
And we haven’t finished yet! 

There’s an app I downloaded so I can control things from inside my house! 
I have to go back and finish setting that up. As keely, had to be finished being set up on their data base first 
I seriously think you need a degree of some kind soon just to drive the new breed of cars 
Incase your wondering 
Keely is an M140 spots. 
Whatever that means 
I just know she’s a BMW and she’s blue lol 

So two new babies in the one day 
Funny how things work out. Isn’t it lol 
Anyway. Another big day today 
I have a bit of running around, some shopping for me and for my girls
Going to pick up the practice epipen and train my three amigos for when we go into the outback 
And the big news is 
Finally things are moving again 
Oh joy! 
Furniture shopping next lol 
Have a great day y’all 
See yanxxxx

Thursday, May 10, 2018


Here is my beautiful new granddaughter Brianna. Born this morning a healthy seven pounds in the old scale 

Here I am having my first cuddle. They are home. Believe it or not. 
I’ve put mama to bed and Brianna is asleep. Trying to convince dad to sleep. But his little girl is loving having him home. 
He really is a great dad and hubby 

With my girls. 
So happy. So very blessed 

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Finally finished

The only up side of being drugged and not being able to drive is your able to spend lots of time 
Finishing your crochet project 
The pink looks very dark here but in reality it’s not. It’s a lovely warm colour 
I did make the boarder like the video except I only did one row of 
The V stitch 
I’m happy with how it turned out 
I hope the mama is happy 
So now we wait. 
Four days over and counting 
Let’s hope she goes into labour naturally and hopefully soon 
I’ll keep you posted 
Me. Well I’m resting and it’s annoying to be feeling like this. 
But today was the last day of steroids. So hopefully I’ll start to feel normal again 
See ya xxxx

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Preparing. The blog post I was planning to write today

This is what I had planned to post about today 
Th ripping up of the old carpet. 

Chris came over to help as I was not able to do a thing. In fact I slept through most of the commotion 

Jody did the sweeping up of all the mess associated with cutting carpet up 

And here is the concrete floor all ready for the new carpet 
Hopefully some time this week 

And this is the old. It’s going over to the shed to be used by the boys to lay on while they arya working under trucks 
And machines 
It’s been a very durable carpet giving us 24 years of faithful service and mostly looking about as good as the 
Day it was laid. 
It’s left big shoes to fill 
I hope the new stuff is half as good as this was. 

Me. Well like I said. I have spent most of the day sleeping
I came home. Showered the hospital smell off me, ate a huge plate of left over bbq and coleslaw and bombed. 
Woke up. Had some meatballs in tomato sauce and a piece of sourdough 
And tonight jody has made her own lasagna from scratch including the pasta. 
So I’ll go over eat dinner, and come back home to bed. 
I’m so very tired. Poor hubby he’s been on the go since one this morning 
So he will sleep well tonight! 
See ya xxx


Good morning all. I’m posting from a hospital Bed
Didn’t expect that. 
No. No baby news. I’m in the hospital because I had to se one of these last night 

Remember the drama of obtaining them. Well thank god my pharmacist friend get them. 
I only used one. The hospital is ten minutes away from home. But I’ve been here since around 1.30 am 
It’s now 9.30am and they are still monitoring me 

Hopefully they can let me go soon 
I’m ok. It was a scary waking up with swollen face throat and mouth. 
I couldn’t swallow any meds. So woke hubby to take me to emergency and gave myself the shot. 

Good news. It worked. 
And I did it myself 

Let’s hope it’s a long time until I have to do that 
See ya xxx 

Wednesday, May 2, 2018


Weight still holding. 
I’m hoping it drops. But it’s just steady right now. 
I even went on a big bike ride but it hasn’t helped. 
Might have to do more riding but as long as it doesn’t go up I’m happy 

Daughter is still expecting.  Her offical due date is this coming Saturday but 
We are hoping for her to come soon 
As for me. I’m working furiously on this 
It’s growing slowly so I’m sure the new baby won’t be getting it when she’s ready for school lol 
Have planned an evening of videos and crochet in bed as hubby is in town getting parts. 
I’ll keep you all posted
Have a great rest of the day 
See ya