Wednesday, June 30, 2021

I’m still here

Hi all 
I know I’ve been missing in action. But it’s been kinda busy around here. Well for me
Anyway   One of my swim friends was diagnosed I with pancreatic cancer and she went down hill fast 

She had just started knitting her granddaughters some jumpers but only got half way through one 
Before she was unable to continue 

So she asked me to do it for her. 
Now I can knit. But I’m no knitter. So I enlisted the help of a knitting buddy 
And together we finished off the three jumpers 

I was able to deliver them to my friend in palliative care and she gave them to her granddaughters just before she passed 

I wa so happy I finished them before she died. I have to say a big thankyou to knitting buddy Barbra if it wasn’t for 
Her assistance id probably be still going. 

So after finally being able to say goodby to my swim friend Lyn 
The funeral was postponed due to lockdown, I kind felt flat and just didn’t do much at all 

I did make some crochet blankets that my sister asked for 
But I’ll show you those in another post 

I got pretty sick just after finishing the jumpers, I think it was the relief of getting them done 
So I did lots of resting 

I started to feel  better yesterday, lockdown was over and we were able to go swimming again on Monday 

A few weeks ago we had wild weather, trees came down everywhere and we lost power 
Two trees out front were damaged so they had to come down 

This one I use to hang my hose on so I didn’t want the stump removed 
But it was kinda ugly so yesterday I added some brackets and baskets 
To it to pretty it up a tad 

What do you think? 
I’m sure it will look better once the plants grow a bit. 
I still need something for the very top. I’m thinking a metal animal or bird 
I’m sure I’ll find something in my travels 

So that’s it. 
It’s been an emotional few months 
But we are getting through it 

Hope your all well and happy 
I’ll try and pop in more often in the future 
See ya xxx