Friday, December 31, 2021

Another year gone

It’s that time again. A year over and a new one about to begin 
Hopefully we will see the end of this pandemic and life will slowly go back to nothing 

Wishing you all a very happy new year filled with good health, love and laughter 

Thanks for reading my blog and for all you comments 
You have all helped me stay sane in an insane world 

Stay safe 

Thursday, December 30, 2021

More gone

Today the large archway and the small tree have been packed away 

Just need to remove the nails 
Hubby will do that when he comes in 

Two more tubs for hubby to put away. 
Only the two trees and front door garland to go 
I’ll wait for the 6th of January to do those 
Then that will be it for another year 

Do you wait for the 12 days of Christmas to bring down all your decorations?

See ya 

Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Summer crops

This year the weather being crappy we have had a late start 
The first crop all got eaten or drowned from the downpours we had. But 
As you know. Never say die so we replanted and this time it’s going much better 
The lime tree got blocked somehow but I trimmed it back and now I’ve got baby limes 

The eggplants and beans planted in the wicking beds have put on a burst of growth 

The tomato really  love the wicking beds
And have taken off. We have flowers and tomatoes 

I think this is pumpkins. Hubby planted them so I’m not sure. But I guess we will know once it produces 
What ever it is. It’s growing quickly 

Can you see the babies in there. So cute 

And little zucchini.  I’ll have to check these every day. As you know. If you leave them just a few days too long they grow enormous 

The tamarillo is bursting with flowers and even has a little baby growing. 

The grape vines I grew from a cutting last year is doing really well 
The soil level has dropped so I’ll top it up with some lovely compost 

Even the bulbs we disturbed while weeding are starting to shoot. 

So lots happening in the garden right now 
The price of fresh veggies has gone up and is predicated to keep going up
As farmers are finding it hard to get workers due to covid 

So I really cannot afford to have any failures 
I’ll keep planting and harvesting, sharing the crop with my kids families 
I’ll also preserve to have during the winter 

Kinda like I did when my kids were little and I had to make ends meet 
Not only much cheaper. But way healthier 
And you know. I get to out and play in the soil. That’s always fun too 

Have you got any vegetables growing at your place?

See ya 

Monday, December 27, 2021

De Christmasing

Hubby was up the ladder while was his elf taking the decorations and placing them in plastic tubs for storage 

He is currently cleaning the garden shed to make room 
While I worked in removing a couple of garlands.

Waiting on washing machine to finish the table cloths so I can get them dry and packed away

I’m going to put Christmas stuff away slowly over the next few days leaving the little tree last. That will be packed away after January 6th 

Let’s hope I last the distance 

See ya xx

Sunday, December 26, 2021

Christmas 2021

Christmas Day was spent at my daughters home along with my son in laws family 
It was a lovely sunny day and we all ate and drank and had a wonderful time 

It’s nice when everyone gets on and we always have a good time with them 

Some of the boys around the bbq. What is it with men and cooking over a fire 

The littlest member of our family enjoying her first Christmas 
She wasn’t the youngest though as my daughters brother in law and his wife have a three month old 
So many baby cuddles 

Today we had my extended families Christmas here 
I was up early cooking and getting ready 

I didn’t get any pics as I was busy being the hostess with the mostest  but I did get 
A pic of the fire as typical Melbourne weather it turned chilly and even got some rain 

Everyone ate lots 
The kids played with all their toys 
My godson wyatt loved looking at all the santas and trees in my house 
And Brianna decided the mrs claus was actually me! 

Small children really make Christmas a wonderful time

I hope your Christmas was one filled with love and laughter 

See ya 

Saturday, December 18, 2021

Makeover complete

It looks so much better. Don’t you think 
Couldn’t do any gardening yesterday as it was my day with Ana 
But this morning I was determined to get it done 

Hubby and I scooted off to bunnings 
And got more bags of potting mix and seedlings 
One blue barrel bed stayed but got moved to the front of the garden shed 

Hubby convinced me to keep these beds so I planted them both with lots of red flowers 
It seems to be a theme for the year. 

I’m not fussed as to what goes in these. I usually get whatever is on special and in bulk 
You can see my handy little garden helper. 
I can kneel without hurting my knees and it helps me to get back up again 
Turn it up the other way and it’s a seat. For when you need a little rest 

Two more tomatoes. These are the heirloom ones called mortgage lifter 
They grow really big lush tomatoes. Called mortgage lifter because the man who breed them 
Sold so many seedlings he was able to pay off his mortgage. 
I think it’s a lovely story 

No sooner than I had watered in the last of the seedlings. It went dark, the wind picked up and we heard a great big crack of thunder 
Hubby quickly brought in the sheets I had hung on the line, thankfully they’re were dry 
And we came inside 
While typing this post. The sun has come back out and although I can hear rumblings of thunder I think it may have missed us 
Good job I watered 

I think I relax for the rest of the day 
See ya 

Thursday, December 16, 2021

Make over

Today the sun was out and I decided I was going to tackle a corner of the garden that has been 
Neglected for a long time 

It was so overgrown with weeds
That I didnt even go near it because it annoyed me so much 
Everything was just overgrown and unloved 
I forgot to take a before shot. But the tree had grown so much I could barely use my clothes line
So my wonderful son walked over with the chain saw and gave it a good haircut 
It opened up the area and I felt like I could breath again 

I started by removing the smaller pots and just emptied them of their contents 
They were so full of grass that it would of been a lengthy job of trying to get them all out 
They are now washed and ready for some fresh potting mix.  I’ll deal with those another day 
The square tin garden beds were cleaned out most of the soil remained and we topped them up 
With more and mulched them 
All plants were so big and woody we just chucked them.  Only bulbs were saved and some were re planted 
Into pots near the house 

The two big white pots had dead annuals that had flowered earlier 
So I pulled them out and extra bulbs were planted in here after fresh potting mix was added 
Looking much better. 
Hubby is still out there doing the last of the weeding that I just couldn’t pull out 
He’s going to whipper snip them short and unfortunately I’m going to have to spray them 
I’m the background you can see the blue tub in the metal stand. There were two in this area. 
I already emptied one with the help of my son and we moved it to the vegetable garden area
This one is being emptied as I type and I’ll decide where I want it then fill it with potting mix and plant flowers 

The sheep loved all the cuttings from the trees and all the weeds I had pulled out 

The blue planter 
It needs potting mix and some veggies I’ll organise that over the weekend 

And of course. Our site managers 
Keeping an eye on all the going’s on 

It’s been a huge day 
Which hasn’t ended yet 
I’m exhausted 
Hubby came home an hour ago to help with the heavy lifting 
And now I’ve left him to finish off 
I’ve watered all the pots and the veggies

And now I’m enjoying a well earned rest 
I wonder is it gin o’clock time yet?

Stay safe
See ya 

Friday, December 10, 2021

A busy week

This week I’ve been out and about and I’m definitely feeling it 
Monday was swimming, grocery shopping and laundry day 

Tuesday I had an Ouchie massage 
Then came home and cleaned all the floors 

Wednesday we had planned to go into the city with my swim friends but the trains have been replaced by busses 
Due to works and we didn’t fancy a two hour trip in and two hours back home 

So we decided to head into Mornington, there was a market in the Main Street
We walked up and down both sides. Visited some of the shops and then had lunch at the local pub 

After lunch we headed to the water and had afternoon drinks at the little restaurant 
Called the rocks. It was lovely 

Remember the Santa and reindeer? 
Well I ordered the grinch, and elf and frosty the snowman to add to the collection 
I think they look lovely hanging around in my back yard 

And today I had miss Anastasia 
What a little personality she is developing 
We were watching Jurassic park and she was really concentrating 
Then turned to me and had quite a bit to say about it 

I have no idea what it was but i agreed with her and it seems to have been the right thing to say 

Her daddy has just left with her 
Hubby has gone to get pizza for dinner 
And I’m having a sit down with a cold drink 

After this week. I’ve earned it 
Hope your all well and happy 
See ya xx