Sunday, January 28, 2018

Australia Day long weekend

Good morning to all 
It’s Sunday of the Australia Day long weekend 
Just like everything in the world today. Our nations birthday has become very political and contraversial
I choose not to get involved  
I just don’t have the extra emotional supplies to deal with it all 

So having said that 
I spent the day in bed.  It was hot and muggy and I was dealing with the worst migraine 
That I have had in a long time. 
Fighting off nausea isn’t a great way to spend the day 

Saturday dawned and I felt better. Although hung over even though I had not gone out partying 
Hubby went to our camping friends house to work out the best way to load the 4wheeler for when we go on our mid winter break 
I decided to go with him, as if I felt ill I could just as easily lay on their couch as my own 
As he had to tow our caravan to make sure the weight wasn’t going to exceed the cars capabilities, it was decided to just stay here and spend the night 
He wanted to have a few drinks with dinner and I can’t tow 
So I am currently laying in our caravan typing this 
He is snoring next to me! 
I’ll get up and get dressed and go into the house soon 
Our friends, chris and Jody, are early rises like me 
Just like when we camp.  
Only here we have power and the air con going! 
A bonus I think lol 
Enjoy your Sunday everyone 
See ya xxx

Sunday, January 21, 2018

The boys

Living on a farmlet You have to deal with lots of vermin 
In previous years we used to have farm cats 
Three at one stage and I didn’t have to worry about mice and rats and rabbits digging up my gardens 
Then I had indoor only cats 
Sounds nice. But outside OMG 
Now the rabbits and mice were a massive pain 
But when I saw the rats. As big as the rabbits I said. Enough!
Enter these two cuties 
They will be my outside, living in the back with the dogs, or in the big shed 
Where ever they like 
Meet Sam and Dean hunters of vermin 
Here they are on th first day. I got them a week ago 
Sam is the grey fluffy one and dean is the black and white 
If you have ever seen supernatural the series you will know how they got their names 

They have spent their time between here, 
My bedroom and bathroom 
And the last few days, as it’s been so hot, in the spare room 
But they love it here! 
They also have bonded with the dogs and as you can see Teddy won’t leave them at all! 
I’ll slowly let them out to play with the dogs under supervision and then lock them back up 
Until they are a few months older 
I wasn’t going to blog about them. I’m nervous of all the back lash of having cats outside 
But if you have ever lived on acreage you  would know just big the problem is 
So there you are 
These two will have to take over from Buffy the rabbit slayer 
She has some mighty big paws to fill 
But having seen how they stalked my chickens I’m sure they will be fine 
My chickens will peck them while they are small and this seems to teach them not to mess with birds 
Buffy never brought home a dead bird 
So this is a good thing 
How bad is the vermin plague at your place? 
See ya xx

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

A lovely day

Today the weather is sunny with a wonderful cool breeze 
It’s perfect for drying the linen! 
Nothing better in my book. Fresh sheets straight off the clothes line 
You can smell the sunshine
It’s days like today that make you happy and thankful 
I do hope it continues 
How’s the weather at your place? 
See ya xx

Friday, January 12, 2018

I’m still here

Sorry I’ve meet MIA lately 
There really is nothing major going on 
Unless you count going to see the doctor for a regular visit to get a refill on. A script, and having a conversation about 
How I might consider weight loss surgery! 
I was shocked!
I know I had slowly been getting those kilos back 
But to me, someone who needs surgery is very very obese and in danger of death
So I went back to swimming five days a week, increased from one hour to one and a half 
Back on the shakes, apparently I’m not eating enough. 
And in just over a month I’ve lost 7.5 kilos( 16.5 pounds)
Half way to getting back to my happy weight of 70 kilos

My Knitting and swim buddy is leaving me. She and her husband are retiring to Queensland 
So I’m pretty upset about that 
But it’s still in Australia so I can visit and she can come back down here and visit us 
I have made more friends at the pool so I still will have swim buddies. 

And baby girl is progressing nicely with her pregnancy 
She was sick at the start but she is glowing now

So as you can see. Lots happening 
But stuff that is only really interesting to me 
Hope your life is going well 
I do visit you all 
Have a great day 
See ya xxxx