Monday, March 28, 2016


Finally  the leaves have started to turn. 
Time to really get the Autumn chores done. 
Soon we will light the fire and hot soups snd stews will once again be on the menu. 
See ya xxxx

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Easter show Rushworth

The town we are staying at had an Easter show and parade so we all went down to enjoy it 
There were lots of old steam powered machinery displayed 
Hubby loved this kind of stuff and as usual started chatting to one of the older men who owned this machine and found out all sorts of information that I just don't understand. But the menfolk did so that's good lol 
The parade started at one. So we found a nice grassy spot to sit and watch. First up was this lovely lass. On her horse and carrying our flag. 
Then Clydesdale horses pulling this coach and lots more horses pulling all sorts of carriages. Even some donkeys 
Some older cars, trucks and other automobiles. 
And a couple of steam powered ones. It was all very exciting 

The SES had a few of their trucks and things in the parade. Here is paddy the platypus in the little tinny
After the parade we left but I'm sure the locals all stayed longer and enjoyed the rest of the day. 
It was a lovely day and was nice to get involved with the local community 
See ya xxx

Friday, March 25, 2016

Camping weekend

Here we are camping at a private belongs to a friend   All set up and ready to relax 

There are quite a few people here. Everyone is doing their own thing a no mingling it's very relaxed. Kids are riding motor bikes and dogs are visiting every body hoping to get a pat and many be some food lol 

Only a few minutes by car is the waranga basin. A huge fresh water man made lake. The kids have a ball swimming and being towed on apparatus behind boats 
As we don't have kids we are just relaxing and enjoying the nice weather and having a nice break 
Happy Easter to all that celebrate and wherever you are enjoy the long weekend 
See ya xxx

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Almost the weekend

A short week this week. Easter long weekend starts  tomorrow. I've been busy organise our caravan for a few days away 
The day will start early as we drop off our son and new daughter in law at the airport for them to start their honeymoon and we will keep driving up the Hume highway and spend a a couple of nights in rushworth. 
I finished the two five ply blankets and have left them with our fabulous leader to be taken to the Salvation Army and I've started my first corner to corner. 
I really love this. Is so quick and easy. Using up more of the stash and another blanket for charity 
So everyone have a wonderful Easter, Drive carefully and stay safe
See ya 

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A good day

Sheets on the line 
Shopping done put away and dinner cooking
Even got my nails done 
All by ten in the morning. Now I'm a little while I'm off to knitting group 
Have a great hump day. 
See ya xxxx

Monday, March 21, 2016

The Easter bunny must die!

Well maybe not the Easter bunny. But the ones around here. This one was just casually sitting in my drive way this morning 
This is the hole one decided to start in my rose garden IN THE BACK YARD. 
My two square garden beds which I planted all those packets of seeds into. Have come to naught.  
They all sprouted and looked wonderful and then over night. Gone yup bunnies thought I had laid out a smorgasbord for them. The seedlings keep trying. But they just keep coming and helping themselves. The dogs just don't bother them at all 
This poor little rose was planted this year. It's continuously got new growth but in a week or two. They come back and chomp it. It's like they know 
And this is how they are getting in. When we built the big outdoor room part of the fence came down and we have been using the old pool fence to keep the dogs in. The whole fence is earmarked for replacing. But we have been waiting for more funds. You know how it is. With weddings and all. 
So hopefully soon we will build the new fence and my poor little baby plants will have a chance to grow. 
Naughty bunny. Keep it up and I'll make you into a stew!
See ya 

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Wedding day

The day has arrived. Here is my son the handsome groom waiting for his bride 
The wedding party. It was a beautiful setting for the ceremony 
Here they are. Saying I do 
The bride and groom. Married and arriving for the party
It was a wonderful night, lots of fun love and laughter. 
Now both my babies are married and on the road to the rest of their lives. 
Very happy mama indeed
See ya xxx

Friday, March 18, 2016


Yeah the rains are here. Everything was so dry. A good soak is what the earth around here needs. 
This weekend we have my sons wedding and the Equinox   
Have fun everyone
See ya xxxx

Friday, March 11, 2016

A slow steady kinda week

I've been busy just working on my projects this week. The shawl is almost done 
The blanket I made using up the extra squares if you look yourself see a boo boo. But I don't think the person getting will care lol 
And this week a friend who has breast cancer ask me for some " wog vegetable soup " lol just like her grandmother made so I've made her some which I will give to her today. 
Only one week till my son gets married. 
It's been a busy year lol have a lovely weekend everyone 
See ya xxx

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Busy Sunday

All pots have been fed 
And lavender pots have been cut back
Plants that have finished producing have been pulled out. Garden beds weeded. Organic blood and bone added and mulched. 
Onion and Beetroot seedlings have been planted 
Cot blanket finished and pram blanket made to match is in the process of being joined. 
And I've started a shawl for me to wear to my sons wedding. It's been approved by the bride. Just got to make sure i get it done lol 
We also went to a market and I got me a little trinket for my back yard. But I'll show you that another day. 
Enjoy the rest if your weekend
See ya xxx

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Productive day

Finished the charity blanket I think it turned out well. It's very very warm lol 
I practice a new gaining technique and I'm very happy with how it looks so I'll be using it more I think 
I've started to join the squares for my own blanket, using the same technique. It's called the flat braid join. A little fiddley to begin but once you get going its not too bad 
A bit of a glimpse of how it's going to look 
And I made a pattern for a gift I have in mind. I hope it works 
So what have you been up to? It's been very warm here so working with the huge blanket was a chore but I really wanted to get it done 
See ya xxx

Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Happy first day of Autumn.  My favourite time of year xx