Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Easy Tuesday

Today I was in a go slow. I slept in. And just did what I had to do at a leisurely pace. 

I made some zucchini pickles. The half jar is in the fridge and tastes very yummy 

I did have to run to the supermarket to get some  more white vinegar so while I was there I did a quick shop   

Another job ticked off  the list 

Scrolling through Pinterest I saw a blanket made using square fabrics and crochet. I’ve always loved them  and wanted to make one. so it’s now in the craft line 

I’ve got fabric that was given to me that’s really pretty   
So I cut up the squares and I’ve  sewn them together 

They are now waiting for me to finish the socks so I can start on the crochet part of the blanket. 

Yup I know. But I couldn’t help myself 

I’m hoping to get to the pool tomorrow but if my body wants to sleep I’m going to sleep. 
I’ve learnt to listen because if I don’t I crash. 
I really don’t want to do that 

Monday, February 27, 2023

That time again

Hubby found a guy that sold firewood at a reasonable price and ordered a truck load. 

We still have the wood we had collected from a Friends farm but it’s nice to add to the wood pile. 

The weather being so crazy right now you just don’t know what winter will be like. 

A big wood pile is like money in the bank. Best of all it’s already spilt. 

Of course nothing happens around here without someone watching and judging 

Too many site managers I think 

Saturday, February 25, 2023

Port Welshpool

Camping with our old camp friends at port Welshpool right near the water. 

The dogs loved being off leash running and playing in the water 

Trixie had never been in the water at the beach and never off leash so we were a tad worried 

She was such a good girl not going far from us and coming every time she was called 

She wasn’t too keen with being in the deep water but loved running through the shallows 

Here is our camp site. All set up and we are all relaxing 
Only here for two nights. Got here yesterday afternoon 
A quick relaxing getaway 

Tuesday, February 21, 2023


The seedlings are coming along nice 
I will hopefully be able to plant out in about six weeks 

I spread the beetroot seeds only on half this big planter   Once they’re big enough that they look like plants I’ll sow the other half for staggered harvesting 

On the way home I noticed the trees were all losing their leaves. A group of them seem to have had a massive dump all at the same time. 

I have to wonder, does this mean autumn is suddenly upon us? 
We are supposed to be getting more hot weather   But today doesn’t feel hot at all. I’m fact it was very cool this morning 
So who knows what’s going on 

Thank you for your concern over my stupid incident 
I’m feeling much better. Just a tad bruised. Swimming has definitely helped. 

Monday, February 20, 2023

Feeling stupid

Yesterday I was sitting on this hanging chair when the rope it was hanging from broke 

I hit the concrete hard. The timber dowel then smacked me on the head. 
It hurt. 

I did notice the rope was looking worn but decided to sit anyway 

This is where it used to hang 

As you can see. It’s concrete underneath which has no give at all 

So I kinda sat there for a minute seeing stars while wondering if I was going to be able to get to again 
Hubby tried to help me up but I seriously was a tad afraid he would do more damage so I waved him away and gingerly got up myself 

Today I was gentle with myself in the pool but I have to say I’m feeling very bruised 

So I will get some chain to replace the worn rope
And hopefully it will never happen again. 

I’m such an idiot sometimes 

Sunday, February 19, 2023

Driveway works

The driveway needed dons maintenance work done. 
The very long  wet has been hard on it. 
First hubby removed the old drain and refuge the Ditch 

New drains were purchased and installed 
Trixie is learning to stay close and not run off no matter what distractions she sees 

Wonderson visited so he helped his dad by bringing the new topping from the shed 

While his dad levelled and spread it out 

It’s recycled road bitumen so once it settles and flattens out it will hopefully stop the bulk of the weeds 

And no more big puddles, fingers crossed 

For now we have run out of the product so we will wait to get some more to finish the job. 
The bulk of the driveway is done for now and it already looks much better 

Another weekend has come to an end. 
Monday tomorrow. Time is flying.
 It will soon be march!

Thursday, February 16, 2023

It’s a wonderful life

Last night I harvested more zucchini a few small eggplants and what ever tomatoes I had. I also got a small handful of beans   But a great harvest but it wasn’t bad 
But then our lovey neighbour dropped off a huge bag of green beans some butter beans corn and some sweet peppers 

This morning I chopped up all my veggies and added his green beans into roasting pans and roasted up all the vegetables 

The extra zucchini are in the dehydrators 

After roasting I blitzed them all up and are now in jars being processed. 

They may not look pretty but oh my they taste so good 
You could just add this to spaghetti and it would taste amazing 
I didn’t even bother to add herbs. So full of flavour 

The butter beans will be blanched and frozen as is. 
The corn and sweet peppers will be cooked on the BBQ tonight for our dinner. 

With wonderful neighbours sharing with us. It really is a wonderful life. 

I’ll send over a big jar of this for them to have. 
I hope they like it 

Wednesday, February 15, 2023


The seeds have sprouted. Well some have. I’ve over sown but that’s ok. I’ll transplant the biggest and strongest and continue growing them out until the white butterflies have all gone. 

The weather has been very confusing and now I’m finally getting some cucumbers we have harvested one already 

And it looks like we will get a few more at least 

I replanted the strawberries into bigger pots and they’re taking off again 

More fruit to enjoy 

We also planted  the mulberries into the ground 
And this one had started to produce more fruit 

The tomatoes are finally starting to ripen and we have been eating them fresh   Next year I’ll only plant the smaller varieties. The bigger ones are not doing well at all 

The other bonus is fruit fly don’t like the little ones so that’s a good option if you live in a fruit fly area 

Eggplants are  finally fruiting 
We might have a batch of ratatouille coming soon 

Of course the zucchini are still winning 
Definitely gold in the garden olympics 

So as you can see. Summer is making a bit of a comeback. 
Who knows how long it will last. But I’ll keep harvesting while I can. And raising the seedlings for the next crop

I do need to get them into the ground by the end of the first week of may.
Because there is something special happening after that 

Stay tuned. All will be revealed when we get closer 
Happy gardening 

Sunday, February 12, 2023

Crop swap

This morning I went to a local crop swap. 
What a lovely bunch of people I met. 
There were so many different things not just produce, as everyone’s gardens have 
Not done so well this year. But lots of plants and cuttings. Odds and ends and fresh baked goodies. 

I took some herbs, empty pots, a few plants I had struck and some bowl cosies I had made 
Specifically for the crop swap 

I came home with different plants 
Cuttings for more plants 
And some rose hips. 

So on the left there is apple and rosehip jam and on the right 
Apple and rhubarb, from my garden, jam. 

To prepare the rosehips you have to split them and take out the seeds 
To save them going down the sink I had them all in a container 

Now you all know me. I can’t just throw things out. 
So I’ve filled a polystyrene box with compost and soil and I’ve put it in the garden where it will get sunshine and and water 
And tossed them all in 

Who knows. In 12 months time I might have a rose bush or two 
Nothing ventured I say. 
I’ll let you know. 
Meanwhile hubby said he will grab a loaf of bread and once the jam is cool he’ll give them a taste test 
He’s so good isn’t he.  Always willing to take one for the team 

Saturday, February 11, 2023

Maintenance and more

Hubby has replaced the old burnt out flue with a new shiny one. 

Old flue

Shiny new flue

He’s also replaced the plate and bar inside the fire so we are good to go winter 

Meanwhile I bought some funky pots from next door. I’ve had my eye on the for a while 

How adorable are they?

They are now hanging out back

The old hanging pots had deteriorated. 
I’ve still got plants to repot but it’s just too hot so I’ll go out later 

It’s a beautiful day. Enjoy your Saturday 

Friday, February 10, 2023

Ana day

Ana has well and truly got her appetite back. 
She loves to have a selection of yummy food to graze on while watching TV

When grandpa came over they sat outside in the shade and watched the chickens free ranging 

Her daddy came to pick her up and they visited the other chickens. He then helped his dad to move them into the shade 

Much better 

While Ana  was having her afternoon nap I continued working on these socks. 

This really is a simple way to knit socks. 
You don’t have to think much   Just keep knitting 
So I can do this while listening for Ana. 
And it’s easily picked up and put Down 

Another week is over. At this rate it will soon be Christmas again 
Time is speeding up I’m sure if it 

Wednesday, February 8, 2023


I got my winter crop seeds out and decided what I was going to sow 

There’s cauliflower, broccoli, kale, radicchio, leeks and a few others I didn’t get to do as I ran out of room in my little hot house 

I had to get a bag of seed raising mix. So I walked over to next door. 
Have I mentioned how handy that is?

I’ve sown extra seeds in each area so I can share any excess  
They will hopefully be ready to transfer into the garden beds in 12 weeks 

I’ve left the mini greenhouse open as it’s lovely and sunny outside. I’ll close it up before dark 

I’ve been a bit of a hermit lately as my glasses are really not working anymore. I’m getting headaches and my eyes ache by mid afternoon. 
So I’m a tad anxious about driving. 
I did have an optometrist appointment two weeks ago and new glasses have been ordered.  Hopefully they’ll come in soon and I’ll be able to see again. 
My eyes have deteriorated quite a bit in the last two years 
Just hope they don’t continue at this rate or I’ll end up blind 

Wish me luck with the next harvest 

Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Todays endeavours

Dinner tonight is Greek spinach pie. Although this is made with silverbeet from the garden 
Simple and ready for whenever hubby wants to eat 

This weekend there is a local crop swap. 
The lovely lady that organises it, said we can also bring anything home made, something we
Have cooked or even some cut flowers to swap. 
So I’ve made three sets of bowl cosies to take. As production from the garden hasn’t been fantastic 
I’ll also take some herbs from my herb patch. I’m hope someone will like them 

I had some pretty fabric that I didn’t want to cut up and use in a small project. 
So I decided to make myself a new apron. 
I really needed one for the kitchen as the one I used to use is now out back as a 
Painting apron 

The sun is shining today and it’s a lovely temperature 
It’s nice to see the sunshine again 
 For those dealing with extreme cold. Stay warm and safe.