Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Life affirming

With the whole drama of anaphylaxis, fibro flares, and extreme pain and anxiety 
I was not in a good head space 
I was like these hanging pots 
All worn out and not dying, but not flourishing 

So I decided the pity party was over and headed off to the local Bunnings nursery Centre 
I got me some potting mix and new hanging pots 
And a variety of seedlings
And got to work 
The old pots are in the garden for now. The plants are not dead. So I’ll continually water them and then transplant them out into the garden 

But for now it’s all fresh and new again 
I specifically bought seedlings instead of more advanced plants, because I wanted to confirm that I’m here and I will be here 
For a long time
Seedlings take time to grow and flower, and my recovery will also

The sunshine was lovely on my sore body
The green soothing to my soul
And it’s always great therapy getting your hands dirty 
See ya xxx

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Anaphylaxis strikes again

Well I spent most of the night here at the emergency department of our local hospital 
Went to bed around nine last night. All good 
Then that familiar tightening of the throat and the swelling of the area made me get up and decide to try taking
More antihistamine tablets. 

Didn’t work 

Soon I had to use the epipen again 
Woke hubby up 
And off to hospital we went 
Got there just after 10.30pm. 
The nurses were wonderful 
They could see I was about to have an anxiety attack and just kept talking to me calmly 
Giving me hugs and being wonderful human beings 

I had to have another shot of adrenaline when I got there and steroids intravenously 
And it was a watch and wait situation 
I sent hubby home to sleep. No sleep in the ER

By 3.30am I was given the all clear to go home 
They gave me prednisone and enough for two more days 
And let me ring hubby to come get me 
I was back in my bed at four this morning 
I’m exhausted, sore from all the adrenaline and the panic attack 
But I’m still here. 

That kind of excitement I don’t need thanks 
It’s only been six months since the last time. 
Way too soon
See ya. xxx

Friday, October 19, 2018

A busy day

I have spent all day clearing out wardrobes and moving all our clothes into the one room 
We ave so little storage space here, that my clothes were spread over two bedrooms and hubby’s were in the linen press!
But now we have moved into the first bedroom with the massive wardrobe we have all our things in once place 
And wow. We have lots lol don’t realise it when it’s spread around 
The only thing left to do is move the mattresses back onto the beds. 
I need help with that, so the boys will come here before they go home. 
Then I can make my bed and probably fall straight into it. 
I’m exhausted! 

But I did get lots done 
I have set up the guest bedroom but I do need to just give the wardrobe a once over and make sure it’s clean
Things got very dusty while the painting and carpeting was going on 
Only one room left 
The girls room. The cot will be set up and I’ll bring all their toys into it 
I want to get a double bed for it as well, but that’s for another day 
This redecorating sure is hard work 
No wonder it’s been well over 15 years since the last time I did it. 
It’s going to take me that long to recover again lol 
See ya xxx

Thursday, October 18, 2018

One step closer

 We have carpet 
So the only thing left now is the new blinds. 
I’ll slowly start to move things around and organise the rooms 

 We have decided to not move back into our room, as the other rooms have bigger wardrobes
We are going to take over wondersons old room, baby girls old room will be the guest bedroom and our old room will be for the grandchildren 
It will be like we moved house without all the stress

I’m so very happy with how they look 
The lighter colours really do make them look much bigger 
The end is in sight 
Thank goodness 
See ya xxx

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Brianna’s baptism

Today we had Brianna’s baptism 
As I was busy being helper, I only got this one pic 
Here she is being held by my beautiful daughter Stephanie 
Her godfather is her dad’s uncle Rick 
She was so good. She didn’t cry at all 
He was so good at calming her. He is going to be a stellar godfather. 
It’s always a happy day when the family gets together.
May she always be blessed. 
See ya 

Friday, October 12, 2018


Tonight molly crossed the rainbow bridge 
I’m so very upset
Good bye my girl 
Thank you for all your love 

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Spring has sprung

The clocks have changed and we are now in daylight savings time 
The weather man has predicted the next few days having warmer weather and sunshine 
I love to sit outside when it’s like that 
But after the long cold winter the outside isn’t very inviting 

So it was time for my bi annual window and house washing 
Gone are the days I can do it all myself and do the whole house in one day 
So being a Sunday hubby was home to help me move everything 
He used the blower to blow away all the leaves and most of the dust 
And I cleaned with my trusty broom, bucket and hose! 
It’s all been put back and it looks much cleaner and fresher 

So if you want me. I’ll probably be out the front enjoying the lovely weather 
Unless I’m out the back cleaning that! 

Might have to give myself a few days to rest first 
See ya xxx