Monday, August 1, 2016


Today I went with my girls to see melody at her swimming lesson. 
Here she is in her new bathers.  Looking very cute 
Here are my girls. The swim school is only new and as its winter I guess many mothers are not thinking about swimming lessons so they are the only ones in the class. 
And here is our little mermaid learning to kick her legs  she is very serious here lol. But as the lesson progressed she got more relaxed and was smiling and talking to the swim teacher. 
These are the best days! 
See ya xxx


  1. How cute is that? The little mermaid knows the camera huh? She's adorable.
    Good idea to get that little girl water-safe! She'll be water worthy by time you take her to the beach!

  2. It is amazing how fast they can learn. she is adorable!

  3. Gorgeous togs for a gorgeous little girl! Our Anthea has been doing swimming 'lessons' too; would never have thought of doing that when my girls were babies and we lived across the road from a public pool too.

  4. Naww cutie patootie! Melody is just gorgeous.

    A great idea to get babies used to water, it saves lives :)