Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Things I have learnt

Thisnisnone if the dolls I have been knitting. She is a lot bigger than she is supposed to be,
I have learnt that I am a loose knitter and there for I should probably go for a smaller needle than the one suggested.
I didn't have the size needle they said so I used bigger needles. Not w good choice.
Even though is she big, huge, almost the size of a toddler she is coming together and with the adding on of the last of the bits and bobs she should look ok.
I did suggest I throw her out and stqrt again, but the ladies at knitting class told me not to do that.
One lady even said she would smack my bottom if I did. 
They all agreed that a sick child would love her. So I'm going to continue and make both dolls up and send them into the hospital package with the rest.
I'll post more photos when they are both done.
At least I've now learnt what I did wrong and can only get better, I hope. 
See ya

Monday, November 25, 2013

Busy but exciting

We have had a busy few weekends and in the next eleven or so months it's going to get busier.
My baby girls wedding date has been set! The 25th of October 2014.
In the lt few weekends we have booked the ceremony in a lovely winery, the reception will be accross the road at Norwood receptions, and Hester we found the dress and have paid the deposit so they will start to make it.
Now a little rest over the Christmas period and then it will be more dresses for the bridesmaids, invitations, flowers, cakes, etc.
My giddiness I'm exhausted just thinking about it. I'm also trying to lose weight and I'm eight kilos down already.
So how that for an exciting start to the new year. I'm sure I'll bore you all with the constant updates haha
But for now I'm going to keep crafting eating healthily and just go along for the ride.
 See ya

Monday, November 18, 2013

So far

The boarders have been added and I think it's come up a treat. A nice spring quilt for those nights that are still a bit chilly. No matter what I love snuggling on the couch under a blankie don't you?
I have also cut and sewn the binding for both quilts so as soon as I get them pinned I stqrt to quilt them.
I don't ow why this photo is the way it is, but anyway. Her are two maid marionsmmone is going to have a pink dress with apricot shoes while the other, which I'm still working on, will have a yellow dress with matching shoes. I figured I might as well knit two at the same time that way it will all gel in my head.
and of cause here is miss bella, as soon as something is put down she has to sit on it! Hopefully I will  have made lots of progress soon so I can show you the next stages.
see ya

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Guess what?

Guess what these are. No idea. Well they are legs. The pink parts are the shoes and of course the whit are the stockinged legs.
this is who I'm knitting, it's maid Marion. Isn't she pretty. I got the photo copies of the patterns from my friends in knitting group. 
I also have Christmas fairy,pirate,cowboy,prince,princess,and of course to go with maid Marion, robin hood.
I'm going to have fun making these up, and these I'm keeping!
I'll post pics  as I make progress.
and here is the quality control, making sure I follow instructions to the letter.
See ya

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A very productive day

The wrath today has been wet and cold. So it was another day spent in my sewing room.
The boarder has been put on my bag of mixed lollies quilt and I'll take it to class tomorrow to get it all pined together to quilt.
at craft quarters they had a sale on monday and they had boxes of good size pieces of material all for a dollar each. I found some that I thought would match some picture squares I had at home. So I turned them into stack and slash blocks and put them together.
the pink looks way brighter than it really is. It actually goes well together but it doesn't look like it here. I've sewn it all together and will take it to class to find something to boarder it with.
the pile of dark squares were more of the one dollar a piece finds. All are browns, or greens or oranges and very retro looking. I have cut them up to use in a scrappy quilt. The spotted stuff is a flat flannel sheet we never used and the wadding is from my stash. So the whole quilt will cost me around $20.00! 
And here is more of the one dollar finds, I loved these prints some have made some owl softies to send to the hospital the next time my knitting class sends off a box. 
They are not perfect but they are made with love and I'm sure the kids will appreciate it.
So there you have it, I also got housework and laundry done so I'm a very tired but happy girl today.
See ya

Monday, November 11, 2013

Bellas big day

First I have to help unpack mums shopping
then we put a load of washing on
gotta help hang it on the clothes horse to dry
keep an eye on those pesky birds, mum needs the place clear to iron her patchwork on.
she can't even sew without me helping her
making sure she is cutting properly. You know measure twice cut once!
sometimes she just needs me to keep her company in case she gets into trouble
helping read her knitting patterns, she needs lots of help in this department. 
No wonder I'm so tired, it's hard raising humans. 
Have a greqt day y'all 

Remembrance day 2013

On the 11th day, of the 11 month at 11 minutes past the 11th hour,
we will remember them.
Lest we forget.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Summer residence

Here is the new chicken run. Ite perfect for summer as its shaded and has plenty of green feed for the girls.
this is the aviary that was given to me, unfortunately Molly our dog does not like seeing animals in cages or tied up and she dug a hole under it and then sat and watched as all the birds get out and fly away!  You could almost here born free playing in the background. 
I saw here watching and didn't realise what she had done till I saw a flock of birds fly away. Lol
So now it's been repurposed as the coop. Inside is the old grass catcher my other chooks used to lay in. Hubby made a hole in the wall so they can get into the run.
so hopefully the girls will turn this, 
into this! weed free. We will mulch and replant the roses we lost. Not due to the girls but due to me not being able to weed and the weeds getting bigger than the plant!  Maybe we will even grow another crop of pumpkins. 
And here under all this grass is a tree stump. One of the girls wanted to get a closer look at what I was doing. 
After they clean this up we will move them back to the rose garden and they can clean up any weeds that may have grown back. 
See chickens are more than recyclers of food scraps, producers of eggs,provide hours of amusement. But they also very hard workers in the garden for you. 
See ya

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Progress report

I made fifty of these to turn into
12 of these which then becomes
this! I now have to sew all the blocks together and then I'll take it to class on Wednesday to get something to boarder it and finish it off.
What do you think not bad for a days work
See ya

Rainy Saturday

What to do on a wet and misrable saturday.
Take one jelly roll book
and one jelly roll, here I have already separated the darks and lights.
start sewing your strips,
Don't forget to iron your seams
And very soon you will have a quilt top. Now can anyone guess what sort it's going to be. 
I'll give you more peeks in the next few days as I progress.
See ya

Friday, November 8, 2013


120 squares all joined. I think Bella has claimed it. I was sitting on the floor to finish it and she just sat on it and wouldn't move. It's a good size now but who knows I may add to it and make it even bigger.
What do you think?
How is your project progressing?
See ya

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


I saw a glimpse of someone I had know a long time ago. Someone who I haven't seen in a long time.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Beach day

This is the beach the caravan park was situated on. It was literally a minute walk from the front of our van.
Georgia was busy finding little crabs and other marine life. 
Georgia and I had walked further than the others tying to find small creatures but all along the water was only ankle deep. So very safe for little kids. I loved getting my feet wet. It was way to cold for me to go in!
It was lovely just relaxing and watching the water.after the weeks of looking after the babies I relished just looking after me.

Saturday, November 2, 2013


Spending the next four days relaxing at the inverloch caravan park. Here we all are having breakfast. 
You can't see me I'm taking the photos. But hubby bronwyn and the back of daves head is here.
The too shot is in front of our caravan and the next shot is dave and bronwyns camper trailer. 
The weather is beautiful and hopefully we will get the beach at least once this weekend. 
See ya