Saturday, July 29, 2017

Lake eyre

Lake Eyre is an area in south Australia that floods when they get enough rain and becomes a huge inland lake
It's a rare occurrence and one getting rarer
 It even when there isn't any water, it still looks like it has as it's covered in salt which the sun shines off, giving the impression of water 
We got up early and left camp so we could see the sun coming up over the lake 
There had been lots of rain and there was some water in th centre but not where we were 
Still the sun rise was spectacular 

Even in the west the sky turned beautiful colours
I've always wanted to visit Lake Eyre so now I can tick that off the bucket list! 
Worth a visit if your in the area
Check it out on the net. I'm sure there ar many pics of the lake with or without water
See ya xxx

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Winter warmers

Take some frozen sea food I have three basa fillets and half a packet of 
Marinara mix

And a couple of packets of curry paste. These were at Aldi before I went away and have 
Been sitting in the pantry waiting for me to use 
Add some frozen vegetables 
Simmer until done 
Serve over some rice and viola!
A hearty meal to warm the cockles of your heart 
Best part. I had all the ingredients here 
Looking forward to dinner tonight
It's cold and wet here so it should help warm up the boys when they get home 
See ya xxx

Monday, July 24, 2017

Spring day

Some of the springs we visited. We did a spring crawl! Without the drinking lol


There were magnificent rock formations and the plants in some looked like they came straight out of Jurassic park!

Each was as individual as we are. Swimming through this gorge was amazing 
Even though we had to trek through the bush to get to this I think it was my favourite. When we were on our own it felt like we were the only People on the planet 
As I'm a water baby. I think this was my favourite day
See ya xxx

Sunday, July 23, 2017

The gulf of carpentaria

After just over an hours drive and then walking three kilometres over salt flats we were at the gulf
It was murder, the hot sun beating off the white salt, beating down on us and the winds were hot and whipped up the salt 
But we did it! 

There was a little estuary that was surrounded by mangrove. So it protected us from the hot winds and we got a little shade. So we spent the time fishing here 
A few fish were caught but mostly we had set the mud crab nets and we got lots of those to share 

A shot of the salt flats. Doesn't really show just how stark it was. And you couldn't wear shoes. We had to all go bare foot! 
Just to prov how close we got by car if you see that little horse shoe right at the top. That's where we walked too and fished 

And  to show You how far from home we were. The circle is melbourne and the x is approx where we were. Yup a long way from home 

And here is one of the mud crabs we caught 

There were six of us and we feasted like kings! 
They were sooooo goood! 
Hope you enjoyed coming along with us
See ya xx

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Rosie's camp

Here is the river we camped by at Rosie's camp. I think the river is called Rosie's river and it's full of crocodiles 
We saw many at least one a day and we heard lots at night! 
The fishing was fantastic. We had only just started to fish and within minutes don had caught his first Queenie! 
They taste yummy too 

Jody is using a small bucket on a rope to get water. You do not want to go to close to the water
At night th crocs would come up here and we would see their prints in the sand 
Here is our littl van all set up 

Jim and his daughter were in this camper trailer. 
They meet up with Chris and Jody every year. A lovely man and his daughter is a delight 

And Chris and Jody in their camper van 
We were all together and had fun swapping stories and laughing.  We laughed a lot 
Here is our shower tent. All set up for me to have my shower. It was hot and sweaty   We were not far from the coast! Only an hour or so by car from 
The gulf of carpentaria. 
But that's tomorrow's post! 
And my view from the shower. No one could see me unless they were on a boat in the river. And believe me there were those that did that 
I don't know if they had seen the crocs and I wanted to yell at them that famous line rom jaws
Your gonna need a bigger boat! 
But I could hear them coming so I didn't close the tent flap and enjoyed showering with the view! 
So that was our camp site for a week
Pretty basic. But functional 
What do you think? Would you stay here? 
It was kinda cool to be laying in bed at night and hear the crocs splashing, the dingoes singing and the birds and bats 
Doing their things lol 
See ya xxx

Friday, July 21, 2017

Lorella springs

The adventure really began once we were off grid 
We arrived at lorella at five on the 29th of June. Our friends had been camping near the homestead but had left that morning to go further out towards the coast that morning 
They did leave us a letter at the homestead saying they had left and where to find them and to come out whenever we wanted. There are lots of things to do around the homestead and lots of visitors stay close for safety and sanity sake lol
We spend the night there and headed off to find our comrades in insanity! 
The owner was very helpful and knew exactly where Chris and Jody had gone, this was their fifth time at lorella. 
So givin a map with the route marked we set off! 
It was three hours away through the bush. And as we got closer we decided to see if they had their CB on 
As luck would have it. They were in the car and planning on going even further north and if we had waited even another few minutes they would of been out of range! 
But we contacted them and they were so surprised to hear from us but turned around and came down the track to find us and show us the way back to their camp site 
I have provided a link to the web page, hope it works, so you can see for yourselves just how beautiful and rugged the place is 
Over the next few days I'll try and share my adventures. 
I did push myself. And I did over do and I surprised everyone, especially me!
I was sore and I had lots of pain meds but omg what an awesome ride! 
So hang on tight
Your about to get a taste of what goes on in th Aussie bush! 
Hope can come along and enjoy it
See ya xxx

Thursday, July 20, 2017

We have arrived!

Mid pleasures and palaces though we may roam
Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home
A charm from the skies seems to hallow us there
Which seek thro' the world, is ne'er met elsewhere
Home! Home!
Sweet, sweet home!
There's no place like home
There's no place like home!

An exile from home splendor dazzles in vain
Oh give me my lowly thatched cottage again
The birds singing gaily that came at my call
And gave me the peace of mind dearer than all
Home, home, sweet, sweet home
There's no place like home, there's no place like home!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

The Alice springs camel cup

We went to the camel cup today. It's a big deal here in Alice. 
Lots of us from th caravan park walked there as it's only a 15-20 minutes away by foot
I spent money buying the kids a souvenir and I got Melody a stuffed camel
We saw a few races and then it got hot so hubby and I came back and we are now resting in the cool of our van 
Hope you enjoy the videos. Everyone who attended were having fun. They even had camel races for the little kids. They ran using the hobbit horses only they had camel heads on them! 
The two little ones in the parade who are in duck suits are there because they have a rubber duck race. All the ducks, about 200 of them, are put in th back of a cement mixer and them tipped out. The first to cross the finish line wins! Money raised goes to charity and to win you have to buy a raffle ticket and your duck number has to win
It was a lovely day and one I will remember for a long time 
See ya xxx

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Back to civilisation


Well I'm back at Barkley homestead and I've just survived 
I'm Burnt and very brown. Iv been eaten alive by the mozzies and I even fell out of the van and hurt my back! 
But I'm here 
I've lived with spiders and snakes 
Crocs and dingoes! 
I've walked three kilometres over salt flats to the coast and back again 
And we have swam many pools! 
I have so many things to share 
But for now I'm just letting you know I'm alive and well even if I'm like that car! 
Once we get to some civilisation I'll start posting about the trip 
I'll check in with you all as soon as I can 
Hope all is well with you all. I've missed you!
Be well
See ya xxxx