Tuesday, April 30, 2013


It's Samhain again,but it just doesn't feel it yet.
The weather is still warm and the days sunny.
There is a feeling of not quite right in the air.
But for those of us in the south, happy halloween.
To our friends in the north
May you have a blessed beltain.
Let's hope mother nature gets the weather back on track soon.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Bella's big day out

Today Bella ventured outside. She sits at the window and talks to the dogs all day, and they love her and want it play with her. Molly even comes inside to say hello even though she knows she's not supposed too.
While the dogs were busy Bella made it outside a d finally got a closer look at the chickens, she even got brave and started to walk around the otherwise, but then the dogs saw she was out and ran over to play. At this point Bella decided it was safer inside and ran back home. The dogs are kinda over excited and so big compared to her, it would be scary. But oh they so just want to play. Sorry guys she is still too little and scared, but I'm sure it wont be long and she will say out with you for a little longer
See ya

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Monday, April 22, 2013

My little princess

Today I had to go out and get a few things, and I couldn't resist this little cat toy.
It was only five dollars, and Bella is already trying to figure it out.
It should keep her amused for a little while don't you think.
See ya

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Speeding time

I can't believe it's Sunday night again. Have been busy doing nothing actually. I can't remember individual things, but I know I have been occupied everyday.
Yesterday I did go with my SIL and her daughters, along with my baby girl and we all got new ugg boots. I gave all the girls $100.00 each and they picked their own. The nieces added their own money and got a pair of uggies each but baby girl only spent half of her money on moccasins.
I used to hear older people say how th years get faster as they get older and I believe them. Before I know it I'll be 50!
Have a great week everyone
See ya

Saturday, April 13, 2013

The wheel turns

Slowly the wheel of the year is turning. The days have started to chill a little, although its by no means cold.
We have put the rose garden to bed with its annual cover of mulch. Since the chickens now live the we used hay that was grown and bailed here from our paddock.
The chickens will take care of any seeds that decided to germinate, so no weeding needed.
The sky was very grey and the the wind was coming from the south.
This can mean that rains are coming, more reliable evidence is my body. The aches and pains tell me that yes rain is indeed coming.
So I have hung my towels out under the back veranda to dry.
Have a great weekend
See ya

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Happy birthday Stephanie

Today 22 years ago my perfect baby girl came into the world and stole my heart.
Everyday since has been a blessing.
Love you beautiful to the moon and back.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


After a busy weekend, it was time to just sit and rest.
Bella though it was a fantastic idea.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Back to reality

Since getting home we have been busy getting ready for winter. Lawns had to be mowed, and gutters cleaned and the wood pile has to be added too.
These are the times I really feel frustrated and useless. I cannot do all I once did so the bulk of the work falls to hubby to do.
Today we added to the wood pile, I drove the tractor and helped him bring the wood around for him to split. I love driving the tractor make me feel like ol macdonald lol.
It's also much easier on your back not having to keep bending, we have the bucket at waist night and you can keep splitting quite easily.
Having the splitter is soooo much easier than swinging an axe, I used to do it that way for many many years. Probably why I have such huge arms now!
The trees are still green with only a few leaves turning, which is unusual as by now they are usually almost bare.
I'm not sure what that means, but I think we are skipping autumn this year and going straight into winter.
How is the weather in your part of the world?
See ya

Sunday, April 7, 2013

fiordland National Park

 some of the most beautiful sights you will ever see. that is misty clouds rising from the sea in the morning light.

 spectaular falls, I suspect even better after a wet winter.
 there were lots of cruises going through taking people sight seeing.
don enjoying the view from our balcony, what a great life.
as we turned back out of the river I took my last look at NZ. I was sad to leave. Its a wonderful, beautiful country with warm friendly people. Hubby has promised me we will be back soon. He wants to fly over and hire a camper and drive around.
so Ill see you kiwis again soon.
Kia ora
see ya

Pacific Sunrise

our last morning in the pacific, it was a beautiful sunrise. that night we would sail around the bottom of the south island and be in the tasman again.
One more port and we would head home.
see ya

Friday, April 5, 2013

Dunedin, Port Chalmers

 The Larnach Castle, New Zealands only castle. This is our first view coming up the drive.Built by banker and politician for his first wife and family, between 1873 and 1887.
 View of the grounds from the top floor
 Don looking down from the tower. it was really high and to get to the tower you had to clime skinny steps going up in a spiral. just like in the movies.
 The tower from below, someone else taking photos.
The magnificent home. The barker family purchased the ruin 40 years ago and have been restoring it ever since. they have done a wonderful job. dont you think.
see ya

Thursday, April 4, 2013


 we traveled today on the tranz alpin train and visited Arthurs pass. the countryside was absolutely spectacular. we did see some snow but how amazing would this look during the winter. The mountains reminded me of scoops of icecream with topping on them. they looked fantastic!
 In these mountains alot of the filming of the Narnia movies were done. So Ive not only visited middle earth but Ive been to narnia too!

 the river the train travelled over, the water levels were very low but come back up after the winter snow melts.
a shot of the other passangers on the train. it was a special run just for us so we had the whole thing to ourselves. very special we are.
see ya

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wellington, Middle earth.

 In Wellington we had a Lord of the Rings tour, and it was fabulous.
 this is one of our guides, Nat. Here he is showing us where the scene frodo first hides from the black riders. the photo is from the movie and he is standing at the exact same spot frodo did. see the tree in the background.

 Our two guides on the right is Nat and on the left is Kent. they  were both in the LOTR movie. one was an elf and the other an orc. can you guess which is which? Oh yeah the handsome dude in the middle is gandalf. This is at the Weta studios where the magic was made. I was very excited to get there let me tell you.
They also make jane and the dragon here. Love that show. Isnt she so pretty!
I was so excited to go on this tour, the guys were funny and very knowlegdeable. we got lots of the behind the scenes stories too!
If your a fan its a must do
see ya