Sunday, September 29, 2013

Mt Gambier

We have arrived in mt gambier and as hubby's back is still in pain he has booked us into a cabin. It's only fifty dollars more and we are saving that by cooking our own food.
This has made me seriously consider going back and doing the rest of the massage course. If I could fix his back as soon as he puts it out it will mean less pain and less tablets he will need to take. 
So we have just finished lunch and I have been looking at things to do here. There some caves and a sink hole so we might go and see those. The sink hole is free and if you go at dusk you get to see the possums coming out.
We are slowly making our way back home via the coast road so hopefully I'll have some really nice shots of the beach to show you.
See ya

Friday, September 27, 2013


After two days at port pirie, where we washed and cleaned everything! We have travelled to Hahndorf.
Hubby has done his back, and no it wasn't me!. So he made the decision to stay the night in a motel room. It's not actually a room but a mini chalet. It's clean, and roomy, and you don't have to walk to your shower or toilet!
I'm loving this stop. I took him to the lollie shop and the chocolate shop in town. We even went to the strawberry farm and got some goodies. Now this is more like my type of holiday.
I think hubby is coming round to my way of thinking. Some people are so stubborn they literally have to be hit over the heat, back, to see reason. 
I'll update again soon.
See ya

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Outback Australia

I'm currently sitting at a caravan park in port pirie in south Australia. Our holiday so far has been as thus,
Day one
Drop Bella off at the cattery. Travel to the otherwise of Melbourne and meet up with bronwyn and dave.
Travel to remark and stay the night in the caravan park by the Murray.
 Beautiful, shady with grass and across from us a family of ducks teaching it's babies how to swim.
Day two.
Travel to the southern end of the flinders rangers. Camp in a dry river bed. Full of massive rocks.
No showers, no toilets,and very hot!
Day three stayed at the same spot, still very hot!
Day four
Travel to arkaroola. 
Camo at the caravan park. Have to drive to showers but toilets close.
It was stinking hot
Very dusty
Stinking hot
Gale force winds so much so thwt because of the dust we couldn't even see the mountains and we were on them
Stinking hot
So dry you continually had to keep drinking, there was a pool and I was so desperate that I even had a those that know me I never do that in public.
Did I mention it was stinking hot.
Day five
Decided to cut our losses and break away from the group. They were spending one more day at arkaroola then heading north to Cameron's corner
No way was I going to handle that
So hubby and I headed south back towards port augusta, as port pirie was only a little further along we decided to head there and camp for a few days 
So here I am, back to civilisation. Still hot but showers are very close and right now my washing is in the laundry and when it's finished I will hang them to dry under out quick shade.
At least now I can ring people and access the net.
Decided I'm definitely a coastal person, I don't like the outback. It's just not me.
See ya

Monday, September 16, 2013


Poor little Demi, did not make it thought the night.
She must of passed in the early hours of the morning,
Not a happy place here today.

Sunday, September 15, 2013


Here is Demeter, I named her for the greek goddess of the harvest. We lost her twin last week and we could not work out why. Today we noticed her just laying in the middle of the paddock so don went and got her. She is very skinny and small for her age. So I got the bottle and mixed her some milk and we got her to drink. Looks like mum stopped feeding them.
So now she is in the back yard and we are trying to work out what to do.  I am going to ring my dad and see if he can take her, as we are leaving nest week to go away for two weeks.
If he can't then I will stay home to look after her, what else can I do.
Wish us luck
See ya

Monday, September 9, 2013

Birthday boy.

Yesterday was Don's 52 birthday, all day we had phone calls and visits from both the kids and two of dons brothers.
Here he is with his little girl, life is great right now.
He loves cheese cake so I cheated and bought him one from the cheesecake shop.
The left overs have been sent to the workshop this morning for the boys to have for morning tea
He looks happy doesn't he
See ya

Friday, September 6, 2013

Cooking, preparing and fixing a minor mistake.

The other day when I made the orange and mandarin jam I didn't use enough pectin so it didn't set right. I suppose I could of recoiled it and added extra but I decided to just use it up in cooking. Here I have use the cheap chocolate cake mix you get from the supermarket and added some of the jam, to make choc orange cakes. One was taken to the shed for the boys, the other has been cut up and frozen to take away.
then I decided to make some salmon and egg mini quiches. I used one can if salmon, some frozen peas,corn,and carrots. Which I boiled and cooled, eggs and some flour. I mixed them all up and but the mix into muffin tins. These have now been put into bags and frozen to take away with us too.
and here is another cake I made to freeze and take away. Its the weight watchers one. You get some dried fruit, I used sultanas, and soak them in a cold cup of tea. I used a herbal blend. Then you add flour. It's two cups of each!  I also added some more of the jam to give it a more fruity taste.
It's cooling now but I think we will have some for dessert tonight and then I'll freeze the rest to take camping. 
Most of my cooking will be done before I leave at this rate.
See ya

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Good morning

Bella likes to say good morning to the birds, she sits at the window and chirps at them. But they never talk back to her. They are so mean.
Have a great day y'all 
See ya

Sunday, September 1, 2013


Happy fathers day to all the dads out there, enjoy your day. 
First day of spring and the weather is perfect!