Saturday, September 26, 2020

Spring, kind of

It’s supposed to be spring here now but just like the rest of 2020 it’s not going to plan 
The weather has turned very chilly, in fact we have had snow in many parts of the country!

But I have my hot house and finally we have sprouted some seeds  top pic plus zucchini 
And baby tomatoes in the next one 

One lot of beans have gone ballistic but the other two pots are still just dirt. So we wait 

The are done fig cuttings a friend struck. I was gifted them and placed them in the hot house. Busting into foliage 

The grape cuttings were not a total loss. I have five and they too were brought into the hot house to protect them 

I found out they are sweet Muscat a white variety 
I’m thinking three to go for the Christmas present and I’ll keep two for me 

As I’m typing this the rains have come again 
So definitely a stay inside day with the fire going

We are still! In lockdown 
Can only travel five kilometres from home unless for work groceries or medical 

Wearing thin now I can tell you. But with this weather I guess we wouldn’t venture out too far anyway 

Stay safe and well
See ya xxx

Saturday, September 19, 2020

On the home front

I’m still here. 
We are still in stage four lockdown 
So not heaps going on right now 

It’s been very very wet and the ground out the back was soaked. So I couldn’t get to my veggie garden 

Today we went in, me without shoes as per normal, 
And harvested what we could and ripped out anything that had gone to seed to be fed to the steer and sheep 

We got a heap of silverbeet, or rainbow chard some people call it 
A few head of cabbages 

The last of the onions
I think I’ll cook them up with the cabbages and then freeze it in portions

The last of the lettuces 
We will have that for a our dinner tonight 
With the left over roast lamb 

My wonderful friend who works in the nursery industry always buys extra seedlings from her work and drops half  off to me on the way home 

So I’ve planted out the tomatoes in the big pots. 
I’m hoping to get early crops from these six and then if my seeds germinate I’ll share my seedlings with her 
And that will mean we will have successive cropping to last all through the summer 

Well that’s the plan 

Still need to put these in the garden but I’ll have to finish weeding it first 
Hopefully by the end of the day or tomorrow at the latest 

Inside the craft room is still waiting on tradies to be able to come but we are hoping in the next few weeks that will happen
I’ve been working on a few things that I can’t show you just yet! 

But I’ve been also making these trauma teddies 
Which one I have a few more and we are able to go again I’ll drop off
To charity 

So that’s caught you all up 
I’m starting to struggle with all this covid stuff mentally 
And physically 

I never imagined just how much good the swimming was doing for me 
And getting out everyday to see my swim friends, who are all in the same boat as me swimming 
To help with pain and injury.
The support is a huge part of the swimming not just getting out of the house 

Hopefully soon restrictions will ease 
And slowly we will get to a level of some kind of normalcy 

But for now. Stay safe and well 
See ya xxx 

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Third times the charm

My seeds have arrived. So I’ve gone out and planted some 
Let’s hope the wild winds have stopped now

They say third times the charm so fingers crossed 

Still in lockdown 
The sun is out today and it would of been perfect to wander the nursery looking at all the pretty plants. 

Hopefully soon life can return to some sort of normalcy stay safe and well
See ya xx