Saturday, October 31, 2020

On the to do list

I didn’t get a before pic but it was a mess around the veggie gardens 
Lots of rain and constantly walking over it all just turned it into a quagmire 

So today hubby and I used some recycled timber poles we had 
Made a frame, put down weed mat and mulched the whole area wrought the garden beds 

It looks much neater 
It’s nicer to walk on 
And now I can add more big pots to grow even more food 

Gotta love that. 

We are both exhausted now 
Going to clean up, have tea and just enjoy the view 

Stay safe and well 
See ya xx

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Surprise days

This morning I felt a little better so I decided I wanted to put all the decorations that were on the house,
Before the new cladding, onto the fence 

So three trips to the shed and back 
And I got them all on the fence 

You can. See wayyy in the back the metal butterflies and dragonflies that were glued onto
The outside of my old craft room 

While text messaging my daughter she told me she was heading to the nursery that’s near my house. 
So I told her I’d meet her there. 
I was contemplating more concrete ornaments and the nursery near me has lots 

But when I got there I found the lure of the plants too great to ignore 
Three rhododendrons 

A dwarf mulberry Bush 
And a Camilla to replace the one that died from too much water. 

My baby girl bought more plants than she had anticipated and a couple of big pots. So we had to ring her dad to come with the ute to put it all in and deliver to her house 

We also added some organic compost and soil blend that we had so she could fill those pots 
And as both her dad and I are incapacitated at the moment. Her older brother was conscripted into doing the manual labour 

So off we went. And the kids did the hard work together, without fuss or arguments.
Not like their younger days at all 
And baby girl was very happy with her haul 

Her brother and I then came home and it was a great day 

The last pic is of the spaghetti squash I planted a little while ago. 
It’s coming up and I’m very happy. Hopefully I’ll get some fruit from the vines to try 

So a day where I just planted to pot around at home turned into an adventure 
With my children 
Just like the old days 
Only better. 
Blessed I am indeed 

Stay safe and well 
See ya xx

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Spa day

Mobil groomers are able to work again so my babies had a lovely bath and haircut 

They both look soooo much better 
And smell so pretty 

They love their groomer Maria 
I’m pretty sure they kissed her so much

Slowly. Ever so slowly life is starting to move forward again 

Stay well and safe 
See ya xx

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

A great day

Today I spent some time with my girls. 
We are allowed to meet in a park within 25 kilometres of our homes 

Even grandpa took time out from work to spend some time with the girls 

It’s was fantastic to see them hug them and play with them 

I’m a happy grandma now 

Hopefully soon we can visit each other at home 

Stay safe and Well
See ya xxx

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Poor mans capers

For ages I’ve wanted to try nasturtium capers 
Or as they are sometimes known as poor mans capers 
I found the smallest bottle I had 
And went out to pick me some nasturtium seeds 

I’ve only grown nasturtiums this year so I don’t have a huge amount of plants 
I kinda need them to self seed for next year so I only filled the jar half full 

Plus it hurts bending lol 

So I’ve made the vinegar recipe as per google search 
Very easy 
White whine vinegar 
Peppercorns slightly crushed 

Clean your seeds and pat dry 
Add the vinegar mix to a pan and bring to boil 

Add to jar of seeds 
Seal and leave for three months 

I filled it right up to the top
Added some baking paper to to help it seal and keep those seeds under the liquid 
And placed the lid as tight as I could 

It’s now in the fridge in the laundry 
And I’ll try to remember it in three months 

I’ll let you know how they taste 
I love trying new things 
Have you made poor mans capers?
If so. How did it go? 

We have only had one new corona case overnight 
Hopefully we will get a few more freedoms now 
We have been in lockdown for more than 100 days 
Apparently longer than anyone else
It feels longer than this year! 

Stay safe and well 
See ya 

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Working on my food supply

I was lucky enough to be gifted four cucumber plants 
So today they went into the ground 

Two in the garden bed 
But as last summer was so muggy I didn’t want to overcrowd them. So two went into pots

I received the seedlings over the weekend but I needed pots. So online I went and ordered them from Bunnings 

The arrived yesterday afternoon 

I also sowed chives in both pots. No space wasted I say 

I also wanted these seeds but wasn’t going to do an online order just for those so when opportunity knocks you take full advantage 

I’m back on no carbs and even  after just over a week I feel so much better less inflammation and my clothes are starting to fit again 

So this little beauty will hopefully help fill that pasta craving. I’ll eat it and pretend I’m having spaghetti. I hope 

So into this pot I’ve planted four seeds and hopefully they grow and spill out and I’ll get a nice crop  

It’s threatening rain so I guess I should keep
Going before it starts 

Stay safe and well see ya xx

Monday, October 12, 2020

Spring flowers

The sun is shining today so I thought a look at what’s blooming might be nice 
So here are some of my roses 

Not sure what this is put it’s pretty and comes back year after year

My poppies 

Pretty daisies 

Snapdragons again the self seed every year 

An Australian native it grows rather large so I grow them in pots until they get too big then plant out. That way I get to enjoy the colour close up and it survives the onslaught Of rabbit attacks better when it’s older. 

The lemon is full of blossoms and bees. Love the sound of them buzzing 

The mandarin is also full of buds. Smell lovely 

And here is the site manager she loves to keep an eye on everything lol

What’s blooming in your garden?
Stay safe and well. See ya xx

Thursday, October 8, 2020

Online shopping

The one thing that I have enjoyed during this lockdown is online shopping
I browse through many sites 
Checking out different variations of what I’m looking for 
And then decide which I like and what price im happy with 

Then I buy it. 
I do try to get things from local as possible 
This outdoor couch came from Bunnings 
Ordered it on Sunday. 
Came today 

Direct deliveries are great 
Australia post apparently not so great 
But it all comes eventually 

I have ordered a couple of other things 
And according to emails they are coming 

I’m not worried 
Like everything in life 
It’s is what, what it is 
And all happens in its own time 

Now if only the windy cold wet weather would go away so I can enjoy my new 
Outdoor couch 

Stay safe and well 
See ya xx

Monday, October 5, 2020

Exciting times ahead

FINALLY I can share our exciting news 
After trying for so long and enduring IVF during covid lockdown 
My beautiful daughter in law and son are having a baby girl due in April 

We are so very very happy 
I’ve been busy crafting for the newest princess but I haven’t been 
Able to share what I’ve made because of the need to wait for the great reveal lol 

I did show you some of these squares and this is the end result 
When I started this they hadn’t even begun ivf but I was just so positive it was going to work 
And when I finished it. DIL was pregnant but we didn’t know the sex as yet 

I made a couple of hats a cream one and a collingwood coloured one. 
This granddaughter is going to be mine to brainwash and bring her in on my team lol 

Once we knew the sex I started making the cute girly things 
A couple of jackets 
Pretty in pink of course 

I’ve also made some bibs and wash clothes in cotton 
DIL loves doctor who so a couple of whovian  cloths and a Harry Potter one 
Of course there is the abc blocks as well 

So now you now what I’ve been up too 
Hopefully lockdown will end soon and I’ll be able to hug my daughter in law and rub her belly lol 

It’s been so hard keeping the exciting news secret 
Kinda why I’ve been MIA lately on the blog 

But get ready for lots of baby related knitting and crochet now 

Hope you are all safe and well 
See ya 

Saturday, October 3, 2020

Going potty

Over winter I took cuttings and popped them in pots and pretty much ignored them 

I had five pots of cuttings so today I gathered all the small pots I could find 
And decided to repot each pant into it own home 

This is what I ended up with 
I’ve run out of pots! 
And I still have the three in the previous pic to do 

Not bad for free plants 
They look good clumped together 
 I’ll leave them here under the trees until they re establish and 
Get over the shock of being moved 

Not being able to go to the nursery or hardware store I don’t know when I’ll be able to get more pots 
I wonder if the cheap shops are open yet?

It’s a warm  windy day today. 
Hope the weather is nice where you are 
Stay safe and well 
See ya xx

Friday, October 2, 2020

Still here, but at a standstill

Today the sun came out and although it’s very very windy it’s a warmish wind 
So I stripped the bed linen and got them on the line nice and early 
I’ve been scrubbing and dusting and trying to do a spring clean 
I’m hamstrung by the stuff that’s everywhere due to still not having a finished craft room

Lockdown has hampered all sorts of things And renovations is one of them 
But the end is near. Only carpet to go in then we can assemble the shelving and I can finally start to move in 

Life has slowed right down here 
Yes still in lockdown 
Yes probably still another two to three weeks 
And assuming there isn’t a spike in new cases we might be allowed to start having a bit of a life again 

So for now I have crafting as much as I can with what I can access 
Trying to keep the nest organised as much as I can with everything everywhere 
And trying to maintain my sanity. We as much as i had before hand lol 

The weekend is going to be nice so maybe I’ll be able to spend some time out in the sun
Hope your all well safe and happy 
See ya xxx