Saturday, December 30, 2023

Coming down

Christmas has come down outside 

I washed the little white tree so once it’s dry it belongs in the black tub. Then they will all be stored in our little shed 

Until next year 

Still so much more to pack. 
That’s another job for another day. 

Friday, December 29, 2023

The in between

This morning we had a big sleep in. We were both really tired and needed it. 

Then a quick trip into town to buy a few more tubs, I pack Christmas stuff in them. 

Picked up some meds and then home again before to got too busy 

Then into the garden to see what needed harvesting 

The usual suspects zucchini, and beans 

I cut up the zucchini. Top and tailed the beans and snapped them into bite size. 

Got all the small potatoes, as these are less likely to last long. And finally half a pumpkin that was left over from Christmas lunch. 

All these were cut up into roughly the same size and split into four bags. 

They are now in the freezer ready for winter slow cooker meals 

I totally forgot to take a picture 

The rest of the zucchini was grated and salted and will be made into more mustard pickles 

All scraps are now being enjoyed by the chooks 

The week between Christmas and new years is always a tad strange. 
You never know what day it is   
Not that it matters.  Hubby is off work and my days are all dictated by what needs doing and what I want to do 

Now the day is warming up. I think I’ll make something yummy to eat with my apricots straight off the tree. And some left over fruit in the fridge 

I’m thinking crumble. But I’ll check out Pinterest and see. 

Enjoy your in between 

Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Christmas 2023

Christmas Day was a quiet day with just my parents here. 

But today was my family’s Christmas and it was loud and chaotic 

The girls had a ball playing and eating. 
Playing and watching television 
And playing lol 

It was the perfect day 
Christmas is now done and dusted 

I’m one exhausted but very happy grandma 

Sunday, December 24, 2023

Christmas Eve

Harvesting and processing of vegetables for use in the slow cooker over winter 

These bags have zucchini. Button squash and beans 

Used the silver beet to make spanakopita to have tomorrow during Christmas lunch 

Have picked heaps of apricots. And there are still more on the tree. Netting it sure has paid off 

We will have some fresh. 
I cook some down and freeze for crumbles when ever we feel like something yummy 

I light even harvest some of my rhubarb and mix them together. 
Apricot and rhubarb crumble or pie in a cold winters night sounds like a great way to warm up 

And yesterday our fridge decided to give up the ghost 
Thankfully it didn’t wait until Christmas Day! 

Hubby bought a new one. We installed it and transferred all food. 

I found a photo from 11 years ago and that fridge was in to. So i  guess we did get our money’s worth from it. 

I’ve done all the prep I can for tomorrow 
Fresh fruit and salad stuff was purchased this morning 

I have my parents over for Christmas lunch tomorrow 
And my kids on Boxing Day 

Good thing I’ve got lots of chilled wine in the drink’s fridge lol

Don’t stress everyone. It will all be ok
Merry Christmas y’all 

Saturday, December 23, 2023

Busy busy

It’s been a busy time in the nest 
Coffee with the gang 
Yup. Lots of that. 
Thursday had lunch with my newest friend 
Whom I meet for the first time in Dublin and only lives 
Twenty minutes away from me 
Friday was ana day and boy was she full of beans. 
Then we all went to mrs Claus house, that’s what I call her, 
And had Christmas drinks, eat and laughter. 

I was able to get a picture of all three girls 
This is out on the deck of mrs Claus home. 
Dianne is the one who has encouraged me to get into the full swing of Christmas 
And everytime I see my girls eyes light up. I am so very grateful she did. 

Currently resting   As I have a big day of tidying up 
Ready for the coming few days. 

A big merry Christmas to those that celebrate 
Happy holidays to those that don’t. 
And to all. May there be peace in your homes

Thursday, December 21, 2023


A blessed Litha to all in the Southern Hemisphere 

And to those in the northern hemisphere 
A happy Yule. 
May we all be blessed 

Wednesday, December 20, 2023


Harvested these this morning
There are still more to bring in. But I can’t twist to get in to get them. So I’ll send hubby out to do that 

Beans are growing 


Spaghetti squash. They’re in big pots and the fruit is on the ground. This was the best shot I could get without bending 

Baby ears of corn 

Little green tomatoes 

Baby cucumbers 

And eggplant flowers 
Or if you prefer. Aubergine   

After all that rain we had. I didn’t bother watering. But the wicking beds were dry. So I’ve topped them up 
And gave the big pots a good watering 

Looking forward to eating fresh from the garden and preserving for later use. 
The never ending cycle of food production 

Tuesday, December 19, 2023

sacroiliac joint and lumber spine

Have seen The spine specialist and viewed the scans. 
As usual for me it’s not a cut and dry issue 

My lumber spine section is not good at all 
The three lower vertebrae are almost bone on bone. Especially L5
Lots of inflammation causing lots of pain. 

Not much can be done about it. 
He seems to think that eventually the inflammation will burn itself out and pain will be much lower 
Unfortunately he can’t tell me if that will happen next week. Or eight years from now 

The second issue, for this area anyway. Is the joint is also very inflamed. 
This issue is one we can do something about. 
We are going to try and inject some cortisol into it. 

No guarantees.  Doctors just don’t like doing that do they? 
But it’s worth a shot. 
It worked for over 18 months in my shoulder. So I’m very hopeful  

Just some info in case you don’t know where all these things are. 
Still no strong meds offered. Just rest as much as you can. 
Keep swimming and walking. 
And take paracetamol and ibuprofen as needed. 

I will be going on a waiting list for back surgery. But he really thinks that it will go away 
All by itself 
Well not the damage. The bulk of the pain 

Fingers crossed the shots work and they decrease the amount of pain I have to deal with 
Still lots of living to do. Not to mention running around with the grandchildren 

For tigers mum

And anyone else who would like to try it. 
Very simple but so tasty 

Please post if you do make these. I’d love to see how they turn our 

Monday, December 18, 2023

Another Monday

Another week has begun. I did swim this morning. And then had coffee with the girls 
I came home and grated the zucchini from the garden, salted it well and got it draining 

After a few hours I made it into pickles   I love this recipe. 
It tastes exactly like the mustard pickles you buy in the shops. Only I don’t add corn
It’s awesome spread on a cheese sandwich. Yummy 

My old mixer went to heaven and I didn’t replace it. I’m still using the same hand mixer I’ve had
Since I got married. It was a gift! 

But I, unlike the mixer, get too tired standing there trying to cream butter and sugar
So I really needed a stand alone one. 

I really liked the ones they use on the great British bake off. But they’re almost 
Two thousand dollars. I can’t justify that for something I use a couple dozen times a year 

So I found this on Amazon 
$125.00 delivered. 
And it’s red. So it goes fast 

Nancy dropped in and we exchanged Christmas gifts. 
I gave her a bag, just like this one. That has pictures from our trip 
And some hand made Christmas decorations 

Tomorrow I see the spine specialist and find out what the scans show 
Hopefully I came home with a plane to get me to a place where I can become a little 
More productive, without having extreme pain. 

We shall see 

Friday, December 15, 2023

Another Friday

Where is the time going. It feels like it definitely on fast forward 

Ana put herself to bed today. She’s not been well so of course the second half of the dynamic duo also slept. Right near her pal 

After waking and having lunch we all went outside to visit the livestock 

We checked the veggie patch and decided we needed to harvest the potatoes 

Hubby thinks there is every bit of 20 kilos 

Not bad for the reject shop seed  potatoes 
Much better than the grow bags 
Chips anyone? 

Monday, December 11, 2023

Storm damage

My poor gladioli ate looking very sad. Laying over from the wind and rain 

Even the red which hasn’t fully bloomed is starting to lay down 

While talking on messenger to my friend, Shirley. She suggested I just cut them and bring them inside 

So that’s what I did. 
I don’t have a vase so this passata jar will do 

I’ll bring in and replace the dead flowers as the need 
So very pretty 
Little thing make me happy 

Meanwhile. The rain can now move on to where it’s needed please. We have had enough 

So mote it be 

Sunday, December 10, 2023

Farm day

I let the chickens out this morning. Gave them their breakfast and then got a surprise 

One of the steers was in the back. I had no idea his he got in but he definitely did not belong in here 

As you can see. All domestic and wildlife get on at our place. Love and light y’all 

Turns out. Brisket, yes that’s his name, had just decided to go through the wire fence. Hubby had fixed it now 

We put up the electrical fence and both steers are now in here  the are not allowed in the section with the chicken coop and dam because they will damage them 

Hopefully the hot wire will keep them confined

I’ve taken a short video so you can hear the sound of the frogs. 

Someone mentioned frog sounds. So here are my frogs 

Hopefully one of the links works for you 

Friday, December 8, 2023

A perfect day

Friday began as usual with Ana arriving first thing this morning 

But today after breakfast we went to visit Dianne and her granddaughters 

The girls showed Ana all the Christmas decorations and brought out so many toys for her to play with 

Such lovely little girls and Ana had a great time 

We got home in time for her nap 
Grandma had a nap on the couch too. And needed it because later grandma and grandpa went off to Brianna’s kindergarten Graduation 

They performed three  songs and then donned their cap and gowns to receive their certificate 

Look how grown up she looks 

Grandma and Melody taking a selfie together 

Seeing all three of my beautiful girls today 
One blessed and very happy grandma am I