Saturday, April 30, 2022

It’s the weekend

The weekend has arrived. 
I had Ana today while her mummy went to the dentist 
She was a good girl and wanted a bottle and sleep an hour after she got here 

The weather is raining and cool
Wouldn’t call it cold but the wind did kinda go through you if you know what I mean 
So this afternoon we lit the fire 
It’s still going now and it’s lovely and warm here making me very sleepy 

I decided I wanted to knit something rather than continue to crochet 
I love working on my blanket but my hand and wrist were starting to ache 
So I’ve switched to knitting and I’m making a in threes cardigan for Ana 
I’m using a ball of yarn from bendigo wool mills 
It’s 50% wool and 50% bamboo 
So soft and warm 

I hope Ana and her mum like it 
The rains have come so outside is fairly wet 
Not complaining as we needed the water 
My dam outside is filling fast 

Have a great weekend everyone 
I plant do be produced at home 

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

In other news

The fruit trees needed  a good haircut 
The one in the front of the pic is the apricot tree 

The two in the back are plum trees 

Hopefully we haven’t killed them and they burst into life next spring 

Hubby made this frame so we can put plastic over it and turn the garden bed into a hot house 

Extended the growing season. Hopefully 

Slowly we are getting ready for winter 
The days are still fairly warm but the nights are getting chilly 

Soon it will be time for fires, stews and lots of indoor crafting 

Monday, April 25, 2022

Winding down

The pumpkin harvest this year. We didn’t have much room so we opted for butternut in the end we had 17. It will shared with my children. Lots of pumpkin soup for winter 

Looking much better now. 
I’m having a little rest before I go out and finish cleaning up 

Due to weird weather we got some small unripe pumpkins and a  Couple of cucumbers we missed that had got too big. So I chopped them up and gave them to the chickens 

Along with some bizarre carrots 

The vines have gone to the calves 

Although the don’t seem hungry. I wonder why lol 
They have been munching on this and snuggle into it to sleep 

Gave the dill a hair cut and drying it for winter use 

It’s Anzac day day.  We remember all those that served our country. 
Always an emotional day. 

This afternoon my football, Collingwood, team plays in a traditional class against Essendon. 

They do a pregame mini service to our Anzac's. 
With particular emphasis on past players that served 
Always have to have tissues ready 

I’ll finish up all I want done today and settle down to watch the game. 

Part of my Anzac tradition 

Sunday, April 24, 2022

Greek Easter

Easter was at my sisters house. 

The traditional lamb on the spit 

Family all together 
There are so many little people now that she has to buy another table to fit us all 

Ana’s second Easter. She wax only two weeks old last year 

The great grandparents 
Watching all the kids play 

As the Greeks say 
Here’s to next year 

Saturday, April 23, 2022

Vegetarian, vegans and city folk look away

Meet burger and brisket. 
Four month old calves.  
Their names should tell you why they are here. 
I totally understand why you would choose to not eat meat. But I like it. So the next best thing, in my opinion, is to make sure the animal has the best life and a humane end. 

Our animals do not see it coming and they Dont endure long trips in trucks cramped and without food or water 

With these two I’ll be able to feed my whole family with pure organic meat 
Not to mention saving money. Filling your freezer with meat is like money in the bank 

That has to be a good thing

Thursday, April 21, 2022

Still here.

Last weekend was full on between minding Ana for two days and her party 
Inbetween I was a tad tired 

So this week has been one of go slow

I picked these this morning 
The spaghetti squash vine was totally dead so I brought them in. Not sure about the green 
Coloured one. If it’s not ripe I’ll cut it up and feed it to the chickens 

There are some big beetroots in the sink. 
I’ll roast some and boil some with the leaves and have them as a salad 

The eggplants and three chillies will also get roasted. So dinner tonight is all set 

The fire has now been going for three days. 
I have a besser brick home, and once the temps go down it can feel cold with all that concrete 
Around us 

I did have the ducted heating on once or twice but it’s just not the same heat 
Wood fires are so much cosier 

Been slowly working on the autumn harvest blanket 
It’s really wide so each row take a little while to complete 
It doesn’t matter. It’s for me. So no deadline to finish by 

Greek Easter is this weekend. 
I’ll make the pita, cheese pie on Sunday morning 
We are going to my sisters for the Easter feast 

I no longer fast or go to church. 
I wouldn’t be able to stay awake with the meds I take 
I’m sure Jesus doesn’t mind. He knows the pain I’m in 
He’s very forgiving I hear 

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Sudden changes

The weather has suddenly turned cold and wet 
The Easter weekend, mostly, was warm and pleasant

But as always after the full moon the weather changed, and boy is it different today 

I woke up feeling ordinary, 
Pretty sure it’s just from a very busy weekend 
I looked out the window and saw it was raining pretty hard
So I made the instant decision to just go back to bed 
I wasn’t in the mood to swim 

So I’m now sitting on the couch working on my new blanket 
It’s called autumn harvest 
It’s a big blanket, I’ve added stitches and I’ve added a few extra repeats 
I’m hoping by the time it’s big enough to cover me it will be really cold and it
Will keep me snuggly and warm 

I hope the weather is nice where you are. If not. Stay inside and keep crafting 

Sunday, April 17, 2022

For tigger
Tigger asked about the borders  on my mosaic blanket 
Here is a very simple tutorial first you do a slip stitch border all around the blanket 
You can see both sides 
You then use this border to pick up the stitches and make one Double crochet (us) into every stitch 

Go all around and make sure you do two stitches with a Space  in the corners 

You then do the same on the other side 

As you can see you now have one border on each side and the ends are sandwiched between the two 

You then do a final round of single crochet(us) using only the two middle strands of the “v” 

It seals the ends between and finished off the blanket nicely 
There are clever people who will do mosaic in the round for each side of the borders, but I haven tried that as yet 

So there you have it. No more seeing in ends 
I do knot the ends and then trim them so they fit nicely into the envelope created by the twin borders

A simple and clever idea 
Hope this had helped 

Saturday, April 16, 2022

Moving right along

Chris came over and started work on the path from the back gate to the chicken coop. 

I wasn’t fussed about a path  really. But the boys wanted me to have one. They are going all out to make it nice for me. 
Chris takes such pride in his work. This I think will help his business explode 

The soil was used to start building up this area 
We will enclose it and it will become my small orchard and veggie patch. I’ve got passion fruit vines to grow on the fence. I’ll but some dwarf trees during winters bare rooted sakes snd next year plant pumpkins 

The chickens ate setting in. And now come running when they see me. I’m the nice lady who feeds them 

I finished the baby blanket 
If you didn’t know the pattern you wouldn’t know the big boo-boo 

My masseuse’s niece is having a baby girl so I’ll gift this to her. I hope she likes it 

Hubby had gone out to finish weeding around the trees we will feed them and bed them down for the winter 
The birthday girl is being dropped off today so her parents can get the house ready for her party tomorrow 

Which means I need to get up and get going. I’m still in my pj’s 

Friday, April 15, 2022

The big one

Happy birthday to this little bundle of cuteness 
How are you one already  
Your little personality is already shining through 
Your so very cheeky, but so very loving 
Grandma and grandpa love you so very much 
We are so blessed to watch you grow. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Changing climates

Those of us that grow plants have already seen the changes in our climate. 

The apricot tree was losing its leaves and I was planing a big hair cut for it 

But we’ve had unseasonably warm weather and the confused tree has begun to sprout new leaves 

The bulbs are dying back 

But the sweet pea is re-sprouting 

My chicken grazing pots are doing well  

The tamarillo are coming along nicely. I might try and take cuttings this year 

My poor pumpkins don’t know what’s going on. The vines were dying off but now have more green leaves and flowers 

The eggplants are still producing so I’ll keep harvesting until the stop 

The brassica that were planted first are doing very well kale and I think cauliflower are in these beds 

So definitely a confusing time for my plants 
So because they don’t know what to do, I don’t know what to do. I won’t pull
Anything out until they have definitely gone to god 

I guess I’ll just be grateful that I’m
Still producing food for the table 

Monday, April 11, 2022

One thing

Leads to another. Have you ever noticed that 
I was given yet more grappa so off I went to get lemons 

My son suggested I trie to make some orange flavour orangecello 

So I did. Oranges are cheaper than lemons. They come in bigger bags so the bigger jar had the oranges 

After that I decided to make jam. I also was given some passion fruit so I added most of those to the jam. 

I had too many just for the jam so I made a passion fruit cake 

Right now cake is in the oven. Jam is bubbling away and the grappa has been put away to stew 

This is how it’s so very easy to overdo 

I promise I’ll rest once this is all done 

Until dinner time anyway 

Sunday, April 10, 2022

Trixies post

Mummy is very tired and in lots of pain 
She has been very busy and is now paying for it. 

So to make her sit and rest I’m sitting on her so she can’t get up 

I take my job of looking after her very seriously, I even spent all last night cuddling her to help her
 with her pain And anxiety 
She will hopefully feel better and be back soon 

Thursday, April 7, 2022

Making it pretty

We have some spoon bowl drains to help keep the paddocks dry. 

They’re not the most attractive so onto Pinterest i went and got a few ideas 

I showed hubby and he agreed so he got some  river rocks 
I got some  plants 

And turned boring old drains into 

River beds 

He did all the hard work. But I did bring two loads of rock over to him in the front end bucket of our tractor 

It looks so much nicer and will look even better when all the plants grow 

Still have lots of ideas so stay tuned 
You never know what will happen next around here