Thursday, December 31, 2015

Last day 2015

Today I plan to keep busy even though it's a hot one outside 
I've got two chicken roll roasts in the slow cooker so there will be plenty of cold meat to eat over the next few days as hubby will be home. 
I'm going to turn these into marmalade. 
I bought these for the grandkids. Two of each so a set put away for each of my kids. I love Paddington don't you? 
And while resting this afternoon I'll keep working on these. It's a no pressure, can take years I don't care project. 
I miss those projects. Always having a deadline sometimes makes crafting into just another job. So I want to enjoy it again 
And then tonight we will stay home and if I want to wait for midnight I will. And if I don't I'll go to bed early. 
What every you do stay safe, have a wonderful time and a happy new year to all 
See ya next year! xxx

Wednesday, December 30, 2015


We were gifted a bag of red onions a lot of them. So what do I do with them. We cannot eat them all before they are no good so I decided to use them and make a base that will be used during the winter 
I also had a couple of capsicums and some zuccini and a heap of tomatoes so I cut them all up and I've cooked them down. 
This will be put into containers and frozen. It's great for using in the slow cooker. Or adding to mince meat for a fabulous spaghettini sauce
Every year it's different depending on what I have planted and what has produced heaps. 
A little way of preserving the summer to enjoy during the winter. You can alway taste the sunshine.
One of the easiest ways to stop wastage
How do you deal with an abundance?
See ya 

Monday, December 28, 2015

That was Christmas 2015

A very windy Christmas Day was at my house. Also the hottest in twenty years! But this was the space before everyone arrived. I didn't get any pics once everyone was here as I was run off my feet. 
My first ever plum pudding. Made in the slow cooker over night! See so busy I had to cook while I slept lol. It was very yummy and super moist. I'll be making it again me thinks
Then Boxing Day at my parents for a traditional Greek Christmas. The lamb on the spit is always a favourite 
So here's hoping you had a lovely Christmas filled with love and laughter. 
Time to debrief until next year lol 
See ya xxx

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas.

To all my bloggy friends. Wishing you a very merry Christmas filled with love and laughter 
What every you do and what ever your beliefs I hope you have a day with fun and love with the ones that mean the most to you. xxxxxx

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Trying new things

I have an American friend who is now an Aussie and she makes the most amazing things. So I tried to make Christmas crack today. Mine doesn't look like hers. But I used the wrong chocolate. It was what I had in the pantry so I'm hoping the kids like it anyway. 

And here in the oven caramel corn. As an Aussie we really don't have caramel corn. But I had some that she made and I loved it!
So hopefully it works. 
So Shirley I hope you are at least proud of me for trying. Does this mean I'm an honorary Yankee?
It smells good anyway 
See ya

Monday, December 21, 2015

Hay bale gardening

Well we survived the heat wave and the hottest December night on record. 
Last week I planted these pumpkins in a home green haybale and they survived the heat as well. They have even grown a little. So encouraged we decided to plant another haybale garden 
Yesterday after the heat broke and we got rain we did this. 
Yup while it was raining. What a wonderful thing to do. Garden in the rain after days of scorching heat. 
We received these snap peas from a friend and have planted them here hopefully we get a great crop. 
The weather is much cooler today so I'll get lots done before the temps climb again by the end of the week. 
Only four more sleeps till Christmas Day. Oh my. A busy week this will be
See ya xx

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Work Christmas party

Yesterday we had our work Christmas party. So the two boys that work for us their families. My baby girl and her hubby and my wonderson and his fiancĂ© came over and we and an Aussie BBQ dinner. 
It was so nice having everyone here and it was wonderful to have little ones here as well. 
Getting into practice lol 
Just one week to go and the family will be here for Christmas Day 
The days are going way too fast 
See ya 

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Heat wave

It's going to get hot hot hot here over the next few days. 
Between 35 and 40 degrees.  I did the conversion for all those  not used to Celsius. 
I don't like it hot so I'm hiding in the house. 
I will go out and water all those pots at the front soon as the sun won't be hitting then until this afternoon and then I'll water everything else tonight. 
Everyone affected stay cool. Keep an eye on pets and please not fires!  
Let's hope we all stay safe 
See ya xxx

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Saving energy

For ages I've wanted to put a Blind up on this window. This is our north facing window and it gets really hot in our room 
Terry pre drilling the holes
Here it is on the outside. Hubby is deciding where to drill for the lower clips 
And this is how it looks from inside. I still will draw the blinds but it helps cut out the heat and will protect my curtains. 
It was the longest one I could get. But it's better than nothing and there is plenty of room for my plants lol 
What do you think? It's got to help keep the place cooler. And with temps expected to soar in the next few days. I think anything that helps is worth a try 
See ya xx

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

In the orchard.

This apricot tree is one of the originals. It's going great guns. Love apricots 

The little almond has a few. It's only been in this year. 
The plum trees. Also been in a while. Always fruit well. Yummy 
This is the damage the rabbits have inflicted. They're in plague proportion and are really stressing my new tress. In the process of fencing each tree. But heaps of damage already done. This was all don't in two days! I really need to check more often but it's out the front and trucks are coming and going but the rabbits just don't care 
So lots of tender loving care and it should be ok 
The little buggers. 
See ya xx

Monday, December 14, 2015

From the garden

Silverbeet cooked and ready for a vinaigrette dressing to have with tonight's BBQ dinner 
More beans. We will have some tonight and the rest have been blanched and frozen for winter stews yummmmm 
And even though the plant looks spindly the first red tomato. I'm very excited 
How's your garden going? 
See ya xxxx

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Plodding along

I got given some hydrangeas on Friday and I thought long and hard  where to put them. 
So I purchased two pots and put them by my back door. I think they look pretty and if I keep them trimmed they should be ok. I hope 
I've also got some butternut pumpkin seedlings which I will plant late this afternoon into a hay bale on the lawn. 
I'm hoping once the pumpkins have grown and been harvested I can put the whole thing in with the chickens for them to eat and the hay will keep them warm. But that's a while yet. Will keep you posted on progress 
Other than that hubby has been away with wonder son and his friends on his bucks weekend away. Camping and fishing and playing golf. And I'm off this afternoon for a Christmas catchup. 
Have a lovely Sunday everyone 
See ya xx

Thursday, December 10, 2015

The witch is flying

My new weathervane 
Don't you just love it. 
Have wanted one for so long. Finally a place to put it. 
I'm a happy girl 
See ya 

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Night and day

Night shot
Day shot
Night shot 
Day shot. 
If only the pics truly showed what the night shots really looked like. 
Much nicer in real life 

Monday, December 7, 2015

Out in the garden

As you can see the garden is doing really well even if the weather is up and down like a brides night gown. Hot one day cold the next poor things don't know if their Arthur or Martha.  I'll be able to pick silverbeet leaves this week for a nice green salad. 
We pulled out the remaining beetroots the other day so we have planted bush cucumbers in their place. As the hot weather really hasn't started yet I'm taking the chance that it's not too late and I'm sure with summer being late it will last longer, I hope, and I'll get a crop 
And here we pulled up the first planting of onions which I made into an onion pie. And replaced them with banana chillies. They are so yum grilled with the skin off. Or in salads raw or even stuffed and cooked in the oven. Yum can't wait 
And this is today's haule. We will eat some of these beans tonight and the rest I'll freeze for another meal. The carrots are going to be scrubbed and Cooked in the oven with potatoes and pumpkin to have with the beans and roast chicken. 
And a pic of my stripped rose. It's so beautiful I had to share it with you my bloggy friends 
How is your garden growing 
See ya xx 

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Baby shower

Yesterday we had a baking day for baby girls baby shower. Here she is with he cousin pheobe and her friend Jayde 
Today we decorated and had the shower. I'm guessing you might get a clue to the sex of my grand baby lol 
She got lots of great gifts and is well and truely ready for the big arrival in approx 9 weeks 
We are all very excited. I cannot wait to be a grandmama. 
See ya xx

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

From the garden

Lettuce and carrots. 
Strawberries for dessert
More beans and zucchini 
Dinner was very yummy tonight. Love shopping in the garden don't you 
See ya xxx