Tuesday, October 31, 2023


The wheel turns 

It’s very cool and wet today. 
So no gardening
Although if it gets any colder maybe I’ll light a Beltane fire in the hearth. 

At least the rain is watering all the gardens and I won’t have to do it again for a few days 

For all those living in the northern hemisphere 
Have a happy Halloween 
I hope you harvests were bountiful 

Monday, October 30, 2023


I woke late this morning and started slowly I fed the dogs and cats, just to get them to shut up, and enjoyed my coffee. 

Lovely Terry arrived, after dropping of his girls at school, and helped me with the chickens. 

By this time the meds had kicked in, so I decided to pull out the leeks and get more space ready for summer planting 

After pulling these out, I added a layer of seed raising mix and sowed some lettuce seeds. Hopefully I’ll be able to pick leaves through summer for fresh salads 

After cleaning and chopping the leeks. I’ve bagged them all up and put them in the freezer 
I’ll be able to use these during winter in my slow cooker 

I also planted corn seeds in between the corn seedlings 
If they come up I’ll have staggered harvests of corn 

After all that I  spent the afternoon crocheting and resting 
After the big day out I'm a tad tired 

Sunday, October 29, 2023

Mamma Mia

Today we went to Melbourne to see mamma Mia 
It was a fun action packed version and I loved it 

These ones are from the web site 
This is Sophie. The actress was great and sang beautifully 

The whole cast was fantastic. But the actress playing the mum. Donna was exceptionally good 

We even got to stand and dance at the end. 
I highly recommend seeing it. 

We had dinner after the show and then came home. 
Which suited me fine.  

A great day full of laughs. 

Friday, October 27, 2023

Day one

Hubby and woke up before his alarm this morning. Around three am 

He was all packed and ready to go. His ride arrived to pick him up around 4.30 am. And I was on my own 

Mummy dropped Ana off normal time and my grandma day began 

Breakfast was a selection of good food and some cookies. The cookies were a request so a compromise was that I added some to the plate 

All was consumed 

The cheeky little monkey brought the pram to me from the spare room and sat in it. She wanted to go for a walk but it was too cold this morning 
So I diverted her attention and got rid of the pusher outside 

Lunch and then a big sleep. 
Once she woke up she was full of beans. Moving things and getting her partner in crime to follow her all over the house 

Afternoon rest was sitting in grandmas spot watching bluey while I got her snacks ready 

When mummy arrived to pick her up she got a call so she stayed in the car to take it. 
Meanwhile these two were waiting patiently for her to come inside 

After they had left I watered all the pots out front
Packed up all the toys 
Fed and watered chickens making sure they were safety locked up

And now resting before deciding what I’m going to have for dinner 

If all my days are this busy the ten days will fly by and hubby will be home before I know it 

Thursday, October 26, 2023

Busy everyday

Monday was doctors appointment 
Tuesday was swimming 
Wednesday was walking in the gardens 

And the off to the shopping centre to meet up with our fourth swim friend who is battling health issues 

This morning I just couldn’t get going I was up normal time but I just could 

So a morning rest. Then off to get supplies for Ana tomorrow 

Hubby and wonderson fly off tomorrow to Vegas for a automotive show. 

I get ten days being totally in charge here 
Ohhhh what kind of mischief can I get into do you think? 

Monday, October 23, 2023


I’ve been trying to get a good photo of the mamma and her babies. 

They’re really quick and hide in the long grass. But if you make the pic larger you can see them 

The parents come back every year to raise another batch of babies. 

I love how nature lives in my back yard. When I go out to feed the chickens some bread the parents will come up for some too. 

Makes me feel special 

Saturday, October 21, 2023

A tail of two plants

Once upon a time 
Two plants were purchased. Exactly the same genetics 
From the exactly the same place, at exactly the same time 

Both planted in the exact same pots in the exact same soil mix, at the exact same time 

Watered the same and placed in the same spot. 
One small pot between them. 

This is one 

This is the second 

Ok brains trust.  Why is one flowering magnificently 

And one hadn’t a Bloom 
Tis a mystery 

Friday, October 20, 2023

Friday adventurers

Today the weather was lovely so we spent some time outside 

Ana loves to smell the the flowers 

We went and saw daddy and grandpa at work for a little while and then came home to watch some telly before going to bed. 

After two hours sleep. We have a plate of various yummys to eat 

We went back out and collected wildflowers from the lawn to wear in our hair 

Played with the new ball 

And even played around a sprinkler 

We only had it on for ten minutes just enough time for Ana to get more and more bold getting closer and closer to the water 

After getting totally changed daddy came and soon after they went home 

It was a day full of laughter. 
Just what grandma needed 

Thursday, October 19, 2023

Hello sunshine

The sun is shining and it’s getting warmer. So of course we plant seedlings 

I got a few punnets from Bunnings 

The two pots have cucumbers and eggplant 
They were extras that didn’t fit in the big beds 

The bulk of the cucumbers and eggplants 

Zucchini. You’ll never go hungry with zucchini in your garden 

Potatoes in the back. A self seeded lettuce and sweet corn in this bed 

The spaghetti squash Brianna planted has taken off 

The latest strawberries growing 

Another view of  the potato 

Pretty sure this is the capsicum amongst the last of the cabbages 

Bush beans. These two were leftovers 

The bulk of the punnet is in here 
I moved this into a sunnier spot. The trees had grown and nothing thrived in it after that   Hopefully I’ve now fixed the problem 

The mini cucumbers melody planted with grandpa 

It’s been so nice today that I hung two loads of washing out. Put a third into the machine and went to a doctors appointment. 

By the time I got home the first two had dried. So I brought that in and hung out the third 

I’ll go out soon and bring that lot in 

Tomorrow is auto nice ageing.  So before Ana gets here I’ll strip the bed and hang the sheets outside 

Grandpa will mow and we might just be able to have some outside play time 

It’s always nicer when the suns out. Makes you very happy 

Wednesday, October 18, 2023


Today I can’t seem to settle down to one thing. 
I started working on this blanket. But as you can see it’s really wide. 
So wide it might actually end up being vertical stripes instead of horizontal 

I’ll see how the stash of wool holds out. 

As you can imagine it gets heavy and my arms ache working on it. So I continued 
Working on a small blanket to make it larger 
Just to give my arms and shoulders a rest 

But then I was getting hot working with yarn. So I decided to make another quilt top. 
I was able to use up this fabric from my stash. It doesn’t really match anything else 
I have. So it works perfectly for this 

While all this is going on. I’m listening to this audiobook 
My travel buddy Nancy suggested it. 

So far it’s fairly good. 
It helps that the narrator is speaking with a Scottish accent 

I am the only one who has many WIP’s? 

Monday, October 16, 2023

Purists look away

I decided to trim the quilt and put on the binding. 

I’ve saved the off cuts of the wadding. I sew them together and use them in other quilts 

I looked into the box of scrap strips and sewed enough to go around the whole quilt 

This is me doing the math to work out how long it had to be. 
First I add it up myself and then check it with the calculator 

This isn’t a traditional quilt. So I figured I don’t have to finish it in a traditional way. 
Normally I’d hand stitch this part. But seriously that would mean hours bend over sewing. 
Not good on my back, neck and shoulders 

So I just turned it over and stitched it with the machine. So much quicker 

And here it is. All done 
It’s going to go into the pile of blankets for the kids caravan 
To keep my most precious loves  snuggly and warm. 

Like a big hug from grandma 

Sunday, October 15, 2023

Girlie days

Friday as usual was Ana day. We spent the morning eating, reading books, eating, watching telly tubbies,eating, watching in the night garden and Finally  sleep. 

She was pretty adamant that she didn’t want sleep. But went down without a fuss and slept for four hours!

Saturday we got up early and headed off to vote in the referendum 

I then went to art for an hour of relaxing therapy. 

Got home to prepare for the arrival of the older girls sleep over. 

Melody brought her knitting. I had to pull some out as she had dropped a stitch. But we made real progress 

Melody offered to help me take out all the pins in my quilt. 
She has asked to be taught how to sew now. 

The girls played until bedtime and slept all night. 
They got up this Morning and played in the toy room until grandma was able to get up and get them organised. 

Grandpa cooked breakfast and afterwards we ventured outside to pat the steers 

The girls helped plant some seedling. I had to move them as slugs were eating them 

Brianna helping plant spaghetti squash 

Melody helped plant cucumbers 

Here they are relaxing with Trixie enjoying all the attention 

They have gone home now. The house is suddenly very quiet 

It’s lovely having all my girls here