Sunday, March 31, 2013


 In auckland we visited the sky tower and aquarium. this is the elevator taking us up to the top. no one stood on the glass. lol it make your tummy feel very funny watching it go up.
 Here is a view of our ship from the tower, she isnt so big from here.
 looking down through the glass floor, the cars are so little.
 No sure what this bridge is called, anyone from NZ could help that would be good.
 standing on the glass, I did it and it was a little scary

 the penguins at the aquarium, the saw the camera and came running for a photo shoot. so cute.
 the highlight of the aquarium was the tunnel that travelled through the tank. an amazing feeling having sharks swim over your head. you could touch them they were so close.

the aquarium was built in an old seweage plant. It was diused and left empty until a man named Kelly transformed it.
Very clever and a beautiful use of old resorces.
We had a fantastic first day in NZ and still had more to see
see ya

Saturday, March 30, 2013

welcome to princess cruises

The Dawn Princess our home away from home.
 Our state room, just perfect for two. just left of the door was our bathroom.
 The main atrium where everyone would sit and drink coffee and mingle during the day.
 Melbourne station pier, greenpeace had docked. this was the view from our balcony on the first day.
 deck 12 where you could get free icecream and popcorn and watch movies under the stars
Looking down from deck 14 and out towards the open sea.
so at approx 4.00pm we set sail for our adventure on the high seas and towards New Zealand.
hope you enjoyed our small tour
see ya

Friday, March 29, 2013

Home again

Hello everyone, how are you all!
We got back into melb this morning at 7.00am. But I was up most of the night. I finally give up on sleep around five and just watched the lights of Melbourne as we cruised back into western port and station pier.
Now I know I biased but it looked like the prettiest port of all!
I am now officially in love with new Zealand and hubby and I are going to go back.
So in the next few days I will be posting photos and telling you all how much fun we had.
So now it's getting late and I'm getting sleepy, so have a great good Friday it you celebrate, and enjoy your long weekend.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Getting ready

It's only four days till I board ship and head over to NZ.
It's getting exciting now. I looked at all my clothes and was a bit disappointed. I'm not much for clothes shopping so I don't have lots and what I have got I have worn to death.
So I used some of the money from the tin and purchased some new ones.
I wanted something green as I will be on board ship during st. Patrick's day.
I'm sure they will have a them night for that.
I also got some dressy clothes and some casual stuff too.
It's all things I will wear again and again, so no guilty feelings and I really did need new stuff.
Now to start the packing process, are you all like me.
I have to put things into the case as I think of it or I will totally forget.
Now for the weather to cool down. Its been nine days of over 30 here and mostly it's been in the mid 30's.(90's) I sure hope the weather in NZ is much cooler.
See ya

Friday, March 8, 2013

Saving pennies

There is a greek saying that translates as,
Bean by bean the sack gets full.
Using this philosophy we have always had money tins where hubby empties his coin into at the end of the day.
He hates carrying coin!
Last night I was home alone, as he was working late, so I decided to open up the tin and count the money as it felt very full.
We got over $800.00 in it!
This will be put into my credit card and used as emergency money.
If we had just left it, as we used to, just sitting there it would of been used on silly things and never even missed. But this way it actually makes a big impact on our budget.
In the photo Bells decided to help me bag up the coins, she was very helpful. NOT!!!
So how about it, get to the $2.00 shop and get one of those tins you cannot get into without a can opener, and see how much money you can save.
See ya

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Mother nature slightly confused.

It's march and in a little while we will be turning our clocks back, ready for the shorter days and cooler weather.
Except someone forgot to tell mother nature this. Our trees have not started to turn, and we are in the middle of the longest number of days over 30 degrees celsius!
(86) in Fahrenheit
It's so dry the grass crinkles as you walk on it, and we are all over this heat.
It's not looking good, with El NiƱo back.
Looks like we are back in drought and water is going to get very expensive.
Good thing we have our huge water tanks we will be able to grow food and keep the place looking green.
I hope your all having enough rain, where you are.
See ya

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A spoilt baby

Today I received delivery of a new scratching pole for Bella. I bought it over the net and it only cost $75.00 delivered. Leanne's sister mellissa has bought from the company before and offered to buy it for me and get it delivered to her place of business as they are always there during business hours to take delivery.
So today we all meet for lunch and Millie had this huge box in her car for me. ER transferred it to Leanne's car, and then when we got back to her house we moved it to my car.
This box has sure done the rounds!
So hubby and I have just assembled it and Bella is having a ball!
Should keep her occupied for a while, and maybe save my furniture.
As you can see she is very spoilt and she loves it!
See ya

Saturday, March 2, 2013

A sunny Saturday

It was such a nice day we decided to go and try the new cafe near where we launch our boat when we go fishing. Lunch was very yummy and afterwards we walked to the boat ramp so I could take some photos to show you. I never get a chance when we go out as we are busy putting the boat into the water. In the first photo I am at the boat ramp looking back towards Tooradin.
The second is of the boat ramp. We now have two floating pontoons which go up and down with the tide. Much easier than climbing up when the water is low.
Then there is one of hubby Walking to the viewing deck, and the last is a shot from the top of the deck. Thats we're we go out into westernport and catch fish.
I hope you liked our little tour, enjoy your weekend.
See ya