Tuesday, July 30, 2013

25 years!

Twenty five years ago today I married my best friend. The only one to ever love me warts and all.
We have had our ups and downs, I have wanted to kill him many times and I'm sure I have infuriated him many more. But through it all we have loved one another. The last 25 years have been nothing if not eventful. We have raised our family, built our business, and now look forward to the next 25 years. 
I hope they are peaceful ones, lol
The pic of the flowers are what were waiting for me when I woke this morning, as well as breakfast in bed, very spoilt I am.
See ya.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Darn cat

Bella has decided that me staying in bed and using my iPad is the perfect time for her to attack my feet. So looked so cute concentrating that I took a photo with my phone.
this is the look I got after the flash distracted her. Not happy jan!
Needless to say she attacked ferociously to pay me back.
So now I'm out of bed and getting some stuff done around the place, jeez no rest for the wicked here.
See ya

Sunday, July 21, 2013

An island adventure

Now that hubby can drive again, yeahhhh, we decided to go to Phillip island and have some lunch. I love to eat fish and chips on the beach, but it was very windy so we settled for souvalakis in the car parked at the each. Lol. We then drove to the nobbies to hae a look at the water. It's a beautiful sight and an important area for the local wildlife. The penguin parade is just next door but we didn't stay long enough to see them.

on the way back I kept seeing signs for a trout farm so we headed in to have a look. It's a very nicest up with outdoor and indoor pools. We decided to fish indoors. Isn't it great.
the water runs down this water fall and goes into the pool and is recycled back up again.

hubby catching our dinner. And the unlucky fish. Is cooking now on the BBQ and it smells delicious.
Have a great week everyone.
See ya

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Our national flower is the golden wattle. I'm sure sure if this is that type but our wattle tree is looking glorious. 
It's in full bloom and the bees love it! 

I tried to get a shot of the bee but it had gone when I took th photo. Oh well it's a nice close up of the flowers.
When the sun shines on it it looks fantastic 
See ya

Monday, July 15, 2013


Isn't it funny the things that jog your memory. While out shopping with the hubby yesterday I spotted these glasses. Not particularly expensive. They came in a box of six for about $7 or $8 dollars. But what they did do was remedied me of my grandmother. She always had coloured classes and we would get our milk in them along with jam sandwiches for supper before going to bed. I know sugar before bed! But it worked for us. Lol
So I have washed and out these in the cupboard and every time I use them I will remember my granny.
See ya

Sunday, July 14, 2013

A lovely lunch

Yesterday we had a lovely lunch and catch up with sue and Keith who were the couple we went camping with last year. Now for the last 30 years I have been driving past the caldermeade dairy and cafe on the south gippsland hwy. I always think I should go there and have a meal.
Well Hester day we did, and oh my how lovely it was.
there is an animal nursery where children can pat and interact with the babies. Being winter there were only the piggies and a couple of kids, but still I could here the city children laughing and having a ball.
I didn't get any shots of the cafe, but it's got a definitely country feel about it and a lot of the produce is from the dairy or sourced from the local area.
So if your traveling along the south gippsland hwy, maybe heading to Philip island, think about stopping in at the caldermeade dairy for a quick bite, or just a coffee break and pat the animals.
I'm sure you won't be disappointed.
See ya

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Christmas is coming

I got these two books during the week. I ordered them from the net and even with postage they were really cheap! I've decided that I'm going to make chrissy presents this year, if I can get motivated!
The third book I got a few months ago and will be looking I that for inspiration as well. I've already started on one of those fancy scarves but I may have to pull it out and start again. I'll take a photo and show you onces I've don't that. 
So any other suggestions?
Do you like getting hand made gifts?
Have a great weekend everyone.
See ya

Friday, July 12, 2013


All in and going! I was out when hubby installed this and he sent me a photos. I just took these because I put some more wood in. 
Very toasty warm in here now. So much nicer, my bones will love it!
See ya

Rest now good and faithful servant.

Our heater was installed I 1993 for the next 17 years it was our only form of heating. It was running for around four or five months flat out. Three years ago we purchased our second heater and it got a little rest. But still she was called on on those freezing nights in the middle of winter.the last few times we lit her she smoked the house out and I couldn't figure out why. Hubby checked it out and gave me is diagnosis. She was not in a good way. Her box was cracked and warped and it was letting all the smoke out into the house rather than up the chimney. So the decision was made to replace her. 
Hubby started to extract her from the wall and I was dispatched to purchase her replacement. We got the exact same heater, we thought since she was such a great heater we would stay with the same.
Below is the site manager making sure sll the OH&S was being adhere too! If your wondering what that red thing Iain hubby's mouth it's my wind up torch. Lol
here are some shots of the inside not looking good is it! We well and truly got our moneys worth from her. Have have replaced one fan motor and the top twice and that's it.

and here is the original fireplace. Anyone know how I go about connecting to the flu network?
The new heater should go in either today or tomorrow. I'll post when that happens. 
See ya

Thursday, July 11, 2013

A promise of things to come

My first flower for the year. It's growing in the pots I did a few months ago. I'm taking it as a sign that although right now we a freezing better weather is heading our way.
See ya

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


I am wondering what is going on in Bellas head today. When she wasn't bolting around the house she was getting very clingy and wanting to just cuddle on my knee. Right now she is sleeping on my legs and she gives me a look when I move them. 
Sorry Bella I'm cramping up I have to move.
She even climbed up the curtain tie back trying to get to me while I was outside. I'm getting worried now about leaving her to go away in September. 
What do you think?

Saturday, July 6, 2013

a beautiful wedding

 The beautiful bride walking down the Isle
 The groomsmen all looking very handsome.
 The gorgeous Bridesmaids, the blond just having given birth 8 days ago via caesarean. She was amazing. the bottom three girls are the brides sisters.  
 The happy couple, looking fabulous

Mr spunky son and his beautiful partner. These boys have been friends since the start of highschool and some since primary school. It was quite emotional for me to see them all so grown up and looking so handsome all dressed up.
There were many weekends they all spent at my house playing video games, and playing the band game and having a few drinks then sleeping on my floor, couch or where every they could.
sometimes I would wake up and a few would be here unknown to me, and I would have to quietly put wood in the fire without waking them up.
I miss those days but now they have begun their journey as adults and one day they will have bodies all over their homes.
see ya

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Morning routine

Every morning I clean the kitty litter and cat area. I put down clean blankets under her feed area and her litter tray. A quick spray of glen 20 and she is set for another day.
Her dirty blankets are in the was now and will be hung up to dry under the back veranda to be used again another day.
dinner is on and cooking slowly for tonight. We hare bing w sausage casserole using beef sausages
And vegetables I had frozen from my summer garden. I also added a devilled  sausages  mix to give it some extra flavour. I don't use a recipe just bung in what ever I have. I might cook some pasta or rice to have with it!
Then a sit outside to enjoy a cup of coffee and bask in the winter sun. We have been having lovely sunny days, which really gladdens the heart. 
What is your morning routine like?
See ya