Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Sewing for a cause

A friend of mine has started a charity that helps children that need to leave their home for whatever reason 
Usually it’s a rushed thing and the kids leave with nothing more than the clothes on their backs 
This is where my lovely friend sally comes in 
Her charity pack backpacks with essentials and each child receives one full of things they need 

This is the link to their website 

You can also find them on Facebook

She tagged me to a sewing page for their charity and it says they need bags sewn for toiletries and some for stationary 

I’ve made stationary bags with what I have 
I’ll have to go searching tomorrow to see what other fabric I have that I can use 
I just need some cord to finish these off 

I’ll make a bundle and deliver them to her 

So if your kinda local 
And feel like this is something you can do 
Jump on board 
Unfortunately the need lots 

There are other things they need and if you check out the website it will tell you 

I hope you can help her and her band of helpers 
See ya xxx

Tuesday, January 28, 2020


I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend 
The weather is has been lovely and we got some much needed rain 

I’ve been swimming and walking and slowly getting back into a routine 

I finished my table runner 
The quilting is stitch in the ditch. It’s not perfect 
The weight of the runner would pull and pull it off line so there are more than a few 
Wonky bits 

But I’m happy with it. Once I put on the Christmas decorations on it. You won’t notice it 

Here are a few,  much smaller, Pieces. I will pin them and quilt them and get them finished 
In the next few weeks. Then I’ll put them away for Christmas presents 
Nothing like getting a head start I say 

And I’ve stared on my stash of bendigo wool mills yarn 
These are fifty fifty wool and bamboo 
So they are nice and soft

So there is nothing exciting happening right now, just life 
Uncomplicated, boring comfortable life 
And I like that. 
See ya xxx

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Experimenting in the kitchen

I had a craving for fish cakes 
But I didn’t want the potatoes or heaps of flour 
So I put my thinking cap on and came up with this recipe 
I bought some salmon 
I had cooked cauliflower and broccoli at home in the fridge 
Two eggs 
A handful of three mix cheese for pizzas 
Two tablespoons of gluten free flour
And extra shaved Parmesan cheese 

I mixed it all together 
Except the Parmesan cheese and rolled the mixture into patty’s 
Then rolled them in the Parmesan cheese and put them in the refrigerator until ready to cook 

Because they were basically already cooked, except for the two eggs, I only had to shallow fry them for a few minutes until golden brown 
And I served them straight away with a salad 
Hubby loved them and has asked to have them again 
So I’ll be able to look back on this post and recreate it 
I hope lol 

Going through my yarn stash I’ve found lots of small balls 
As I never throw anything away lol 
So I’m making a scrap yarn blanket 
Not sure for who or how big I’ll make it. 
But it’s slowly growing 

I’ve had a busy few days 
Life is plodding along 
The smoke has cleared for now 
And may places around the country are getting rain 
Hopefully those that need it get enough
Up north they have received too much and have had to deal with floods. 
But that’s Australia. A land of extremes 
But we are all used to it and we all chip in and help one another. 
It’s the Aussie way 
See ya xxx

Monday, January 20, 2020

Keeping up on the weeds

This garden bed is a no dig. So we don’t have heaps of weeds. But we do get the grass from the lawn growing 
Through it. 
So hubby helped me pull them out and and add more of the organic sugarcane mulch 

We had to go to bunnings to get more as I only had one bag left 
I love it. It’s easy to use and breaks down adding body to our Sandy soil 
While we were there we saw some nasturtiums 
So I’ve planted them throughout. Hopefully they take off and cover the area with lots of colour 

The olive tree is loving being in the ground 
It even looks happy lol 

One of the dogs had dug a hole here. I filled it in twice and it got redug 
So I put an old pot in and planted a lemon tree 
Fill it in around the out and mulched. 
I hope that has put a stop to the digging 

So it all looks nice and neat again 
I’ve been going hard for days now and of course the old body has said very loudly 
So today will be spent resting 
I don’t want to have a full on crash and flare 
So I will listen and I will act 
Haven’t I got wise in my old age lol 
Be well everyone 
See ya xxx

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Down the garden path

The recent rain we had has been lovely for my garden 
The roses need deadheading which I will endeavour to do over the next few days 

I don’t know the names off all my flowers as I will by from the bargain bin and they sometimes 
Don’t have tags. Plus if I’ve planted it a few years ago. I forget anyway. 
So these are my pretty yellow buttercup flowers although I have no idea what they are really called 

These are the same. They are a bulb that come up year after year. 
I call them my bulb roses lol 

I think these are dahlias
Can you see the bee. 
There were lots of bees buzzing around for which I am very grateful 
Someone once asked me why I had so many flowers when I could plant more vegetables 
Well. Flowers feed the bees which pollinate the veggies so you can’t have one without the flowers 
Besides. Flowers nourish the soul and that’s just as important I think 

And another bee sitting on the leaf 

And another 

There was one on this flower as well. But I think she was shy. She flew away lol 

I had to cut these gladioli 
They were laying down. 
How do you keep them from laying down. 
I’d much rather not cut them and leave them out for the bees. 

I hope you enjoyed a stroll down my garden path 
I’d love to see yours 
Enjoy the rest of the weekend 
See ya xxx

Friday, January 17, 2020

A day out

Today I went out with hubby to a caravan and fishing show at geelong 
We drove to sorrento and caught the ferry across to queenscliffe 
This is where we got on at sorrento 

This is as we are leaving. 
It’s a forty minute crossing. Not long at all. Just enough time for a coffee 
And then you have to get back to your car to get off 

The caravan and fishing show was nice enough 
Being a Friday it wasn’t busy at all. Which was good 
And the back to board on the ferry here at queenscliffe 

It was nice to be on the water and it was nice to just get out and about 
Home now and relaxing 
Hope you all have a lovely weekend 
See ya 

Thursday, January 16, 2020

A clearer day

We had thunderstorms with  lots of wind and rain last night 
It was lovely here. The smoke got blown away and we got lots of needed water for our parched gardens 

So this morning I headed off to the pool to swim. It felt good to get back in the water. 

After coffee with the girls a spot of shopping I got home and made some keto peanut butter and chocolate balls. 
Only they aren’t balls so match as blobs lol but that’s ok I’m sure they will taste fine 
They are in the fridge getting hard 

Yesterday I cut up the Christmas material so I could make myself a Christmas runner for my dining table 

Here it is. 
I need wadding and something as backing so I will need to go to the 
Quilting shop 
What a shame lol 
I have left overs so I’ll make another one for a friend 
Might even make a couple smaller ones for a couple of friends. Who knows lol 

So another day has passed 
This year is going very quickly 
It will be Easter soon and then winter will be here 
Oh my 
But fir now. Enjoy the sunshine. 
I plan too 
See ya xx

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Finishing projects

Today  is very smokey 
Last week I had to come home from swimming because the smoke made it hard for me to breath
So I didn’t even try today 
Yesterday I bought an asthma puffer and had to use it 

So instead of leaving the house I decided to go hunting for something to use as binding 

And I scored. 
I found a jelly roll I bought in a bag like a a lucky dip 
It was all browns and burnt oranges 
Which I thought was perfect for an Aussie outback quilt  

I did the math
And made the binding 
I’ve stitched it on and the large quilt is ready for the hand stitching 

But while searching I found this quilt top I had finished 
I even had the binding cut I obviously was going to go and get the wadding and backing but never got round to it 

So I searched and found two pieces of cream material that I had used when making a 
Candle wicking quilt 
This quilt was made at least ten years ago as my daughter was still in high school when I made it 
See we do need to keep everything   We will eventually use it 
So I stitched the two pieces together to make a piece large enough for the back of the quilt 

I also used up all my odds and ends to make the last piece of wadding large enough for the quilt 
I have none left except for scraps now. 

Now I have two quilts to hand stitch 

I’ve started hand stitching the smaller quilt as it’s rather hot and 
I just couldn’t face sitting under the large one. 
So I’m watching cooking shows and stitching away 
I like hand stitching. So it’s not a chore 

My stitches are not as dainty as they used to be. 
The eye sight isn’t as good but  I think it passes 
Well what do you think?
I’ve now used up lots of my stash 
And made two quilts without forking out any extra money 
I’m pretty proud of myself 
I just hope I keep up the momentum lol 
See ya 

Monday, January 13, 2020

Can’t rush these things

Many years ago. 
About seven to be precise 
We did a half lap of Australia 
We headed west until we hit Adelaide and then turned right and straight up the centre 
We then turned west again  until we hit the coast 
And headed back down and finally across 
Back home. 
I bought tea towels at many places and decided I was going to make a quilt with them 

Well. Today I made the quilt 
I used 12 towels 
Trimmed them all to the same size and stitched them together 

Then. As my New Years resolution is to used up my stash 
I found my odd bods of wadding and stitched those together until I have enough to use on the quilt 

I pulled out another one of the flat sheets I had put away and pinned them all together 

Then I stitched in the ditch 
I’m  a little rusty. It took two rows before I remembered I should move the needle over. Oops 
But I finished stitching all the ditches 

I’ve now trimmed all the edges 
Removed the pins 
And tomorrow I’ll go hunting through my stash to see what I can use to make the binding 
Hopefully by the end of tomorrow I’ll have made the binding and machine stitched it onto the quilt 

Then all I’ll have to do is hand stitch the back of the binding 

Wish me luck 
I really don’t want to have to go and buy anything 

See ya xxx

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Movie day

Today I went with some friends to see the newest adaptation of 
Little women 

I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised
It was a great movie.
It’s cast was great and by the end 
I couldn’t imagine anyone else playing those parts 

Take tissues 
You will need them 
We had a couple of girls that haven’t read the book or seen any other movie adaptations
And they said they liked it 
I highly recommend it. 
I would happily go and see it again 

I will see it again once it hits the television I’m sure 
See ya 

Saturday, January 11, 2020

A very productive day

Hubby has helped me Clean and reorganise my craft room 
This is now the view from our lounge room 
Much nicer. And it’s easier for me to get to the window 
Which needs to still be cleaned but that’s for later I’m pooped 

So much room now. 
And I found quite a few projects that need completing 

I’ll be able to do that now 
Isn’t he a gem 
I would still be in there trying to get it done 
It’s hard work this moving furniture. 
But it’s done now 
Let the crafting begin! 
See ya xx

Friday, January 10, 2020

New year new challenge

I thought this year I’d try a new craft 
Because you know. I don’t have enough crating paraphernalia lol 

Anyway I really like the cards and things you can make quilling 
This is the art of making pictures with paper 

So I hit you tube 
And boy do they make it look easy. 


but I slowly accumulated the tools I need and the actual paper 
And today I made these 

I’ve tried to use a few different techniques 
And no they are no where near perfect 
But I guess it’s a start 

Please be kind 
I’m feeling very much a fish out of water 
But it keeps the mind busy and the fingers nimble 

And it keeps me away from the refrigerator 
Boy Christmas and new year have not been good at all 
What new arts or crafts do you think you will like to try 

See ya xxx

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Trixie bell

Little miss has decided she doesn’t like commercial dog food anymore 
It was nice knowing she was getting all her vitamins and minerals when I could just open a tub and feed her 

She was eating my dog 

But the last few days I noticed she wasn’t interested. 

So I went back to cooking for her today 

I cooked up the chicken legs 
Grated carrot and sweet potato 
Which I placed in a sieve and when the chicken was cooked I put the sieve on top so the veggies 
Could soften 

Cut up the chicken added the veggies 
And mixed through some grated cheese 

She did not lift her head till it was gone. 
I gave her a full bowl 

This is what she left 
She went back looking for more. But she can have a little more 
Later. Don’t want it coming back up 

So looks like mumma is cooking again 
The break was nice 
But I need to keep my baby fed 
The things we do lol 
See ya