Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Happy anniversary

31 years ago today we got married 
What a wild ride we have had 
But here we are 
Two children
Two grandchildren 
And so many fur babies lol 

I wonder what the future holds?
Hopefully many made blessings to come 
See ya xxx

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Still standing. Just

Morning all 
It’s been a rough few weeks for me 
Looking after a patient who doesn’t want to be one is hard work 
Thank god for my son 
He not only is looking after the business. He is making sure I’m ok 

Me. I’ll get through this 
And then I’ll need a long holiday 
But for now. These words keep going through my head

A few more days for to tote the weary load
No matter, ’twill never be light
A few more days till we totter on the road
Then my old Kentucky home, good night

One of the slave girls in gone with the wind sings it 
And I can hear her singing in my head 

So I found the yountube as I never actually knew what the song was 
See ya xxx

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Shoulder pain and recovery

Two weeks ago. Hubby was poking at the fire breaking up the coal to add more wood 
He felt a twang in his arm and thought nothing of it 
Ten minutes later a huge “egg” appeared on his bicep.  
The next day it had bruised so off he went to see the doctor. 
Luckily he did. As his bicep had been ripped and needed surgery to repair it 

And he only had two weeks to get it done or it wouldn’t be able to be done at all

Many years ago. He had his rotator cuff repaired but it never really healed properly 
And it had caused the muscles in the back of his shoulder to tear as well 
So while he was under the surgeon fixed all that as well 

On Thursday off we went to the hospital and watched him go off to surgery 
The nurse told me he would be gone for hours and said I should just go home and ring in about five hours. 

It did take a while and I finally was able to speak to him about six hours later 
He was supposed to stay two nights. But he really wanted to come home and as he had been so good. The doctor agreed 
So Friday he I picked him up and I’ve been looking after him since 

It’s going to be a long recovery 
Six weeks of not moving his arm and six months of not lifting very much at all 

This is not going to be a pleasant experience for any of us 
He is not a good patient and keeping him from doing things is going to be harder than keeping Trixie from jumping around 

But needs must and he will do as he is told or else! 

Right now he is in quite a bit of pain but he says it is better today 
Hopefully by the time his pain meds finish he will only have slight pain that he can cope with drug free 

So that’s what I’ve been doing 
Hope you are all well and good 
See ya xx

Tuesday, July 2, 2019


Woke up this morning to a new baby lamb 
Life renewing itself
Always gives me hope 
See ya xxx