Friday, April 16, 2021

She’s here!

Welcome to the world our beautiful newest granddaughter 
Anastasia Louise 

Mum and bubs doing so very well. 

The proud dad, 

I’m so very proud of them all 
Hoping to get cuddles very soon 

A happy proud mum and grandma I am 
See ya xx

Friday, April 9, 2021


The weather had changed dramatically over night 
Making me hurt more, but I’ve been feeling it coming so I’ve not been sleeping 
Well at all. 
So I’ve had sleep ins the last few days and not got to the pool to swim 

For the same reason I have been just going slow and spreading my daily chores and resting frequently 
I Had some scraps from a few bags I made the girls so I decided 
To try and make the booties pattern bigger 

I’ve made these for them. 
They might be a tad big  but I guess they will grow into them 

I will purchase some of that puffy pain and paint some spots underneath to stop them slipping 

It’s Friday and I’m very ready for the weekend 
A cold blast is predicted and we might even get snow on the mountains 

So I’ll be spending the next few days inside 
And probably with the fire going 

Winter is on its way 
Stay safe and well
See ya xx

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Long weekend

Easter long weekend was lovely, sunny and very warm 
We decided to spend some time in the garden. 
We weeded and added organic blood and bone 
Some lime to sweeten the soil
And planted more seedlings 

We still have chillies producing and eggplants have flowers so I’m hoping we will get a few before 
The weather turns really cold 

My Camilla's are flowering 
And promise to make a stunning boarder in a few years 

Today I got out my quilts, the ones I still have.
And decided to display them on my old clothes horse 

I would love to get one of those old fashioned ones
But for now this will do 
There is even room for a couple more! 

Our newest granddaughter is due one week from today 
So we are all just waiting now for her to make her appearance 

Life is just moving along
Greek Easter is in four weeks 
So we will do the egg thing again then

Hope you all had a lovely Easter 
Or Passover
Or just a nice break 

See ya xx

Friday, April 2, 2021


I made this patchwork top in my old craft room 
It was packed away when I emptied the room
And then moved into the new one 

But I had kinda forgotten about it 
Until I spied it the other day 

I even have the binding cut up and ironed for it 
So today I pinned it all together so that it can be quilted 

It was good to be able to get it moving along and closer to finished 
I had forgotten how long it takes to pin it all in place 

Here it is all done and now ready to be take to the machine and quilted 
When the mood strikes me lol 

It’s a single bed size so I’m going to have to pick a day where I’m feeling energetic 
Once I quilt it and sew the binding on 
I’ll be able to sit in front of the television and hand sew the binding to the back 

It will still be a few weeks yet before it’s finished 
But that’s ok. It’s all about the journey not the destination 
I’ll post pics when it’s all done 

It’s kinda nice this project has spanned the two craft rooms 
Hope your all well and happy 

See ya xx