Saturday, July 28, 2018

Making do with what you have

One of my friends from swimming, Anne, gave me an old antique dolls bed. 
It was looking it age and has one dowel missing but I was very happy to receive it 
Another swimming friend, Diane, painted it with some antique white and it came up a treat 

So when I got new carpet I saved some of the underlay 

And found some bright orange fabric in my stash 

And made a mattress and bumper. 
I trimmed the bumper with some lace I had

Add one pillow

And dolly has a new bed. 
The blanket is one I bought from the reject shop that cost $8.00. 
And that’s all the money I spent 
I hope melody likes it. 
I’ll probably crochet a pretty blanket to put on top out of whatever I have 
And viola! 
Probably not a nice as a new bought one, but I’m hopeful that when she’s older Melody will appreciate 
All the work that went into it and will cherish it once I’m gone 

Hope you all like it 
See ya xxx

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Uluru and the Olga’s

Today we did a Segway tour with a ver knowledgeable guide omg. It was so much fun 

Even if you did have to wear all the safety gear lol 
Here is Jody and I on the rock 

We finished our tour and had some lunch at the cafe 
We then headed off to the Olga’s 
I took one last pic of the rock and noticed that bright thing in the sky. I look at the air and there was nothing there 

Here is a screenshot of a close up. 
Pretty sure I got a shot of a meteor 
There were no planes in the sky 
Was pretty impressed with myself lol 

At the Olga’s we walked to the second lookout 
The first lookout was 1.2 kilometres then 1.6 to the second. 
Then we had to come back!
So all up 5.6 kilometres of trekking over rocks, up cliffs and back down!

It was approximately a 2.5 hour round trip. We did it in 2
Pretty proud I did it at all!
Anyway. Here are the rocks. Only a small view. If you ever come here   Visit the Olga’s and do the Segway tour. I highly recommend it. 
But for now dinner is done
Dishes are done 
I’m showered and ready for bed 
I’m exhausted 
See ya xxx

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

The not so glamorous stuff

This is how we wash the clothes, wash the clothes, wash the clothes 
Yup hand washing in that bucket of river water. 
You don’t waste drinking water washing clothes! 
So everyday hubby got me fresh river water and I soaked the clothes overnight and did them first thing 
It was so hot and dusty the clothes just got putrid 
Not to mention the smell of fish and mud crabs!

It was back breaking work and I have a renewed appreciation for my washing machine 
I hung my stuff on these clothes horses and kept them under the awning overnight to keep them dry 
A few times the fog was so bad even overnight that they still got wet through so I just had to keep an eye on them and bring them in as soon as they were dry 

Jody had a clothes line mostly it worked well. But some people. Like to speed past and lots of dust would end up on the washing 
Either way dust was a real problem. But we just capitulated and thought 
“Well as long as they smell clean, it will be fine”

The same inside 
Dust everywhere 
Kitchens to clean
Bathrooms to wipe down 

Beds to make 
But a women’s work is never done
So we gave it a good go every morning and then ignored it all the rest of the day

Until meal times that is 
But that’s a whole other story lol 
Go and hug your washing machines. They’re wonderful! 
See ya xxx

Monday, July 16, 2018

Back in civilisation

We have seen many many animals during my time in the outback 
Saw this wallaby outside my van one morning 
Saw lots on the road and lots out bush

So much bird life. Here is a hawk eating the carcass of a queenie fish we had caught and filleted 
We also saw eagles and lots of colourful parrots. 
Plenty of cockies both black and white

Wild brumbies, and cattle. 
Lots of cattle! 

We even saw a dingo, a goanna and lots of snakes 
But mainly we saw crocodiles 
Check out my videos 

I hope they worked! 
We had left that carcass on the bank and this cheeky bugger decided we had left him his dinner 
I was so lucky I was sitting there and was able to film it 
More to come later 
See ya xxx