Thursday, July 30, 2020

Happy anniversary

32 trips around the sun
Look how young we were 

It sounds like a long time but really it’s flown 

Where has the time gone 

We have had our ups and downs but mainly we have been blessed 
But I think mostly the following memes describe marriage well. 

Happy anniversary hubby 
Let the adventure continue 

Monday, July 27, 2020

Monday. Start of week three in lockdown #2

The weekend has come to an end and the new working week has started. 
Hubby painted the undercoat in my craft room over the weekend. 
But as he’s shoulders have issues. He needs a few days rest between each coat to 
Recover. So he spent the next day splitting wood for the ever hungry fire 

The weather has been cold,and miserable 
And even this morning I woke to rain. 
But now the sun has come out to say hello 
I might even venture out and walk later if he sticks around 

I’m using up all I have in the pantry 
Trying to delay the inevitable trip to the shops 
So I used these to make some granola bars 
I took the oats out in case I didn’t have enough left over breakfast cereal 

It was old and not as crunchy as it should be  so that’s why I thought I’d use it up
Rather than just throw it out but I had enough for the recipe 
So the oats go back in the pantry for later use 

This is it. Straight out of the oven 
The few fruit that were on top are slightly well done. But I’m sure it will taste just as good 

Dishcloths have been made for my kitchen and for the workshop kitchen 
Hubby asked for some as he says mine are much better than the bought ones
That’s nice to know 
Working on a baby blanket right now. But I’ll go back to dishcloths 
As I’ll need a few for the new van that’s coming in a few months 

Stay tuned 

Stay safe and well 
See ya 

Friday, July 24, 2020

Friday in the garden

New growth on the roses. Slowly coming to life 

The Camilla’s have not only survived but are starting to show signs of bursting into bloom  

Rapid growth of flowering plants, unfortunately also of weeds! 
The ground is just way too wet to do anything right now. So they will continue to grow for now 

The winter garden is still going strong with purple broccoli and cabbages! 

I’m not going to cook these broccoli as they lose their lovely colour. I’ll just break them up and eat them raw 
Home grown, organically they are the best you can get. 

Another week in lockdown has almost ended 
Masks are now mandatory 
Please everyone living here in victoria do the right thing and maybe we can all get out in time to enjoy the spring. 

Stay safe and well 
Where ever you are 
See ya xxx

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Mulching day

Today we spent the day turning this 

Into this. 
I didn’t use my regular mulch. I usually got the eucalyptus mulch and it’s very fine. 
It’s much easier to shovel lol 
But it’s the same colour as Trixie and she plays in the garden and brings it all inside 

So I decided a mulch with bigger pieces wouldn’t stick as much and 
This red will at least stand out on her fur, hopefully, and I’ll be able to grab her and dust her off before she goes through the whole house 

Wish me luck! 

But I really like the effect 
I wonder how long it will last this bright 

So another job ticked off the list 
The day watered of sunny but the wind turned suddenly and it got dark 
We finished just in time

Hope your all well 
Stay safe 
See ya xxx

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Rolling along

I’m still here. Life is just rolling along 
There have been rumours of even stricter lockdown rules so of course people panicked 
Me. Well I hit the craft store and stocked up on the really important things lol 

Doing my iso cooking 
This pot of chow mein will feed hubby and myself for days. I might freeze some for later use 

My garlic and cheese focaccia 
I had a piece of this while it was still warm. 
I think it needs more garlic. But it was really yummy 


My wrist and hands are hurting from the tiny crochet stitches so I’ve swapped to knitting 
Dishcloths for now I got some cotton from the store today 

This is the pattern I use. It’s the first pattern I actually learnt to read and do all on my own 
So it has a special place in my heart. 

The craft room is coming along nicely. 
A post will coming along soon with the pics to show you all 
Other than that life is just plodding along
We are all healthy and happy, and that’s what matters 
Everything else is just window dressing I say 

Stay safe everyone 
See ya xx

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Lockdown again

It’s happened. We have had a huge spike in cases and we will be in lockdown again as of midnight tonight 

The girls were coming to visit anyway this morning but it was even nicer to see them knowing we won’t cuddle again for six weeks 

This is how long the government has said lockdown will last. But who really knows

Life for me won’t change. I haven’t been going anywhere anyway. But I’ll miss the girls 
I miss my kids, still haven’t seen my daughter in law for months 

And I’ll miss the little things like brunch with my friends 
And getting my nails done. 

Nothing that will kill me   But the little things that keep me sane and my anxiety under control 

Once again. We are all in this together 
Do the right thing and we may even get an early release 

Stay safe
Stay healthy 
Stay at home 
See ya xxx

Friday, July 3, 2020

I’m Ma Ingalls

Well it’s Friday again the weeks are flying by 
It’s cold today. Really cold and it’s going to be cold and wet all weekend 
It doesn’t help that I have an empty room with a concrete floor which isn’t totally sealed yet. So a cold wind is constantly blowing 
At my back. 
We have to leave the door open to that room as Trixie access the doggie door from there 

I’ve been using the ducted heating.  I have it set at 13 degrees and it cones on automatically if the temp in the house 
Drops below that. 
Which in has been. 

But now it’s making funny noises and I think after over twenty years of faithful service 
It’s dying a slow, loud death 

So. The poor fire down one end of the house isn’t keeping the place warm 
Even Trixie is feeling it and spends most of the day in front of the fire lol 

So I decided it was time I used the second fire 
We took some hot coals from the fire in the lounge and used that to start the second, 
More centrally located fire 

Now this fireplace doesn’t have a fan. So it works by transferring the heat from directly from the 
Wood box to the air around it 
So the top gets very hot 

What do you do with that excess heat? 
Cook with it of course 
I even have the trivet to put the pot on 

In the past, earthmama days I used to cook on here all the time 
Saving money makes me very happy 

So vegetable soup in beef stock is nw on top and will soon make the house smell yummy 
As well as it being much much warmer 

On other home front news 
We have two more lambs 
Another ewe gave birth to twins yesterday morning and they have survived 
The first night 

So I’m feeling very blessed and loved by the universe today 
Stay healthy and safe 
See ya xxx

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Corona in Victoria

Hi all. Today I thought I’d talk about what is happening in my state with the corona virus 
We have had our second wave outbreak and people here are going nuts again
Buying up toilet paper and what not 
Everyone is throwing blame like it’s confetti 
And just losing their minds 
But I did a quick search and this is what I found 

More than 245 thousand tests have been performed in our state 
And we have recorded 1495 cases 

Now I now this isn’t good. At all and please don’t think I’m trying to 
Over simplify or invalidate anyone’s illness 

But seriously 
Look at the world around us. 
We are still doing really well to keep the numbers down 

Yes we have had our second wave and we now know how it got out 

Yes we need to make sure that those, who are supposed to be quarantined, remain so 

But people are absolutely going insane 

Stick to the social distancing 
Keep washing your hands 
Only go out if you have too 
And if you feel unwell get tested 

We don’t need a repeat of the madness we had a few months ago   

Right now victorians are being treated like we are all Typhoid Mary
And as the rest of the country is slowly opening up every announcement 
Comes with the disclaimer except for vic 

But the advertising to come visit our state please has already begun 
I know this will end 
And we will once again travel our country 
But could you all please refrain from the abuse for now 
We are all dealing, and feeling vulnerable down here 
Remember when it was you who had to be in lockdown 
Maybe. Just maybe this had happened so that everyone can remember 
We are all one human race and that we all have the same experiences 
And that one day. It might be you in this situation 
How would you feel 
Compassion would go a long way when the time comes for us to spend that hard earned 
Money and we have to decide where it is we want to go 

Stay safe 
Stay healthy 
See ya