Sunday, August 31, 2014

Baby pics

Here they all are having some hay for breakfast. Can you see the little one. He is very cute
This is the baby. Looks like it's a she. She was very skiddish and so was mum. But I managed to get this shot. After this I got some hay and put it apart form the others and they ate 
And here is the little man. He just loved having his photo taken. I think he was acually doing the blue steel here lol. 
So as you can see spring is well and truly on ite way. Although the morning have been very foggy the days have been gloriously sunny. 
But be warned Melbourne we get most of our rain in spring and I thing its coming. But that's a good thing as we have had a dry winter and we need the water. 
How the weather been in your part of the world?
See ya

Saturday, August 30, 2014

New projects

Since I have been very good and finished all the Christmas presents I intended to make I'm now going to start one of these for my niece. She is having a baby boy due in December. 
I have made this baby jacket before using the knitting workshop book. But now I also have the adult version and a DVD to help me. I'm so going to knit me one before next winter!
This is the only WIP. that I have at the moment it's using 5 ply and I just keep it for when I need something to do that's portable. I have forty of the purple centres to finish in pink them I'll go onto the next couple of colours. 
This is another project that I really want to start soon. I got this pic of Facebook. How cute are these!
It's great when you have all you WIP done and you can start a heap more. 
Exciting times!
What are the projects on your wish list?

Thursday, August 28, 2014


The days have been beautiful and sunny and getting quite warm for this time of year but the mornings have been very foggy. I too this pic this morning at the local pool where I've been swimming. This was at around 7.45am. 
Driving in I had to use the force as some idiots did not put their lights on. Please if it's foggy, and especially if you have a light coloured car put your lights on!
It's now almost ten and it's still really foggy but hopefully it will burn off and the sun will shine
Have a great day and remember it's almost the weekend
See ya

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Off to see the oncologist today. 
Leanne has made the decision to stop chemo treatment.
It wasn't working anymore and only making her sick
We have been given a time. But I refuse to speak it or give it energy
We live in hope
Now we find out what needs to be done to make her life comfortable and happy.
Please send us your positive energy. We are going to need it
Thank you 

Sunday, August 24, 2014


Saw wicked last night. 
Brilliant show!
The lead was fantastic. What a voice
The storyline was very clever and imaginitive. 
Performances outstanding and whoever made those costumes amazing
Cannot rave enough. 
Loved it. 
Highly recommend seeing it 
Want to go and see it again and again

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Infinity scarf

Started what I hope is going to be a quick project
I bought this beautiful variegated yarn in reds
Second row. Looks just like the one in the pattern pic!
This is the finished scarf. I love it in th green too. 
Once finished I'll get a funky button to finish and it will go in the Christmas gift pile. 
It's starting to get pretty large this pile. I'm doing well
See ya

Monday, August 18, 2014


Hubby cut up and split all that wood yesterday. Look at my pile now!
What a good man. Let's hope the weather starts to get a little warmer now so we don't have to burn this year and we have a head start on next years pile 
Love the smell of fresh cut wood don't you?
See ya

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Keeping busy

Since it's been so cold these last few weeks we have really gone through the wood pile. We needed to get us some more so off hubby and I went and headed to a friends farm. 
We got there and he had already brought some dead trees close to the trqck for us. He then used his machine to hold them up while hubby cut. Much easier on th back! Then he loaded them into our little truck   A really good system. I really didn't need to be there at all so I sat in the truck and drank hot chocolates. Easiest wood gathering day ever!
This is what we brought home. Hubby will pick it up with our little tractor and chop it up and split it using our splitter. As we have gotten older we have been doing things much easier.
Meanwhile we have had two new additions to our flock
If you click on the pic it will get bigger and hopefully easier to see.
This limit guy is about four weeks old now. Isn't he beautiful. You can see th newest lamb in the background. Not sure what that one is. It's only about four days old. 
So as you can see things are going well here on the farmlet. I've been doing better. Keeping myself busy and out of trouble. Last week we had my sons engagement party so as soon as I get hold of some photos I'll share them.
But for now enjoy the rest of the weekend
See ya

Friday, August 15, 2014


Somethings I'm grateful for 
Sunsets over water 
Frosty mornings
And you my bloggy friends. 
Sorry I've been MIA. but I've been busy busy busy. 
Hope to get some photos soon and I'll fill you all in
Have a greqt day 
See ya

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A hooky afternoon.

A project to keep the hands busy
And a glass of wine to help me relax
What more can a girl ask for 
See ya