Tuesday, January 31, 2023


Made pesto from my basil that had  grown enormous 
It take quite a bit to make each jar. 
I only stopped because I had run out of  Parmesan cheese. 
There’s olive oil in as well but I didn’t add pine nuts. 
If I give any away I want everyone to eat it safely 

I’m dehydrating zucchini. I’ll then put them in jars with garlic, chillies and mixed herbs. Fill with oil and process them. Last years was a hit 

I’m also making big batches of food. 
We will eat and I’ll freeze the rest for future use. I’ve got my garden produce in here as well as bought.  So another great way to preserve what you have 

It’s getting to that time of year. Preserving food 
Getting the place ready for winter. And soon start work on the wood pile 

A busy, but, wonderful time of year 

Saturday, January 28, 2023

Feeling poorly

This has not been a good week for poor little Anastasia. 
After having to be picked up from daycare on Monday, she had a temp, she came to spend the rest of 
The day at grandmas house. Her mummy took her to the doctor on Tuesday and was given some ear drops for her sore ear. 
Wednesday she was back at grandmas. All she wanted was cuddles 
After being given a dose of baby nurophen, her temp would go down and the pain would subside 
And the happy chatty little girl would comeback 
Thursday being a public holiday she was home with her parents. But Friday is grandma day 
And she was back. I really couldn’t see that she was getting better and her mummy agreed 
So once again they were off to the doctors 
Hopefully they finally give her some antibiotics and she will be well enough for daycare on Monday 

Grandma is exhausted. It’s so hard when little ones are sick. It breaks your heart. 
We shall see what next week will bring. Fingers crossed it will be a long time before 
She’s this sick again. 

Thursday, January 26, 2023


Really happy. Has made such a difference 
And once they grow I’ll be able to see the flowers from my craft window. 

Another job ticked off 
Getting stuff done 

Australia Day

Happy Australia Day. 
A day to celebrate our achievements as a country 

We decided we needed to pretty up the south side of the house. Although it doesn’t get lots of direct sun. It’s not in total shade so we discussed maybe building garden beds 

Hubby is raking the ground to level it off 

Here is the empty canvas ready 

We didn’t build garden beds. I bought more pots 
Easier and quicker. 
They will be filled and then I’ll plant them out. 

I think it’s going to look lovely. 
I’ve been researching shade loving plants, and there are lots 
I’m sure over time I’ll acquire more pretty pots and change the grouping’s.
But for now it’s enough to get started. 

Monday, January 23, 2023


Woke up this morning to this. 
A tad misty. 

We had a big day outside yesterday. Hubby weeded and mulch the final garden beds and they look fabulous 

We had people coming over for a late lunch/ early dinner. So I did a quick shop, prepped food, refreshed garden pots, pulled some weeds and watered 
I kinda floated and did bits all over to not overdo. 

It didn’t work. I needed more compost mix to refresh and top up pots. So I stupidly filled the wheelbarrow and brought the soil to where I needed it. 
Luckily I had done all meal prep as the end of the day saw me having to use my walking stick 

I also think I got too much sunshine as my head hurt going to bed and woke up this morning feel sick. 
I did drink lots. No not alcohol. So hopefully it passes quickly. 

So today I’ll just go slow. Rest often and do only the bare minimum 
On the bright side. I think the bulk of the heavy work is done 

Sunday, January 22, 2023

A new blog


If your interested I’ve started a blog just for my art 
I’ve tried to add a link here but I’m not very smart so I haven’t worked out how to do that. 

I hope you visit from time to time. 


The great potato harvest of 2023

Good thing I can grow zucchini 
Might have to rethink the grow bags. 

It all balances out I guess 

Saturday, January 21, 2023

Moving right along

Friday we had Ana again. First proper granny day care for the year. She loved to carry bags so we put on her hat she went outside to check on all the stock. We also checked on Daddy and Grandpa to make sure they were working hard 

Grandpa came over to help check the chickens 

Grandma and Ana also went out in the afternoon to the local botanic gardens. But it was very busy and warm so we only did a quick walk around and back home. 
I’m now confident I can go out with Ana and not have an anxiety attack 

Hubby finally put all my art work up on the wall. These are all in my craft room. Once I run out of room here I guess I’ll start taking over the house lol 

The strawberries did ok in here. But I really think they need more room 
So this has now been transplanted 

Into these 
More room to spread out and hopefully more strawberries for us to enjoy 

The days are sunny and warm. The rain we had the other day was very welcomed indeed. 
It soaked into the ground and didn’t even puddle. 
But the soil needed it. It gets dry very quickly here 
Now it’s time to relax and enjoy the sunshine 

Tuesday, January 17, 2023


These just fell into my shopping trolley 
So I had to bring them home 

Sunday, January 15, 2023

Going potty

Today was a much cooler day so I decided I needed to give my pots a refresh 
All hanging pots were taken down. Spiderwebs cleaned and fresh compost added. A good water and they are good for another year. 

The pots in the ground were clipped back. More compost was added and they too are great for a while.  although I think im going to need to clean the cream pots they look dirty in these pics 

Living next door to a nursery is dangerous.the nice young man unloaded a new batch of pots and one was damaged. He can’t sell it. So told hubby to give it to me. 
How lovely only now I needed a plant to put into it. 

This is what we came home with. Hubby had to come back and get the car lol 

The middle pot was the freebie 
The big blue and cream pots in the back of the car were a set of four. He only had one set of each left. So he gave them to me for below cost. They had broken sauces in the packs. So again couldn’t really be sold. 

Of course that meant more plants   Hubby was worse than I was. He sent me back for more plants. He wanted all pots planted out 

The smallest of the pots were added here. Not all of them have plants as yet. I’ll go through my seed stock and see what’s in there 

Couldn’t decide if I wanted to mix colours   So for now we have a blue side and a cream side. I’ll think about it 

And finally a plant given to me from my friend,  before she moved to Queensland,  Needed a new pot. The one it was in started to fall apart. 

I originally went next door to get a new hanging pot. 
Didn’t get a shot of the old hanging basket. But from the one plant I now have four. 

The new hanging pot won’t fall apart and won’t dry out as quick. 
Meanwhile some old pots were washed and now have new plants 

I love buying plants, but I really love making new ones of my own 

So the front looks lovely and lush again. 
And the best part. We didn’t have to travel far, while supporting a very local business. 

Gotta love that 

Saturday, January 14, 2023


Some it the flowers growing in my garden 

Hope you enjoy them 

Friday, January 13, 2023

Change it

I really really didn’t like the pots.
But I wanted some colours 

So I painted over it and did it agin 
I think this works better. 
I’m now happy with the effort 
And can put my name to it. 

It’s like life. 
Always do what your happy to put your name to it. 
If only life’s mistakes and bad choices were as easy to fix 

If your not happy with something 
Just paint over it and try again. 
That would be bliss 

Thursday, January 12, 2023


I think. Not happy with plants. I might paint over it. Or leave it and try something else. 
We will see 

Like they say practice makes perfect. 
I guess I need lots more practice 

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Doing as I’m told

Today I did swim. 
I did a quick grocery shop 
Looked after animals. And will need to continue checking them throughout the day 

But apart from one load of washing, consisting of my swimming gear,  I’m doing  what you all told me and I’m resting. 

I did spend some  time this morning working on this. 
But it’s getting too hot out there now. So inside crafts for the rest of the day 

We are in for a stretch of hot days. 
So watering will need to be done   Right now the sprinkler is watering the small orchard out back. Chickens are free ranging and baby chicks have been given fresh water and some green grass. 

Everything will done in stages 
Can’t stay out too long. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2023

An easy day

Last night I didn’t get much sleep at all. 
Yesterday morning while swimming my lip
Started to swell. I quickly came home and took some antihistamine tablets. It seem to settle down but during the night it started to swell again

I did take more antihistamines but I just couldn’t sleep. I was on high alert. Thankfully I was able to monitor and prevent having to use my epipen. I didn’t want or need a trip into the hospital 

So I didn’t swim today. I finally fell asleep around four this morning. 
So I decided to have a sleep in and then do a deep clean of my craft room. 
Hubby helped by moving furniture and vacuuming while I dusted, removed spiderwebs and cleaned windows 

With two people working it was done in about an hour 
Much quicker than I normally take

Another job off the to do list 

It’s nice getting things ticked off 

Monday, January 9, 2023

Todays job

Cleaning the front of the house. It was pretty bad. Lots of spiderwebs and dust. OMG. So much dusty

I only did the house. From that big rafter out still needs doing but I’ll attack it with the giant toilet bush, that’s what I call it, that gets all the webs 

The windows look much better. Although they need doing from the inside due to little girls and little dogs 

And even the hammock got washed. Once dry I’ll put it back on its stand   I might even get in and relax for a while 

Hubby decided he would keep going around the side of the house. 

If he’s that eager let him go I say 
I’m now inside trying to catch my breath 

Roast is in the slow cooker. I’ll cook up some veggies later and dinner is taken care off 

I’ve gone swimming and did two loads of washing. So I’m declaring it work day over. 
Don’t want to overdo 

Sunday, January 8, 2023


I wanted the dwarf trees, three mulberries and a pomegranate   
Transplanted into the ground as they had outgrown their pots 

I started them in pots so the dogs wouldn’t break them while playing chase  in the garden. As they love to do 

I had asked hubby weeks ago. But the urge hit him on one of the hottest days.  I dare not put him off or I might be waiting weeks 

He started  digging with the post hole digger. 
There used to be a very old gum tree here. It had to be cut as it threatened to fall on the house. Unfortunately the roots are still abundant.
So plan B 

Bring out the big guns 
Much easier on the body. 

Four trees are now in the ground. Well watered in and looking happy. 

We even managed to save the nasturtiums 

They still need mulching. 
And the rest of that garden needs weeding as well. 

But we will get round to those jobs eventually 
No need to rush these things 

Saturday, January 7, 2023

Zucchini #2

I made the zucchini parmigiana 
It smells yummy but it’s just out of the oven and too hot to eat 

I ended up freezing the whole tray of brownies and made a second batch. 

And just when I thought it was over I looked in the fridge 
And saw one more 

I think they’re breeding 

I’ve got a beef roast defrosting. So roast zucchini 
Sounds good to me. 

I’m glad to be out of the kitchen. Finally 


Abundance is lovely but you can seriously have too much of a good thing. 
So many zucchini’s. 
In here I’ve got zucchini, the button squash, beans and a few tomatoes that were a bit too soft to eat. 
I froze three portions for winter use 

Zucchini slice. A keto version 
I had a piece for lunch and froze portions for hubby to have while I’m away 

I even froze grated zucchini to add to pasta sauce or chow mein 

Zucchini brownies. Kept two pieces for after dinner tonight and froze the rest for future use 

I sliced zucchini and salted it so that excess water will come out. 
I’ll try them later and make a tomato and herb sauce. This will be made into a Parma for dinner tonight 

So it’s been a full on day in the kitchen and I’ve still more!
I messaged my daughter in law’s friend, who lives near me and she will be here later to take some off my hands. 

She may get other produce as well. 

I’m grateful to the universe and would never turn my back on its blessings. But in the area of zucchini I think I may just be over blessed. 

Anyone want some!