Sunday, July 30, 2023

Busy big weekend

Our weekend as always starts on Friday when grandpa finishes work early
To come and play with Ana. These two just have so much fun. Grandpa is more into rough and tumble games 
Here ana is climbing on the chair and then jumping into his arms. They were both laughing 
And you can see how much they love each other in Ana’s face. Grandpa definitely is the favourite when it comes to games. 

Her daddy then picked her up earlier than usual as we had a night out planned 
Before I had left for my trip I bought tickets to see a band that plays Queen music. 
The lead singer looks, acts and sounds just like Freddy. They were brilliant. And we enjoyed it immensely 

The crowd was made up of mostly people of a certain age but there were also quite a few pop the younger
Crowd. Everyone was singing along and having a lovely time. 

On Saturday we were invited to our friends for dinner. 
Since covid we have been less social. It’s just hard to get back into it 

We hadn’t seen this couple since we went camping all those months ago. So it was lovely to catch up 
We even took Trixie with us. She and Boston had fun playing Chasey all over the couches  until Boston had had enough and 
Growled at Trixie. Luckily she took the hint and just jumped up next to her dad and went to sleep 

And now Sunday it’s our actual wedding anniversary 
35 years. Seriously where did that time go 

Right now we are just enjoying our morning coffee 
Hubby is watching the formula one, while I’m on the iPad 
Probably not what you would class as a particularity romantic start to the day 
But it’s a comfortable relaxing morning for us. 
We might go out and do something or we might just stay home and potter. 
This is what being together for so long is. 

Just going with the flow, enjoying the simple things, and just being happy in our own little world. 

I hope your all happy and content in yours 

Thursday, July 27, 2023

Cool starts

It doesn’t show on the pic but the grass is very frosty 
There’s a mist and a cool chill in the air. 

No I didn’t swim. I wasn’t leaving a warm house to go out in that!

Definitely a stay inside and do indoor things kinda  day. 

These old, damaged bones. Do not like Melbourne winters any more 

Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Getting help.

After lifting the heavy bags of organic blood and bone. And dynamite lifter I was too sore to finish topping up the asparagus garden  so hubby told me he would do it today. 

We let the chickens out to free range. I bought some day old bread and it’s lasted over a week. We only give them a little everyday 

Once we topped up with compost mix we mulched with organic sugar cane mulch 

Hopefully we will get some nice big fat spears to eat this year 

While hubby was filling the wheelbarrow I checked for eggs and noticed the coop needed cleaning. So I raked out most of the old bedding. Hubby had to do under the perches. 

And new clean bedding has been added 
Nice and thick to keep the girls, and pendles the rooster, nice and warm 

The wild ducks are quite used to us and now come up for some bread too. They were here last year and remember the drill 

I harvested the sugar snap peas. And peas. Not really enough for a meal so we might just snack on them later tonight. They’re very yummy just fresh 

I may have had some while out there lol 

And look what I found. One lonely little pumpkin 
I’ll go back out later and bring him in 

So a few things ticked off the list. 
With help it all gets done rather quickly and it’s actually fun rather than a chore 

Monday, July 24, 2023


I got a delivery of grappa from our lovely neighbour before I left on my trip. So I put some lemon peel in with it and left it to steep. 

I only remembered it today. so I’ve made my limoncello 

My rhubarb is going nuts. I was searching the other day on how to use it up. 

Someone made rhubarb liquor using vodka 

I had another bottle of grappa and thought. Why not give it a go. 

Here it is and Is been stored in my special hideaway 
I’ll give it four to six weeks. Depending on when I next think of it and add the sugar syrup just like I do for the limoncello 

I’ll definitely let you know how the experiment goes 

Meanwhile progress on the blanket is slow but steady. 
I’m on the white repeat now. 

I’ll then do three repeats of the yello and it should be done 

I can’t remember how big the other blanket was. But this is a good baby size and I figured that’s what I would of made back then 
He hadn’t been born yet so I definitely would of made a baby size. 

Got to the pool this morning. It was hard leaving a warm house. I seriously considered canceling my membership!

Once there it’s an enjoyable time and then off for coffee with my girls. 

Let’s hope I’m
Good again tomorrow. 
Seriously walking away from a roaring fire takes a lot of determination and discipline 

Enjoy your day 

Sunday, July 23, 2023

Lovely Sunday

Today I had lunch at a pub in cranbourne with a friend I made on my recent trip 
We couldn’t believe we only lived about twenty minutes apart. 
We became instant friends and had many laughs on the tour 

It was lovely to catch up. 
More laughs 
Getting the news of our trips back home 
And what’s been happening since we last saw one another. 

Two hours later we went home promising to do it again 

It really is a small world. 
And there are many wonderful people in it. 
I’m blessed to have made this one a friend 

Saturday, July 22, 2023

Garden pictures

Bulbs starting to come up 

New growth on the citrus 

More bulbs 

The black mulberry is full of babies 

The packet of cheap seeds have started to grow  the pots in the background need weeding 

The cabbages growing well 

The peas and sugar peas. I’ll need to harvest 

Silverbeet and sorrel   This needs weeding as well. I’ve not been able to get out here much 

Hubby and our neighbour Brock pruned the roses while I was away 

I planted a new rose bush today. Because you can never have too many 

My first Gardenia   Smell lovely  

The chickens enjoying the sunshine 

The wild ducks are back again 

Agatha our farm girl. Always right by my side 

Stay tuned for more pictures 

Friday, July 21, 2023

Friday again

I can’t believe how fast the weeks are going 
Ana wanted cuddles on the couch and slowly drifted to sleep 



And out! 

She slept for two hours and grandma might of had a nap too! 

She woke up just in time for lunch. 
She polished this off. All except the peas. 
She tried feeding them to grandpa and Trixie 

Grandpa cans home in time for lunch too. 
So he took over playing with Ana 

They built a tower from the blocks and then Ana pushes it over. Has a huge belly laugh and they do it again 

Lots of fun 

By the end of the day we are all exhausted 
I got this photo from her mummy 

Fast asleep on their couch lol 
Always a big day at grandmas house 

Thursday, July 20, 2023

Busy at home

I’ve been working on the blanket in short stages. I can’t concentrate for long periods and if I try I start to make mistakes. So slow is better. 

A young couple are having a hard time at the moment 
The dreaded evil cancer has invaded their lives. 
So to not feel completely useless I’ve been cooking all day   To fill their freezer. 

They have a one year old and their lives will be hectic to say the least. I hope having ready to go meals will help them cope 

It’s very cold  today. 
I’ve been keeping the fire going pretty hard. 
Either I’m getting old now. If I’m just not used to it after the warm weeks in the uk. But I’m really feeling it. 

For those in the heat. Stay safe. 
For the rest of us. Bundle up and stay warm 
And for everyone. Keep those you love close 
Life had a way of throwing spanners 

Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Change of planes

Little Ana wasn’t feeling 100%. So she came to grandmas and grandpas for the day. 

Grandma had an ouchie massage appointment and really needed to go. So grandpa had to step up. 

I had feed her breakfast and had all the toys and books out. So all he had to do was keep her amused. 

Once out of the massage I rang to see how he was going. 
He was pretty proud of himself. He had got her to go down for a sleep without an argument. 

I had to drop in to my baby girls house as melody had left her knitting here and had asked me about it. I found it and dropped it off. But didn’t stay long. 

Well by the time I had got home Ana was awake and hubby had changed her and was happily playing with her. 

He now thinks he’s grandpa of the year! 

Grandpa stayed and helped all day as I was very very sore. I had done serious damage when I fell in Edinburgh. 

I should be ok by Friday for our normal Ana grandma day. 

But since grandpa is so good at this baby sitting Caper I may just leave him to it. 

What do you think?  Lol 

Monday, July 17, 2023


It’s Monday again and it’s been a cold weekend. 
Not much in the way of rain  just a little drizzle. 

I spent much of the weekend working on my crochet vest 

It’s actually a pattern for a jumper. But I think I’ll keep it as a vest. To be worn over a long sleeve tshirt. I get too hot in jumpers and this would be perfect to just throw on. 

While working away I got a message from one of my kids friends. Many moons ago I had made her new baby a blanket. One of the few I knitted. 
The new babe had decided that was “the” blanket of choice and he has carried it with him ever since 

He had a few issues and that blanket had become more than just a snuggle buddy. And it’s now eight years old and looking very sad indeed. 

This is the original blanket. I remembered it as it was such a difficult pattern for me to get my head around 

But for this adorable little lad I’m giving it another go 

Off I went to purchase the same yarn and colours. Thankfully still available 

And knitting has commenced 

I’m going to try and work on it everyday. Without losing my mind. 

I had to rip it out once. First row   But since then I’m doing ok 

I’ve asked the craft gods to help me. For the sake of the little man who needs it. 
And that he will accept it   His very stressed mummy said he lives Harry Potter so we might have to explain that magic was involved and that this is an exact replica of the original 

Please send me and the mummy and son good wishes 
For a great outcome. 

And now back to knitting 

Friday, July 14, 2023


Our first full day since coming back 
Grandpa arrived to help with the afternoon shift 

We played
We drew
We read books 
We went out and saw the animals 

We had so much fun 
Now grandma is very very tired 

I think both trixie and I will sleep well Tonight 

Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Keeping busy

I finished the Hexi cardigan 
It turned out well I think. It fits me so that’s a bonus. I’ll definitely make more in various sizes. If no one wants them they’ll go into the charity pile at knitting 

I’ve sorted the tea towels and ironed them
Now I just have to trim them and work out how to place them 

Different sizes and the two different ways the towels go will determine how it all works. I’m thinking two quilts rather than one large one 

The asparagus needed to be cut back. 
A couple had some new spears. So I ate those. Yummy 

Looks much better. I’ll get some organic compost to top dress   And hopefully we will get some yummy asparagus in the spring 

I’ve  harvested some of the dwarf cabbages and have prepped them in here. 

First time making sauerkraut ever. So also the first time using the crockpot 

I’ve followed the YouTube and all the salted cabbage is in here. 
It’s a water seal system so all I have to do is make sure the water level covers the small hole 

In six weeks I’ll have yummy sauerkraut 
Well here’s hoping anyway