Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Garden update

Here are our avocado trees. We moved them under the back porch to protect them from frosts. There is new growth which is very exciting. 
Also new growth on the lavender and even a flower 
The citrus trees are shooting and if you look at the far tip you will see flowers 
The tamarillo tree is going great. And I planted bulbs around it which have already come up 
Maybe a sign of an early spring?
A baby broccoli can't wait to start eating these 
Our onions and leaks. 
Silverbeet, or char as some call it. I've been growing it to feed to the chickens over winter. But we love it too! 
The girls love it they always come running when they see me coming from th gardens 
Also give them mixed grain. They are not laying right now. Not enough daylight. But after a few weeks they usually start to produce again. I've had these girls for over four years now. Love my chooks 
So although we have just has the winter solstice the garden is still producing and there is always something new popping up. 
How is your garden going?
See ya xxx

Sunday, June 19, 2016

A blessed day

My beautiful granddaughter on her christening day. She was so good. 
Here is my daughter with her bubba and our priest. We are Greek Orthodox and although we don't go to church everyday. My daughter decided she wanted her baby baptised in our church. 
Here is phoebe with melody. She is her godmother. Don't they look adorable   So a big day. A new member of the church and A strengthening of family bonds.  Doesn't get any better really. 
Memories made to cherish. 
See ya 

Saturday, June 18, 2016

A star is born!

This is my beautiful and ver talented niece phoebe. Who last night stood in for the silk aerialists who was unable to perform tonight, in the production of the little mermiad.  Here is her pic on the board in the foyer 
I don't know how to put videos on. So I've taken a few snaps of her on the silks. She is so strong. I tried to climb up ones at her house and omg. No way could I do that. Let alone twist and turn and hang upside down. 
So although it was a one night only what a great opportunity for her and it will look fabulous on her resume 
I hope she remembers me when she is rich and famous lol 
Well done phoebe. We are so very proud of you. 
See ya xxx

Thursday, June 16, 2016

I'm MacGyver

My basket handle was falling apart. Yarn was getting caught and it was hurting my hands to hold it. So I thought and I did a MacGyver. 
I saw this at Aldi and thought that will fix it. And I got the clear so we could still see the handle through it. 
I didn't get a before shot. But you can see the handle has bits missing and other bits were sticking out. 
It's all nice and smooth now and much nicer to hold. So for less than a cup of coffee I fix my problem and saved my basket. 
Now. What can MacGyver next!
See ya xxx

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Wool mills

Today our knitting group hired the community bus and headed off to bendigo. My hubby was our official driver. 
There is a Marilyn Monroe exhibition on at the moment and this statue is in th park in the middle of town. We didn't stop. But I go was able to get this pic from the bus 
Here is Shirley looking for bargains in the back room. 
It's all decorated with crochet bunting. Looks very festive 
Phil and Barb paying for their purchases. 
Janice looking at the patterns 
And some of the girls siting outside soaking in th sun after their spending spree in the shop 
We had lunch at the Beechworth bakery and then headed home. It was a very long day and by the time we got back into Melbourne we hit peak our traffic   So very glad hubby offered to drive. Shirley and I had said we would share the driving. But we were so tired by the end of the day and the traffic was so bad. We know we would of had anxiety attacks 
So thanks to my hubby Don for being an awesome guy. Taking the day off work so he could drive us all. 
He is rather good isn't it 
See ya xxx

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Finally finished!

Today I finally finished all four squares for my blanket.   Layed them all down on the floor and started to join them. Bella was quality control and watched carefully, making sure I didn't make any errors 
I used the flat braid method to join and once started it actually went quickly and smoothly. 
And then I finished off with a single crochet all around. And viola! 
It's done. And just in time. Tonight is going to drop to around 3 degrees so hubby has already claimed it and is snuggling under it as I type. 
So very grateful it's finally finished so now I can start something else 
Oh the possibilities!
See ya xxxx

Friday, June 10, 2016

Fabulous fungi

We have had a bit of rain this year so mushrooms have popped everywhere 

Some unusual ones that I haven't seen before. 

If anyone knows anything about mushrooms I'd love to know if these are good to eat. Seems like a waste to just leave them
Anyone else got mushrooms at their place? 
See ya 

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Not your average Saturday night

So there hubby and I were. Sitting down watching some football on th television when bam! Things changed drastically 
We Heard running footsteps and someone yelling and then a knock at the front door with a torchlight coming in through the glass. Let me tell you k hit the panic button. Living in a rural area with minimal lighting no one runs and starts banging on doors. This was not going to be good news 
Turns out it was our next door neighbour. He had heard noises in our workshop and came out to investigate and smelled smoke. He knew that wasn't good. So he came running over to tell us. 
So while he and hubby raced back to th shed I called the fire brigade 
Luckily we always have fire extinguishers and hubby was able to put it out and have the shed open and all the smoke was coming out before the fire trucks got here. 
Thank god not much damaged. The fire trucks were very quick as the fire brigade is literally up the road 
So thanks to the quick thinking neighbour, or always being prepared attitude and the fire brigade the emergency was over literally before it could start. Being a workshop it would of been so much worse. 
Looks like it was and electrical problem that started it but for now just grateful no one was hurt and the business was saved 
Let me tell You. It took hours befor I could go to sleep last night 
Stay safe everyone things change in a flash 
See ya xxx

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Planting day

Today we planted out our new pots. And some old ones we had. I'm here are six ballerina Apple trees. They grow up not out. In columns. And they grow yummy apples. Hopefully it won't be long until we get some. 
These pots have seeds in them. All ready for spring to burst into life. I've watered them in and I won't water them again until th Spring. 
In the two older pots I've planted some baby camilias   They can stay in here for a few years before they will need to go out into the ground. 
Now a question.  How do you know when these mandarins are ready to pick?  They are providing lovely colour to our winter garden, along with th lemons next to them. Very bright and cheery. 
So not lot done today but enough to just keep our hands in the dirt for a little bit. It's drizzling now so I'll shower and then stay inside and get some crafting done 
See ya xxx

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Happy dance

I wanted to use the fence area to add more Spring colour and plant more plants. So I went into bunning to check out there vertical Garden systems. This was the cheapest and not very big or attractive looking  and at $69.00 I wasn't convinced it was worth it. I'd need at least three to make it look attractive. One would look like a pimple on a butt quite frankly 
So I put my thinking cap on and started to Hunt 
This is what I can up with. The whole thing cost $65.00 but it's totally done. Movable and it's big enough to actually look like it belongs. 
Hubby drilled the holes into the five dollar planters and we zip tied them onto the wire mesh. I've put them up so they are out of the way for now. But they are very easily taken down so I can add the potting mix and the seeds. I'm thinking sweet peas will look nice cascading down 
Well what do You think of my DIY?  I think it looks pretty good myself. And it will look better with plants in them   And there is even more room for a few more plants as well! 
See ya xxx