Tuesday, January 31, 2017

A new member of the family

I've been waiting for this little fellow to arrive. And today he did
Meet Rupert. I named him after the actor who played Ronald Weasley in the Harry Potter films 
Isn't he adorable.  He is around 12 months old 
He is going to be a helper for Albus as we lost bobby just before Christmas 
Don't know why. Just one of those things I guess 
So he is now in the paddock with the sheep and Albus and they are all getting to know one another 
See ya xxx



Saving the abundance

The other day someone gave hubby five of these bags full of cherry tomatoes 
But he forgot and left them in the car 
They were too ripe for salad but perfect for sauce 

So into a big pot I cut up two large onions, one sad green capsicum and half a sad red capsicum 
and added all the chopped tomatoes 
They only needed to soften not over cook as I will use them in the slow cooker over winter 
When they were done I added some herbs from the garden. Some Greek basil. Just scrapped the leaves off and into the pot and the heat wilted them 
When cool into the tubs and into the freezer 
No waste and ready to add to whatever I'm making in the crock pot 
Got to love friends with abundant vegetables 
See ya xxx

Monday, January 30, 2017

Fast food. Home style


You know those days when time just gets away from you. 
When suddenly you realise omg. What am I going to make for dinner 
Well if your like me you will create magic 

First you pull out one frozen spicy pumping soup that you prepared months ago 
Then you pull out one frozen grilled peppers. Remember when a nice farmer gave you a whole box full. 
And one cup rice. 

Grab your rice cooker and cut up your peppers and place into the cooker
Add rice and water 
Turn on 

In microwave defrost and heat up soup 

When soup and rice is cooked combine
Serve with toast 

Crisis averted 
See ya xxx

Friday, January 27, 2017

Keeping busy

Life has settled into routine again after the whirlwind of Christmas and new year 
I've started a baby surprise jacket for the munchkin. In the the footyball colours of the team 
Her daddy follows. It's the mortal enemy of my team. But I did it. Because I'm a nice grandma! 
She will be able to wear it this season and stay nice and warm as it's 100% wool
I did want it big so she can get a couple of season from it. But it's looking like it's going to be huge lol oh well. It will be nice and warm like a sleeping bag lol 

Here is my bike. I waited until hubby was able to be with me for my first time on it. I was very nervous. 
But I got on and just took off and I've ridden it a few times with no trouble 
So now it's just building up stamina and muscles that I haven't used in a long time. 
Hopefully it won't be long and I'll be cruising around all over the place 

So between relearning to ride a bike, knitting and still doing the big clean we have been busy 
But loving life
How about you?  What's going on at your place? 
See ya xxx

Sunday, January 22, 2017


Now to plant it out and make it pretty 
Oh the things I can buy! 
Hubby has outdone himself 
See ya 




Saturday, January 21, 2017

Garden makeover continue

Today we started work on the other side of the  front porch
 It was pretty over grown

Hubby started with his chain saw 
And turned this 
Into this 
Then we cleared all the mess and any weeds and removed the old timber boarder 
So tomorrow we will go and get the new timber   Reboarder the garden and I'll plant and mulch it all. 
And that will be part two done 
We will hAve a little rest before part three I think 
But you never know lol
Stay tuned for the final reveal tomorrow 
See ya xxx


Thursday, January 12, 2017

Keeping busy

Morning all. 
I have been keeping busy continuing with the big clean up and clear out 
The craft room was a MESS. Didn't get before shots but omg. Could hardly walk into the place 
I decided no more procrastinating and just get stuck in 
So on went the 80's music and I got stuck in 

Furniture was moved and everything was cleaned. In this wicker storage box I have all my excess yarn. I used those bags that you vacuum out all the air 
I fitted a lot of yarn in that way! 
My corner is all niceand neat and ready to work in. During summer this room gets hot. Not as bad as before the outside room was made 
But in the extreme heat of our summers it still gets stuffy.  But I will be able to use it again very soon 
In the meantime I'm busy making wash cloths that my daughter asked me for her baby 
This cotton is soft and gentle on sensitive skin. 
She had turned into an earthmama too! 
Perfect project for the hotter months 
And outside I have planted new slimmer pots and moved the ones that I did have to the area near the new garden 
So slowly I'm making progress. 
I've been Good and not pushed. I've just concentrated on one job at a time and then I've rested. So I haven't crashed
But I am feeling sore and tired 
So I have rest days in between 
How are things in your world?
Hope all is well 
See ya xxx

Saturday, January 7, 2017

50. A new beginning


A few days ago I turned the big five O
Yup. I've clocked my half century!

As you have seen. It's like a new book is being written for me 
 I've been clearing and reorganising, and even rebuilding. 

I started with myself and have included the house. Outside has been going great. 
Today I started and almost finished the craft room 
The biggest WIP. Is, was and will always be me 

As a child growing up. I never owned my own bike. 
We had one that we shared. But mainly it was my brothers. 
So like phoebe in friends I always wanted one. 
So hubby bought me one for my birthday. 

Off we went and I picked one I liked and I got to add what I wanted. So of course it has to have a basket 
I even got a helmet. Even though I don't want to wear one. I have to. It's the law. And well it's for my safety 

So today it was ready to pick up. 
And here she is! 

Isn't it great. 
Now I have to relearn to ride. Going to practice on a slightly cooler day in the driveway 
And hopefully before long I'll be riding all over the neighbourhood 

I'm very happy.  
See ya 

Blissful Saturday

It's going to be a scorcher today. 
They told us 39 (102 ) expected 
So I'm up and have dishwasher and washing machine going. 
All plants watered late last night and anything that needs doing outside is getting done this morning 
Still fairly cool. But humidity is already rising and it's not eight in the morning yet!
So enjoying my coffee in the quiet and then a quick burst of energy. Then inside to rest and relax
A blissful Saturday I think 
See ya 


Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New year new garden

So this is the garden so far 
The pot is planted with two flamingos 
And the garden has a bird bath, an arch to give it height and some solar light trees. 
Yup. I'm a bit addicted to those 
All the plants are low bushes or ground covers 
And I've also thrown in some seeds and I saved some bulbs. So I guess we will see what will survive. 
I'm happy with it. It looks colourful and pretty and at night it's lit by the solar trees. 
It will let the winter sun in and that's the best of all 
It's still a work in progress. But I'm happy 
See ya 

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy new year. New beginnings

Happy new year to all 
On the last day of the year we started the great revamp of the front  this garden bed had been in for 20 years approximately and the sleepers were rotted and all the plants had overgrown and it was looking very neglected 


So with a help of a tractor and a machine we salvaged what plants we could and demolished the whole thing. Ready to start again
These are some of the treasures we found in the garden. I had totally forgotten about the bird bath 

Some plants were recycled and filled in a space that was empty. 
Instant garden!
So today is the first of January 2017 and we are now in the construction stage. I'll do another post with during and after shots. 
New year and new garden beds. I wonder what else we will have this year?
See ya xxx