Sunday, June 17, 2018

Mount Isa

Today is day four. And as usual I’m over being in the car. I’m over the driving 
And I just want my home to be I the same place it was yesterday 
I’m homesick for my family and my pets and even though the weather is much nicer and pain levels are lower because of it 
The pain caused by sitting in a car all day means I’m not feeling the benefits just yet 
Add to that. I’ve got fibro fog and the laundry in this caravan park had not instructions on what kinds of coins,and how many I needed for them to work 
So I did all my laundry by hand 
It’s drying now outside but it just added to my pain and anxiety 
But you know something will always pop up to make you smile 
And my beautiful daughter sent me a Video of my precious granddaughter pushing a trolly and helping her to do the grocery shopping 
It made me smile and made me cry 
I’ll be ok in a day or two. I always go through this 
Hubby has escaped my wrath and gone to do a shop to replenish our supplies before we head into the wilderness 
Tomorrow night will be spent at Barkleys homestead. The last of civilisation before we turn off into the the great Aussie wilderness 
So for now I’m. Enjoying a quiet drink. Trying to calm my anxiety and remembering that my family and friends will all be there when I get home 
That this isn’t a punishment but a holiday to be enjoyed 
If I can post at Barkleys I will if not see you in a few weeks! 
Stay safe y’all 
See ya xxx

Saturday, June 16, 2018


We have stopped again for the third night 
We are now in Queensland and the weather today was sunny and pleasant 
Even got up to 22 degrees Celsius 

Here is our van.  A quick set up for an over night stay 
Hubby had taken the car to fill it with fuel so we don’t have to stop too many times tomorrow 
And hopefully we will get another early start 
We were aiming for blackall today. But have gone past there to stop here. 
Not a bad days travel 
It’s till light and dinner will be salad with some chicken
Then relaxing and an early night for us oldies 

We had to avoid a few kangaroos today. It’s like they wait for you to come close then jump out! 
Very annoying. So once again we can’t leave until the sun is up. That way we can at least see the little buggers 
See ya xxx

Friday, June 15, 2018

Second night Bourke

Have made it to where the weather is warmer. But only just! 
If did get to 18 degrees Celsius but it will drop to only five overnight 
So once again. The heater is on! 
Once we cross the Tropic of Capricorn it should get much much nicer 
And I’ll be able to pull out the summer clothes! 
For now dinner has been cooked, eaten and I’ve cleaned up 
Soon I’ll have a shower and put on my warm pjs and settle for the night 
We had a little sleep in this morning 
Hoping to get nine hours on the road tomorrow 
But we shall see 
See ya xxx

And so, it begins!

We have left the state 
Have spent the first night just over the boarder in NSW
we decided to leave after lunch on Thursday rather than get up early to beat the traffic 
The weather is still cold, and apparently we are all getting some crazy winter weather 
Hopefully he head inland enough to miss it. 
The whole of the east coast is going to be freezing 
We aren’t that worried 
We will be spending the next few nights in caravan parks so we will be able to use the heater 
In the van 
Hopefully we will hit the warmer weather soon and I’ll be able to thaw this 
Frozen and sore body
So very soon I’ll get up and get myself ready for the next leg of the journey 
Stay warm everyone in the affected areas 
I’m so glad I was able to find those cat caves for my babies 
See ya xxx  

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Something special for my babies

Since I’ll be leaving for six weeks   There won’t b a fire going   And even though they will
Be inside I don’t want my babies getting too cold. 
So I got them a cat cave each! 

Both Bella and Agatha have taken to theirs immediately 
Agatha gets hers near the fire. Even though it won’t be going. She will think it is lol 

Meanwhile this little rascal has decided he didn’t want to stay in his. 
But is meowing for more food 
Guess what sunshine. You have had dinner and your not getting any more! 
He really is a porky pig! 
What do you think? 
Do you like them? 
See ya xxx

Monday, June 11, 2018

Monday musings

No pictures today 
Today I have woken with pain 
It’s a the cold. I like the cold. I prefer it 
But my poor body doesn’t 
Over the last decade I have been told that 
My pain is from being depressed, fat or sedentary 
That it would go away if I 
Got out more, exercised got a job lost weight ....
Well meaning advice I’m sure from those that have no idea 

Well I’ve done that 
My job is a mum and grandma
Both I think I do well 
I exercise 
I’ve lost weight 
I get out and have coffee and shopping with friends 
And you know what 
I’m up again in pain

But hey I look great 
I must feel better right?

There are a select few that know the truth 
My buddy in yarn and pain who has now moved to Queensland but we still chat constantly on messenger 
Who reminds me to stop, rest and wrap myself in my heated throw 
My words with friends mate. Who while beating me reminds me to not overdo to 
Remember to rest 
And praises me on my craft work
My poor suffering hubby who will come home to an angry wife because she is exhausted and in immense pain 
So she takes it all out on him 
And he realises she needs coffee cuddles and sleep 

These people are the ones that know! 
The ladies at Knitting group, who only see me occasionally as I’m busy with my “job” so miss
Weeks and then miss a few more due to crashes 
But never admonish for missing weeks but are so very happy to see me when I come 
And always make me laugh

Who never offered unsolicited advice but rejoiced at my weight goals 
Who never judged but accepted 
When your down you realise who your real friends are 
But when you crawl back up, you know who truly loves you and is there for you 

This is what I have learnt 
They say pain is here to teach you 
I know what it has taught me 
It’s not about the outside, it’s not about you house or your car 
It’s about you 
You heart
And your soul 
Don’t waste your time on those that don’t love your soul 
Be with those that listen without judgement 
And love you no matter how ugly your looking and acting
Because they see the real beautiful you 
See ya xx

Friday, June 8, 2018

A happy find

I have lost 20 kilos cutting carbs out of my diet 
I’ve slowly added a little. But I really don’t want to eat lots as I kinda get addicted and 
Then I can’t stop 
So I’ve been on the look out for alternatives 
These noodles are made from yams 
So very little carbs, 
My daughter in laws sister is married to a Korean and knew exactly where to go to get them 
Tonight I tried them for the very first time 
I am happy to say they are very nice 
I couldn’t read the directions on the packet but once again Rebecca came through by finding a link to a blog 
The lovely blogger said she rinsed them thoroughly 
Then boiled them 
Then fried them in a dry pan to get rid of the excess liquid 
I tried a few straight from the pan and omg. They were good 
They didn’t have any taste really, so perfect for taking on the flavours of what ever your cooking 
And frying off the excess liquid made them feel like noodles 
So I added my meatballs in tomatoes an Italian spices and 
They were goooooood 
A Meal that I love without the carbs 
Doesn’t get any better than that 
So give them a go 
What have you got to lose!
Thanks so much Rebecca your a gem xxx
See ya xx

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

The prepping continues

The van has been set up near the house and I’ve gone through and organised the food that’s in it 
All out of date products are gone 
I had to throw out a few pieces of clothing that I kept in there as they are now way to big for me 
That felt good! 
And the start of the stockpiling. 
Water for drinking and cooking more non perishables in the Aldi bag 
UTH long life milk
All ready to be put away under the bed. 
Once that’s done I’ll organise extra drinks like sugar free coke and maybe a bottle of something with kick to it to mix lol 
Then we will order the meat from the butchers and get it cryovaced 
That way it doesn’t have to get frozen and lasts weeks in the fridge 
Last thing will be fresh food. The day before and then that will be replenished at the last place possible before going off road 
I’ve already started packing   I’ve got my bag in my room and as I remember something it goes in 
I need to pack for freezing cold and very warm weather. 
So that’s it. 
Everything else is pretty much done 
Just make sure I have plenty of animal feed for my pets and mathew will be looking after them while we are away 
Only ten more days to go! 
See ya xxx

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Remember when

Talking to a friend via messenger. She commented on how quick I type 
I’m on an iPad and since i was a typist I use all my fingers and I’m much quicker than someone on a phone using two fingers 

When I was back at school. My headmaster, being very progressive, decided we should all learn to type.
He told us we would all need to know how to type in the future. 

So that’s where I learnt to type. 
He was very clever. And although I hated typing class. It has come in very useful over my life. 
I’m pretty sure we learnt on something like these black ones. They were ancient even back then! 
You had to really hit those keys hard and once you got any speed up. The little arms would cross and get stuck

Here’s one that’s a little more modern lol 
My first job was in a bank. Where the typing skills came into good use. I even had to use one of those recorders where the boss dictates 
Into it and I had to listen and type what he said! 
And I have no idea why. But everytime I had to change the ribbon, I happen to be wearing white that day! 
Omg. Red and black ink all over me

We laughed when we remembered those days.  This younger generation will never know the pain of changing that blessed ribbon, 
Or having to set margins or even the pain of typing legal documents that could not have not even one correction on it. 
And no magic spell check for us to put the word in. 
did you learn to type at school? 
What are your memories like? 
See ya. xxx

Friday, June 1, 2018

A present for me

The weather has turned very cold on this first day of winter. 
So my thoughts turned to sitting under a blanket and reading. 
I have kindle on my iPad. But I wanted to download many more books 
I decided as memory was getting low a separate kindle would be a great idea 
Plus they are so much smaller than the iPad and I can take it away with me to read on my trip 
So off I went and purchase this 
These new ones are supposed to last two weeks on one charge! 
A bonus as for a long time I won’t have access to power. 
Another issue for my iPad. I can charge while driving. But I won’t be in the car everyday 
This way everything can stay charged longer   I use the iPad and phone to take pics, so I can use my new kindle to read 
It’s on the charge now and soon I’ll hopefully get it all going and I can relax and start to read 
Anyone else got a kindle or something similar?  How do you like it?
See ya xxx