Monday, December 31, 2018

Goodby 2018

Today is the last day of the year 
If the trend continues I’ll be in bed way before midnight and wake to the new year 
Yesterday I was feeling sore and sorry for myself so I bought some cheap socks and made these dolls 
The two that are exactly the same are for my girls and the rest I’ll keep for charity pile at knitting 

It’s been an eventful year with Brianna being born and so many changes in our home 
But unfortunately my health hasn’t improved and in one crucial way has worsened 
But each day I try to get up and get one thing done 
I count that as a win 

So I wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous new year 
May it be a great one for all 
See ya xxx

Thursday, December 27, 2018


The packing away of Christmas has begun 
I cleaned out the last of the bits and bobs from my wardrobe in my old room, now the girls room. And I’ve started putting it all away in there 
The house is looking a little bare right now but I’ll soon get used to it 

As you can see there is still lots up and I plan to take at least a week to do it all 
The little bit I’ve done today has floored me so I am going to pace myself 

And here it is nicely put away 
Still lots of room so I’m pretty confident it will all fit in 

I know. Famous last words lol 
Ok. I hope it all fits in hahaha 
If I survive the process I’ll be back 
See ya xxx

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Christmas Day

Well another Christmas Day has come and gone 
We just had our kids and grandkids here today 
We had one extra with Nicole’s, my daughter in laws, sister here 
She lives with my son and daughter in law as she has just come back from living overseas the last few years 
No on should be alone on Christmas Day so she came to spend the day with us 
Presents were opened. We don’t spend heaps. It’s the thought that counts with us 
But the girls had a wonderful Time
Grandpa helped both Brianna and melody play with their new toys 


It was a lovely relaxed family Christmas 
And everyone had enough to eat and drink 
I’m exhausted. But happy 
Tomorrow we do it all again at my mothers place but at least I won’t be totally responsible for all the work 
Hope you had a wonderful day with your family 
See ya xxx

Monday, December 24, 2018

Almost Christmas

It’s Christmas Eve and the shopping is done 
The decorating complete 
The table is set 
Tomorrow my family will gather and we will have a wonderful Meal 
I’ll be as happy as a mum/grandma can be 
From my family to yours 
What ever you BELIVE 
Have a wonderful day, count your blessings and remember the good that is in you, your life and our world 
Happiest of holidays to you all 
Merry Christmas 

Thursday, December 20, 2018

What a day

Today was a very surprising day to say the least 
 Nothing was planned but spur of the moment we decided to go to Warragul to the Christmas chip there to see if they had any bargains 
My Centre piece on the table was nice but took up too much space to leave it there while Christmas lunch would be consumed 
So I was on the look out for something else 
I bought the pieces to Make these and ended up costing less than $20 each candle included 
I’m going to have a red table cloth on the day so they will match really well 

My friend Diane and Christmas enabler found these picks for only a dollar each! 
So she bought me ten 
The pink matches my trees but not the purple so a packet of mixed small baubles were purchased in colours that would match 
And some silver glitter balls from a cheap shop and viola! 
They went from this 

To this. Nice and easy 

Now for those that live in Australia the coles minis have been a bane in all our lives 
But I did start to collect them for the grandchildren 
Only problem I needed two more of the ice creams to finish but the coles in our area have all run out 
We decided to try the coles in Warragul and sure enough they still had some 
What luck! And even luckier we got the two minis I needed. 
So I’m done and dusted until the next time 
But the day of wonderful surprises was not over 

The other day I posted on Facebook that I was craving salt and vinegar chips 
I asked who was willing to bring me some 
I got home to fine this hanging on my front door! 
A Christmas card wishing us a merry Christmas but not signed 
I have wonderful friends and I feel very blessed 
So a very good busy productive day 
See ya xxx

Sunday, December 16, 2018

When the weather is not delightful

Well our weather has been wet wet wet 
Oh and muggy  so there isn’t much I can do outside 
And really there is only so much cleaning you can do inside 
So I decided I needed to fix my village scene that had died. I bought it very very cheap 
And it never really worked properly 
And then it died 
So rather than throw it away 
I decided I would just get some lights and fix it myself 
You can’t tell in the pic. But th coloured lights that are In the river flash so it really looks like the water is flowing 
I think it looks much better than when I got it! 
Three sets of lights on it. So it’s nice and bright 
Then of course I had been on Pinterest and I remembered I had a basket that was really too small to be practical 
And a spare elf so I decided I needed to make a table piece for the little side table in the small lounge 
He turned out nice. But the back was bare. I had glued pine cones to fill it. But I didn’t like it. 
I thought leave it something will come up 

Well back on Pinterest I had found a how to make your own bows tutorial 
While at spotlight they had 60% off Christmas ribbon 
I bought a few bits and bobs and I made this bow 
My first ever!  Not perfect I know. But I liked it 
The Christmas ribbon didn’t have wires so I made this cutting and sewing 
I even made the silver piece in the middle 
And I though I know the perfect place for both of these 

The big bow is now on my tree it filled a gap perfectly 

And the little silver flower. Well that’s on the back of the basket arrangement 
Just did the trick

So there you have it. It filled in my boring wet morning 
And now I get to go and have a Christmas catch up with a few lovely ladies 
The beautiful lady who is hosting the catch up has a magnificent village display so I’ll get lots of great ideas lol 
See ya xxx

Monday, December 10, 2018

Christmas gnomes

I’ve fallen in love with gnomes. 
I YouTubed how to make them. But found these at cheap stores way less than what it would cost to make them 
I goggled all about them to find out what makes them chrismassey 

They are very cute and they help to protect my home 
Can’t ask for more than that 
Why don’t you get yourself a gnome or two
I’m on the hunt for. Girl gnome. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen one or two. But if not. I might 
Actually make one 
See ya xxx

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Busy busy

THE month has arrived and suddenly Christmas is just a few weeks away 
This morning I slept in and instead of swimming I hit the shops early 
More gifts wer purchased as well as a few other supplies and I got back home by 10.30 to start wrapping them all 

I also got a few craft supplies I needed. I had big plans to make a wreath 
Last year I was given a Christmas tree that was broken and I clipped off the branches 
I bought a circlet and some florists wire and after a you tube visit I started 
As you can see it doesn’t look too bad here 

But here is the finished product all ready to decorate 
It’s kinda wonky but it’s hard to get it right while it’s laying down 
I need to hang it so I can play around with it
Don’t know if I like it 
I might just leave it for today and come back tomorrow with fresh eyes 
I might even get hubby to help me as I can’t get the wire tight enough with my sore hands 
I’m sure I’ll be able to salvage it but for now I’m pooped 
So I’m sitting outside enjoying the sunshine 
How’s your Christmas shopping list going? 
See ya xxx

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Pinterest is bad!

Today while enjoying the sunshine I was looking on Pinterest for ideas on how to display my Christmas village 
I love them and want to continue growing it over the years 
I saw some spectacular displays that were huge,  but I also so some wonderful ones on smaller scales
That were displayed on shelves on step ladders 
I decided I wanted one 
I was going to go looking at second hand stores to find me an old step ladder and add the shelves 
And was walking out the back to tell the hubby I wanted to go op shopping 
I had to walk past the wood pile and spotted the pine we scavenge for starting fires 
We get them from truss factories that leave the off cuts out the front for people to take 

Well as luck would have it. There were some longer pieces and I though 
I know I’ll make one 

Seven hours later and a trip to Bunnings 
Spending less than $70.00 
We have this 

Tomorrow I’m off to spotlight for snow and Christmas decorations lol 
I know I have an illness 
See ya xxx

Friday, November 30, 2018

Wheat free Christmas pudding

I got the test results back from my hair sample. 
No still don’t know what causes the anaphylaxis but I am allergic to a few things that cause me to have digestive issues 
I had suspected bread and full cream milk 
And sure enough I have an I intolerance to wheat, spelt and milk fat! 
So only skinny milk for me from now on and no bread 
So I decided to try and make my weight watchers three i ingredients cake mix and cook it over night in my pudding dish 
Just like I have in the past only this time I used one cup each of these three flours instead of the self raising flour 

This morning after cooking on low for eight hours and high for another two 
I got this. 
It looks like it supposed too. But it didn’t bind together like wheat flour does 
It was eatable but as I’ve cut sugar totally from my diet it was very very sweet 
I don’t add sugar but the natural sugars from the dried fruit and the fruit juice drink I soaked them in was more than enough sweetness 
So it would be lovely with cream or ice cream alas for me! A no go any longer 

This was stuck to the bottom of the pudding pan 
And it wasn’t burnt. So I don’t know why it did that. 
Maybe I should of waited until it cooled a little first 
It did firm a slightly once it did 

So not a failure but not a success either 
I guess I could experiment with the flours and see what combination works. But as I can’t eat it because it’s just so sweet 
I don’t think I’ll bother 
I’ll just make one like I usually do and try to enjoy my bowl of berries for Christmas desert 
It was fun experimenting 
Gotta love it when I channel mrs Cropley 
At least this isn’t a total disaster 
See ya xxx

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Freddy 2nd

Meet Freddy 
H is officially the second because Freddy the first 
Didn’t make it 
He was a fighter fish and needed a warm water tank 
I though since this was a little tank and the kitchen is always work he would be ok 
I didn’t count on melbournes stupid weather and well let’s just say Freddy went to sleep and didn’t wake up 
So Freddy the second is here 
He is a black gold fish. Yeah I know. But that’s what he is 
You see Freddy the first was a dark purple with long fins 
So I’m hoping melody doesn’t realise it’s a different fish 
Thus the choice of a black gold fish. 
This Freddy doesn’t need warm water 
And being a gold fish, but black, he is pretty sturdy 
And well there are a lot once just like him at the pet shop lol 
Let’s all hope and pray he survives 
See ya xxx

Monday, November 26, 2018

Crash and burn

I have been doing too much 
Just living my life is apparently too much 
Have slept for over 12 and I’m still exhausted 
I won’t be doing much of anything today 
With complete exhaustion comes the feeling of being overwhelmed 
Thus the poem yesterday 
I should of read the signs 
You would think after all this time I would know 
But I didn’t 
So now I pay 
Trying hard to find a few spoons 

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Poetry time

Wanting freedom 

No way out 

Even though I can scream and shout

No one will listen 

Or understand 

Why I would even want to escape 

They do no see it 

Can not comprehend 

 My life is perfect 

Have no reason to complain 

They don’t understand 

Because they can’t perceive 

The bars that bind me 

Are hard to see 

They are not made of steel

Fortified with hate

Nor are they intended to subjugate 

They are ribbons of love and connection 

Responsibilities binding me to attachment 

This prison Im In is one self made 

For I created the world I live in 

Although I’m content most of the time

My soul sometimes dreams of a life 

Where I can fly! 

Written by me. Just now 

see ya xx

Friday, November 23, 2018

Intervention pending

Have been busy with the Christmas decorating 
Today I went shopping with three ladies who are veterans at this 
I got a few bargains 
But my children think I may need an intervention 
I think I’m got Christmas fever 
Something I’ve never had before lol 
But it makes me happy and melody loves it 
Stay tuned for the next chapter 
See ya xxx

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Fire wood weekend

This is some of the fire wood we gathered from a friends farm this weekend 
We did one trip yesterday, filled the trailer and the back of the ute 
We did another trip this morning 
Hubby will sort this out and come autumn will start to split it ready for the fire 
The trees were felled a while ago so are almost dry
They will completely dry out over this summer 
Not a bad weekends work 
We were very very low! 
We will do a few more runs before the summer really kicks in and it becomes too hot 
Then rest till autumn 
You never know how long and cold winter will be
So it’s nice to know we are getting prepared 
See ya xxx

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Getting more festive

Today Diane and I put this “small” garland up lol 
We are so tired. But omg how good does it look 
We were very proud of ourselves 
There are four six foot garlands from lincraft 
Everything else is from the reject shop or similar cheap shops 
So we did not spend a fortune 
We just don’t. 
So what do you think? 
I’m happy. 
I also got the polar express from woollies 
He fits perfect around the fire place 
Now I just need batteries 
A great days work I think 
See ya xxx

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Christmas is coming

Christmas is coming. I know it only November, and usually I’m not even thinking Christmas 
This time of year 
My friend Diane has promised to help me decorate. 
So as we are so busy over the next few weeks we thought we would start early 
I put the trees up on Saturday so we had a head start and got all the baubles organised 
So today went really smoothly and we finished much quicker than we thought we would 

Don’t the trees look great. She has a talent and she loves Christmas so very much 
The tree with the elf is the one I had. A fibre optic one. 
When Diane saw that tree last year. She told me in no uncertain terms that it was not good enough lol 
That’s when we got the two big trees   This year I have added more decorations 

Here she is busy deciding what goes where she is very meticulous 
I have the nativity set up on the wood box and a Christmas village that I will add to this year. 
I think Bella decided to visit and chat with the locals lol 
It only took her about five minutes to decide this was her spot lol 

Diane has a few more plans for my place lol 
I’ve got some Christmas mats and some cushion covers 
It’s going to look very festive in here 
Lord save me! 
The grinch has been converted lol 
It’s fun when someone as enthusiastic as Diane is makes you come along for the ride 
How early do you start? 
Can’t wait to see your pics 
See ya xxx